Can The Jaguar I-Pace Keep Up With Tesla’s Model X?

The Tesla Model X may have had the all-electric SUV market to itself for a few years, but the Jaguar I-Pace has arrived and wants a slice of the cake.

The first reviews of the electric Jaguar have been overwhelmingly positive, so CarWow thought it’d be a good idea to see if the I-Pace can actually match the Model X in the performance stakes.

There are two range-topping Model Xs sold: the performance-oriented P100D and the range-focused 100D. Pitted against the P100D, it was obvious that the Jaguar would stand no chance, but up against the 100D, a more direct rival, it performs very well.

In a drag race, the I-Pace manages to out-accelerate the 100D with relative ease, despite having ‘just’ 395 hp to the Model X’s 525 hp. In a rolling drag race, however, it is the Tesla that has the advantage. In the final test to see which stops quicker from 70 mph (112 km/h), it is the Jaguar that wins.

The Jaguar I-Pace, like the Model X, has all-wheel drive thanks to an electric motor at the front and another one at the rear. In the U.S., the EPA estimates the I-Pace can run for 240 miles (386 km) on a single charge. By comparison, the more expensive Model X 100D has a range of up to 295 miles (475 km).

To our eyes, the Jaguar I-Pace looks more stylish than the Tesla, and will probably age much more gracefully. That’s just us, though – which one do you prefer? Sound off in the comments right below!


  • roy

    Ja und nein.

  • Mitt Zombie

    Model X looks like a small Kia minivan in person. Not impressive for the money at all.

    • S3XY

      Says you.

    • Bash

      True that.

    • TheBelltower

      Perhaps then, Tesla should glue a fake grille, exhaust tips and side vents onto it. Then it would fit some people’s idea of what constitutes “luxury.” Everywhere you go, the Model X draws a crowd without needing all that junk.

  • Bo Hanan

    One trick ponies for people who DO NOT like cars.

    • TheBelltower

      Why so bitter?

      • Bo Hanan

        Not bitter. More disappointed that JAG didn’t produce “the elegant” of all electric cars, which I believe they’re capable of. The I-Pace is boxy, curvy and awkward, depending on the angle. And the Tesla’s never wanted to be attractive cars.

        • TheBelltower

          People are becoming more accustomed to cars that aren’t typical 3-box designs. It was smart of Jaguar to do this instead of a more conventional sedan, since their sedans sell poorly.

    • S3XY


  • LeStori

    By the time you put in all the options you “need” in to the i-Pace, the
    price definitely will be eye watering. The starting price is definitely
    jsut that….

    Move along, nothing to see. Unless you have more money than sense.

  • Bash

    On so many levels, i think the I-Pace has surpassed the Model X.

    • S3XY

      How so?

      Global Supercharger Network? Top Performance? Technology? Usable space? Safety?

      Jaguar did alright for their first EV which was only created because of Tesla’s existence.

      They have room to improve significantly and I hope they do.

      It shouldn’t be Jaguar vs. Tesla

      Should be Tesla & Jaguar vs. Gas cars

      • Bash

        I knew you will reply, but didn’t expect it that fast tbh.
        and to answer you, no need to complicate stuff, the Jag looks so much better than the X, look at how nicely and beautifully the interior is laid. Its normal and healthy for different people to like different cars.

      • Bash

        And I forgot to add. I hope the next Tesla to be improved and be as good and as nice as this I-Pace.

    • TheBelltower

      The iPace looks good, but it hasn’t surpassed the Model X at all. Jaguar dealerships and service departments are going to have an impossible time selling and servicing EV’s. Heck, based on JLR’s expertise with electronics, Jaguar owners will be lucky if it starts in the morning.

  • S3XY

    Not a flattering pic of the I-Pace at all.

    Even uglier than the X’s rear.

    • iea96

      Aww the little Tesla fanboy doesn’t like the I-Pace, so sad

  • iea96

    That’s a pretty solid effort compared to the 100D, especially when you think the price into account

  • geo241

    In the way this 3 car comparison was done, the REACTION TIME of each driver is a bigger determination than the differences between the Jag and the X100 Tesla. Sorry that is just the fact of the matter in terms of human performance.

  • Alfa Giulia QV

    I-Pace for me. Never liked the look of the Model X.

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