The 25 Most Expensive Vehicles To Insure Are Pretty Surprising

Buying a new vehicle is an increasingly expensive proposition and that’s before you factor in the insurance. A variety of things go into determining how much your insurance bill will be but some vehicles are far more expensive to insure than others.

24/7 Wall St. recently crunched the numbers and examined data from 575 vehicles from the 2014-2016 model years. Since many models are available a number of different trims, the publication streamlined the process by using the model that was most expensive to insure. Without further ado, here’s their list of the most expensive vehicles to insure in the United States.

Unsurprisingly, a luxury vehicle is at the top of the list as 24/7 Wall St. says the most expensive model to insure is the Tesla Model S. The car had an average annual insurance cost of $1,789.48 which put it well ahead of the second place Mercedes S-Class which cost $1,540.63 annually.

The next four models are a tad surprising as they are the Mitsubishi Lancer ($1,458.48), Scion FR-S ($1,403.67), Dodge Charger ($1,385.61) and Kia Optima Hybrid ($1,355.13). These models cost more to insure than luxury and performance vehicles such as the Dodge Challenger ($1,335.79), Audi A7 Sportback ($1,322.51), BMW 4-Series Coupe ($1,306.51) and Lexus GS 350 ($1,295.44).

With the top ten out of the way, we’re heading towards mainstream models with the exception of the 11th place Ford Mustang which had an average annual insurance cost of $1,291.53. It was followed by the Scion iA ($1,274.51), Chrysler 200 ($1,261.87), Scion tC ($1,237.74) and Nissan Maxima ($1,237.68).

The next two cars were the Kia Rio ($1,191.26) and Dodge Dart ($1,187.55). Interestingly, these two economy minded vehicles were more expensive to insure the Infiniti Q50 AWD ($1,182.32), Range Rover Sport ($1,173.05) and Audi A4 ($1,169.13).

Rounding out the top 25 spots were the Lexus IS 350 ($1,167.11), Nissan Sentra ($1,165.05), Nissan Versa ($1,157.59), Mercedes C-Class sedan ($1,157.34) and Kia Forte ($1,155.82).

While it’s a tad surprising that a number of affordable models made the most expensive list, 24/7 Wall St. notes these smaller vehicles tend to offer less accident protection than larger vehicles such as trucks and crossovers.

25. Kia Forte

> Annual average insurance paid: $1,155.82
> Annual collision insurance paid: $425.10
> Type: Small four-door
> Retail price: $16,800

24. Mercedes-Benz C class four-door 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,157.34
> Annual collision insurance paid: $608.40
> Type: Midsize luxury
> Retail price: $40,250

23. Nissan Versa
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,157.59
> Annual collision insurance paid: $444.60
> Type: Small four-door
> Retail price: $12,110

22. Nissan Sentra
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,165.05
> Annual collision insurance paid: $471.90
> Type: Small four-door
> Retail price: $16,990

21. Lexus IS 350 four-door 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,167.11
> Annual collision insurance paid: $627.90
> Type: Midsize luxury
> Retail price: $38,210

20. Audi A4 four-door 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,169.13
> Annual collision insurance paid: $666.90
> Type: Midsize luxury
> Retail price: $36,000

19. Land Rover Range Rover Sport
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,173.05
> Annual collision insurance paid: $631.80
> Type: Midsize luxury SUV
> Retail price: $66,750

18. Infiniti Q50 four-door 4WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,182.32
> Annual collision insurance paid: $612.30
> Type: Midsize luxury
> Retail price: $66,750

17. Dodge Dart
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,187.55
> Annual collision insurance paid: $468.00
> Type: Small four-door
> Retail price: $16,995

16. Kia Rio
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,191.26
> Annual collision insurance paid: $413.40
> Type: Mini four-door
> Retail price: $13,900

15. Nissan Maxima
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,237.68
> Annual collision insurance paid: $596.70
> Type: Midsize four-door
> Retail price: $33,270

14. Scion tC
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,237.74
> Annual collision insurance paid: $518.70
> Type: Small two-door
> Retail price: $19,385

13. Chrysler 200 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,261.87
> Annual collision insurance paid: $471.90
> Type: Midsize four-door
> Retail price: $22,115

12. Scion iA
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,274.51
> Annual collision insurance paid: $530.40
> Type: Mini four-door
> Retail price: $15,700

11. Ford Mustang two-door
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,291.53
> Annual collision insurance paid: $686.40
> Type: Midsize sports cars
> Retail price: $25,680

10. Lexus GS 350 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,295.44
> Annual collision insurance paid: $705.90
> Type: Large luxury
> Retail price: $46,310

9. BMW 4 series two-door 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,306.51
> Annual collision insurance paid: $659.10
> Type: Midsize luxury
> Retail price: $43,300

8. Audi A7 4WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,322.51
> Annual collision insurance paid: $830.70
> Type: Large luxury
> Retail price: $69,700

7. Dodge Challenger
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,335.79
> Annual collision insurance paid: $627.90
> Type: Large two-door
> Retail price: $27,295

6. Kia Optima hybrid
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,355.13
> Annual collision insurance paid: $592.80
> Type: Midsize four-door
> Retail price: $25,995

5. Dodge Charger 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,385.61
> Annual collision insurance paid: $569.40
> Type: Large four-door
> Retail price: $28,995

