Dual-Engine VW Golf With 1,600HP Is Built To Devour The Drag Strip

It’s one thing to see a tuned Volkswagen Golf with a VR6 engine punished on the drag strip, but a compact hatch with two turbocharged VR6s is absolutely bonkers.

Still, such a car exists, with one VR6 sitting at the front and another one at the rear. Each ICE powers an axle, and they can work either separately or together.

When combined, they deliver approximately 1,600 horses, or about as much as two Lamborghini Aventadors, or a little bit over a stock Bugatti Chiron. And it’s likely just as fast as the latter, although we don’t have any specs to work with, other than 183mph (295km/h) achieved in a 1/2-mile run and the 9.0-second time it needs for the 1/4-mile.

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Except for the classic body of the third-gen Golf, almost everything was tuned in order to turn this classic hot hatch into a proper dragster, as there are massive drag radials, a roll cage, bucket seat, and a completely custom interior aimed at providing the person behind the wheel with the basics.

Oh, and yes, it comes complete with a parachute, too, to help it stop better. And with so much power, it can do both front- and rear-wheel drive burnouts, depending on which of the two engines is working.

You can watch this insane Golf on the video that follows and find out everything about this crazy contraption – plus, of course, witness it devouring the drag strip.


  • Six_Tymes

    THAT has got to be one of the most craziest drag cars ever, kudos to the creator.

  • Vassilis

    To be honest I expected something better than a 9.0 for a car with that much power and those tyres.

  • Eagle By Singer

    Poor Golf. All that for a 9 second run? Seems a bit, underachieving…

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