BMW X4 Driver Hits An X1 Trying To Overtake, Almost Rolls Over

You’ve surely heard or read the stereotypes about BMW drivers. Well, this incident in Canada, involving two of of the Munich-based automaker’s SUVs, only serves to reinforce them.

A black X1 slowed down in the middle lane of a road in Vancouver and a white X4 attempted to overtake it from the left.

However, the move was ill-advised, and the X4 dealt itself a knockout blow by slamming into the rear corner of the X1, got on two wheels and almost flipped over before eventually landing on all four wheels.

The incident is pretty bizarre. It appears as if the driver of the X4 underestimated the width of his SUV and placed it incorrectly on the road. Perhaps the person behind the wheel thought they could squeeze between the X1 and the curb. Unfortunately for him/her, it turns out they couldn’t despite the fact that there was ample space to overtake.

Looking at the bodywork of the X4, it doesn’t appear to have sustained a tremendous amount of damage. In fact, all we can see is a large dent on the front quarter panel. However, the passenger side front wheel seems to have sustained the brunt of the impact and has been twisted out of position, indicating some serious suspension damage.

As for the X1, it probably suffered a fair bit of bodywork damage at the rear, though all we can see from this dashcam video is the license plate falling off.


  • Brent Morrison

    Slow news day?

    • Matthijs

      Indeed. youtube is full with crash vids

  • izzey04

    wanker driver

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Hey fella! What was that all aboot?

  • Jay

    License plate stuck on with chewing gum? Looked like any bum or pothole could’ve knocked it off.

  • Jay

    That’s an awesome picture. Are we sure this isn’t guerilla marketing for Mission Impossibile?

  • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

    Proof that coupe SUV drivers have more money than sense. Remember the GLE coupe and the roundabout?

  • DMJ

    X4 driver can thank the sidewalk for avoiding him to rollover.

  • Paul

    Good lord, pay attention to where you’re going. At least the idiot got a face full of airbag for his stunt.

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