4. Scion FR-S
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,403.67
> Annual collision insurance paid: $752.70
> Type: Small two-door
> Retail price: $25,305

3. Mitsubishi Lancer 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,458.48
> Annual collision insurance paid: $561.60
> Type: Small four-door
> Retail price: $17,795

2. Mercedes-Benz S class four-door LWB 2WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,540.63
> Annual collision insurance paid: $803.40
> Type: Large luxury
> Retail price: $89,900

1. Tesla Model S four-door electric 4WD
> Annual average insurance paid: $1,789.48
> Annual collision insurance paid: $1310.40
> Type: Large luxury
> Retail price: $74,500

  • Moveon Libtards

    “Wall St. says the most expensive model to insure is the Tesla Model S. The car had an average annual insurance cost of $1,789.48”

    Tesla fails again.

    Nice to see only 6 of the top 25 were American cars. Proving the true costs of ownership for Asian and Euro cars.

  • Harry Nimmergut

    The “surprising” vehicles are aimed mainly at lower-credit types and as such, habitate in lower-class neighborhoods and have higher than normal claim rates.

    • bd0007

      More likely age of buyer/driver, in addition to small cars resulting in greater physical harm (esp, in crashes with larger SUVs, pick-ups and CUVs that dominate the roads these days).

      Note the Scion tC, the Scion/Toyota iA and Scion/Toyota FR-S on the list.

      Reason why a Camaro is generally more expensive to insure than a Vette.

  • pcurve

    Lancer 2wd! lmao Are they subsidizing Evos?!

    • eb110americana

      Have to admit, most 2wd Lancers I see (except for the final gen), look like they had amateur participation in a demolition derby.

  • S3XY

    Yep. Model S insurance is killer. But it’s worth it. Savings from gas even it out

    • Alfa Giulia QV


    • TheHake

      Bwahahaha. Yup, since it drives on air. And was free to buy.

    • iea96

      Typical fanboy material lol

  • dojevu

    Congratulations Tesla, top prize! This is what you get when you let the cruise control with lane assist do the driving?

    • TheBelltower

      That’s not why the insurance is high.

    • bxniels0

      You’re being unfair about being top as Life Assurance is probably included in that figure.

  • eb110americana

    Wouldn’t it be great if your insurance rates were tied to your driving abilities instead of statistics about other drivers and other cars? In my 23 years of driving, I’ve had one accident almost 20 years ago where I was cut off by someone who nearly merged into my car, then slammed on the brakes in front of me, but because I was behind, I was ruled about 80% at fault. Due to my quick reflexes, the impact was less than 5 MPH instead of the 50 MPH we were moving at. The end result was a small scratch on her bumper.

    At any rate, even with a cheap vehicle, no tickets in probably 10 years, I still see my premiums going up. I shop around for the cheapest insurance I can find, then get good coverage “just in case.” I could have re-bought my truck with what I have paid in insurance in the last 3 years. Meanwhile, I see people with $100K luxury cars, accidents on their records, etc. pay less than I do because, say, they’re an older woman. Insurance is a freaking racket.

    • Dubble Bubble

      You know like a know that would never happen for obvious reasons. You, my friend, are the profit for the insurance companies that subsidize the clowns that won’t put their cellphones down while behind the wheel.

  • Bo Hanan

    Interesting, so much hate about BMW drivers and only 1 coupe on the list.

    • pcurve

      Years ago, when I went from ’05 accord to brand spanking new ’08 328i rwd, my insurance rate dropped 30%. (though they eventually came back up). It was surprisingly cheap to insure.

  • Alfa Giulia QV

    Unsurprisingly, a luxury vehicle is at the top of the list as 24/7 Wall St. says the most expensive model to insure is the Tesla Model S.

    I’m pretty sure all those autopilot crashes have nothing to do with it or the absurdly expensive repair costs for both parts and labor. Nu-uh, not at all. Impossible


  • Honda NSX-R
    • Alfa Giulia QV

      Nice. I still wish the Eau Rouge got made. A four door Nissan GT-R would have been awesome. I mean, they made the Juke R and Juke R 2.0 ffs.

      • Honda NSX-R

        Yeah it would’ve been awesome, even if they sold an extremely limited amount of them

    • pcurve

      wow you rich man

      • DMax

        It only costs $300 a month to lease here in US.

        • Honda NSX-R

          I got this car for the price of a decently equipped Honda Odyssey. New too, but it’s a 2017 I got this year though

  • brn

    Once again, the results of a study are reproduced without an analysis of the numbers. Am I supposed to use this to aide in determining TCO on a car? Maybe. Maybe not. Is it possible that drivers with a poor driving history or bad credit tend to purchase some of these vehicles? Looking at some of those on the list, I’m pretty sure the answer is ‘yes’.

  • dumblikeyou2

    WTF? All of those are half of what I pay annually for my very average car.

  • Plutonium

    Tesla owner doesn’t pay state gas taxes. As electric vehicles increase so will extra taxes to register and drive them. Right now taxpayers pay part of Tesla ownership. $7500 federal tax credit plus whatever states subsidize buying electric vehicle.

  • Astonman

    I’m sure the price doesn’t include regions in the U.S. i’m sure we pay a lot more in So Cal

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