No One Has Ever Been Killed In This Car In Britain For 16 Years

If this isn’t a selling point we don’t know what it. The Volvo XC90 is officially the safest car on sale in the UK with no drivers or passengers killed in the mid-size luxury SUV since sales commenced 16 years ago.

According to independent laboratory Thatcham Research, the Volvo XC90, which from 2015 is in its second generation, is the safety vehicle it has ever tested, thanks in part to its automatic braking system, The Telegraph reports.

Since sales of the Swedish SUV commenced in 2002 in the UK, more than 50,000 units have been sold. Researchers assert that the XC90’s early adoption of hazard detection technology, including autonomous emergency braking, has helped it achieve a spotless safety record.

The first-gen XC90 was built from 2002 to 2014

Autonomous Emergency Braking systems are now standard on many vehicles and Thatcham Research says that they are the most significant safety development since the seat belt.

It’s really no surprise that Volvo has taken the crown of producing the safest car in Britain as the automaker has long been associated with safety. As a matter of fact, Volvo made the audacious claim in 2008 that no one would be killed in any of its new vehicles after 2020. It has since recommitted to this goal on a number of occassions and appears to be edging towards making it a reality.

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  • Christian

    let me break that record…

    • Bob

      Record it please.

      • Jay

        They’re gonna use Uber’s XC90. Cameras come standard.

  • Jay

    There was that woman that was killed by one walking her bike across the road… but I guess that doesn’t count.. carry on.

    • Marty

      I’m quite sure Arizona is no longer part of the United Kingdom. Wasn’t there a war about that? Or some fireworks and a baseball game or something?

      Besides, the automatic breaking system was turned off in that Uber car, so it probably wouldn’t even count if it was on the correct continent.

      • Jay

        Well I did say it doesn’t count myself…

        • Marty

          True. I just thought I’d mansplain it in case you were being sarcastic or indecisive.

          • Jay

            Oh no. She wasn’t even a passenger so I knew it wasn’t included in the first place.

  • roy

    The timing of this article is so wrong 😂

    • Six_Tymes


  • Belthronding

    my father in law was looking to change his 2013 range rover sport with something better,my idea was brandnew xc90 and he was eyeing facelifted range rover sport.after few showroom visits and some family discussion,last week he got his hands on xc90.
    he said car makes him feels super safe and i totally agree with this.
    all those standart safety features drive us to volvo without any doubt.i also experienced it myself and figured out that driving it feels like non sinking-floating titanic on the road.

    • Roryfarrell

      My dad has one and I will agree it is a tank. He sold his Discovery 3 for one.
      The combination of the titanic feel and all the safety aids make it an incredible daily driver.

    • Stephen G

      The best selling point for an automobile should be the feeling of invincibility behind the wheel. That makes for the safest drivers!

  • jaykit

    The jinx is in.

  • RG

    Probably it had more to do with the kind of people driving Volvo cars.

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