Civic Driver ‘Intentionally’ Rams Florida Trooper’s Car, She Runs Him Down

A routine traffic stop turned into a dangerous high-speed chase for a Florida Highway Patrol officer after her cruiser was struck, allegedly intentionally, by a man driving a Honda Civic.

Trooper Vanessa Franceschi’s dashboard camera captured everything but the actual impact (at least not visually), as she then began her pursuit of the suspect through bumper to bumper traffic on the Florida Turnpike.

The suspect tried using the emergency lane and the shoulder in order to make his escape, but Franceschi didn’t let up and managed to stay on his tail right up until the moment when she got close enough to execute a PIT maneuver (Pursuit Intervention Technique), which is when you use your vehicle to force a fleeing car to abruptly turn sideways and lose forward momentum.

Based on the arrest report, the suspect, one Raumel Quntero, stated that he hit the trooper’s patrol car on purpose, which is pretty surprising, even in today’s world where we’ve pretty much seen everything.

Franceschi reportedly suffered minor injuries and Quntero was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, felony fleeing and eluding, as well as leaving the scene of a crash with injuries. It’s a good thing nobody else was harmed, as the suspect could have easily lost control of his car at certain times during the chase.


  • Moveon Libtards


    Another nice is P r e s i d e n t T r u m p ‘ s Twitter just now…He put up an amazing video. Cant hide the truth anymore!

    • Moveon Libtards

      Cops are cool…

  • Moveon Libtards
  • Mill0048

    Of course it’s Florida…

    • Victor Ferreira

      To be honest I was surprised, don’t most of these come out of California?

      • Mill0048

        Yeah, seems like CA is known for chases.

      • BlackPegasus

        That’s a myth. Since the 1990s California was one of the first to broadcast high speed police chases via TV news helicopters. It’s easy to see how California would get that inaccurate title. The truth is, they happen in all 50 states.

    • Bo Hanan

      I saw the palm trees and hoped it wasn’t us.

    • Ron

      It’s always Florida if it something weird and completely stupid (like intentionally ramming a police car). Takes a special idiot to do something like that.

  • Tydogg123 .

    Nice PIT move in heavy traffic!

  • RDS Alphard

    Good driving from the officer!

  • Bob White

    Should have popped the asshat on the spot.

    • Jay

      Maybe if his skin color was different..

      • LJ

        Not hispanic?

        • Raul

          He’s hispanic.

        • Jay

          Hispanic is a color now?

      • Raul

        White people always bring up the skin color.

        • Jay

          They do!

        • Anon E. Moose

          Really? Seems it’s the others who do so as to make infantile excuses.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Honestly…and people wonder why they get shot or the shit beat out of them? The adrenaline in these cops is so high it’s a wonder it doesn’t happen more often.

    • BlackPegasus

      Honestly, I think police who violate the badge should be placed in prison. But if you watch a video like this it’s easy to feel the anger building up against the fleeing scumbags placing innocent lives in jeopardy by running from police. That jackass hit a police car and had the nerve to backup and drive off. Imagine what he’d do to your family and your property.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        Totally agree!

  • LJ

    I got an adrenaline rush just watching the video. I can’t imagine how the officer felt.

    • BlackPegasus

      Did you wanna beat him upside the head with a blunt object? That’s how the officer felt……….. and sadly, so did I.

  • ace_9

    What the actual F..K??? The police car rammed the Civic! Why the other drivers did not surround the policewoman and rev their engines in protest? She could have injured or even killed the driver! Total lunatic that policewoman. It is the same thing like in a previous article with a video where policeman rammed poor biker! :-O

    • FactChecker90803

      The perpetrator admitted that he intentionally rammed the police cruiser as she was entering her car, so in your world, the police officer should have just let it go??.

      • ace_9

        Of course. In a same way as they should let go bikers going 200+ km/h on public roads and running away from police, because they just feel above the law.
        To clarify, my post was a sarcasm. I’m just annoyed that police cannot do anything to stop bikers. In fact, the bikers have even the audacity to expect that they will not be pursued, rammed or possibly harmed in any way. But ramming a driver who broke the law is ok.

    • Nick099

      Well, there is an a$$ [email protected] in every bunch and you just made the grade.

      • ace_9

        You know who really is the kind of person you mentioned? 🙂 People insulting others, without even trying to give some arguments to back up their insults. And don’t bother… I already learned not to listen to people who start with insulting someone in discussion. I will not read and reply to your next post.

        • Anon E. Moose

          Grow up!

      • Bob

        Sarcasm must not be something you’re familiar with.

        • Anon E. Moose

          Hard to tell these days with so many deranged, drug addled people out there on the Internet.

          • Bob

            Can’t argue with that!

  • Raul

    How did this cuck allowed a lesbian catch up to you. These american men are so weak as hell.

    • Alfa Giulia QV

      Nice b8 m8.

  • Alfa Giulia QV

    Oh Florida, you never cease to amaze with the antics of some of your drivers.

  • Knotmyrealname

    No biker nutjobs hassling the police this time…

  • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

    Probably went into the grass.

  • Andrew Ngo

    good driving by the lady cop!

  • Bob

    Guys, when did the Civic go by after hitting the trooper?

  • Erzhik

    Poor SOB in the Merc. One minute you get pulled over and it’s a routine procedure, next minute the cop takes off with your license and registration and you don’t know wtf to do. Do you drive? Stay? Call 911?

  • Vassilis

    There should be a law against pulling over great cars. The C63 AMG is one.

    • BlackPegasus

      Ha! But what’s the resale values and maintenance costs? 😜

  • BlackPegasus

    The Civic rammed the patrol car on the shoulder, backed up and made a hard left turn into traffic. You didn’t see the Civic pass because he went straight left into the interstate nearly causing another accident.

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