The Best NSX Type R In The World Belongs To Honda, Of Course

The original Honda NSX-R (also known as the Type R) was the company’s first model to be adorned with the Type R branding, back in 1992. Its second iteration came in 2002 and for many JDM fans it’s the ultimate Honda, as it’s not only significantly more thrilling to drive, it’s also rarer.

The pristine example you see here belongs to the Honda Collection Hall, a museum that includes some 300 restored cars, motorcycles, power products and racing models and is located at Motegi, Japan.

Compared with the regular NSX, the Japan-only second-gen NSX-R was subjected to a significant diet that included a carbon bonnet, a carbon hollow rear wing, carbon-kevlar bucket seats dressed in lightweight fabric and the cabin almost stripped from sound deadening.

Central locking and power steering were also ditched in search for the ultimate lightness, the wheels are forged, the battery is smaller, the rear glass is thinner and the list goes on. Weight is rated at 1,270kg (2,800lbs), 100kg (220lbs) less than a standard NSX.

The suspension features massively uprated dampers and springs, stiffer bushing and thicker anti-roll bars. The 3.2-liter V6 might produce the same 276hp with the normal models but each NSX-R unit was hand-assembled and blueprinted, resulting in significantly reduced powertrain losses. Paired to it is a six-speed manual gearbox which offers probably the best feel in the automotive universe; featuring a stubby titanium lever, it allows the driver to change gears with immense speed and precision.

Honda claimed a 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds while top speed of the second-gen NSX-R was down to 168mph due to shorter gearing. And that’s the stuff JDM legends are made of.


  • Alfa Giulia QV

    Nice, but it looked much better with pop up headlights.

    • Craig

      I was just about to say the same thing!

  • Six_Tymes

    Now, imagine if Honda reproduced this exactly as this. Their would be so much demand Honda would not be able to keep up with orders. Or if they reproduced this as a limited run, say 5000, they would sell out in one day.

    • Dustin

      Or the internet would be full of people scoffing at 276hp, saying it will be outrun by a minivan. In fact, people were giving this car a hard time long before 2002 already, when that 276hp cost $90k.

      Inflation alone (never mind the currency exchange) makes this $125k today. Whereas today’s $90k Evora makes 400hp. And the $70k Cayman S makes 350hp. No, despite your appreciation of the car (which I also have), this NSX-R would not sell 5000 in a day – or 5 a day, in reality.

      Great car, but it’s better without the fantasy internet conclusions.

      • Bill Nguyen

        That’s assuming the car really only puts out 276 HP… Everyone knows Japanese sports cars of the time made more than their claimed power

        • Tumbi Mtika

          Still at best it’s only 330, which is less than the Focus RS and 66% more expensive. I love the NSX, buuuuut…

      • Six_Tymes

        then 1000 or 500. I picked a wrong number, WHATEVER

    • Matt

      A limited run of a model (very expensive) and performance that’s 30 years old (outrun by a Civic)… there is no way it would sell out. Ever.

      • Six_Tymes

        You mean they couldn’t bump up the power a bit? How about Jaguar re-releasing limited classics? Oh I see, they are Jaguars and not Japanese is that what youll reply with? Those jags can be beat by a civic also

        • Matt

          Umm Jaguar is only making a very limited number of those cars, and even then there is lucrative market of rich older collectors who were already paying big dollars for classic Jaguars.

          The NSX does not occupy that type of market. Nothing to do with being Japanese, it’s just too new and it’s values not high enough – and those kids who lusted after one when they were new are now paying a mortgage and raising their kids.

          You said it would sell out in a day, I’m saying it won’t.

    • Well as much as the idea of it are appealing, NSX is already a modern car, this isn’t some ladder frame old car. Too many parts that is hard to reproduce and small scale production means the car can go crazy.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Sorry, dude, but the NSX-R is not a 250 or an XKSS. It’s a Honda. Most people wouldn’t bite.

  • nastinupe

    NSX’s were overrated. I drove several, never really liked them much. They are slow, handling is rough and they just feel off.

    • Eythan Aldrich

      you didn’t realize that ayrton senna is also responsible for this car? your loss pal

  • annon

    love it or hate it, still remains an epic JDM and one I definately have on my wishlist

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