Laugh All You Want, But A Ford Focus Pickup Might Not Be A Long Stretch

The fourth generation Ford Focus is ready to take on the Volkswagen Golf Mk8, which will arrive next year, and other models within the popular compact segment.

Nevertheless, if a recent report turns out to be true, then it won’t only take on the hatch and sedan offerings, but some small pickup trucks, too.

If given the green light for production, then the Ford Focus pickup would act like a replacement for the Courier. The latter was assembled in Brazil, using the smaller Fiesta’s underpinnings as a starting point, so the new model would be larger.

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Details about it are scarce at the moment, but it’s believed to go into production in Mexico, at the Blue Oval’s facility in Cuautitlan, to avoid the so-called chicken tax that adds a 25 percent tariff on imported trucks..

A launch in Europe is rumored too, but it’s hard to tell whether Ford will use the shipping routes in the Atlantic Ocean, or if it will produce it somewhere else. Regardless, if everything goes as planned, then expect the Ford Focus pickup to arrive in the beginning of the next decade.

Until then, Kleber Silva took a digital shot at imagining it, in a double-cab flavor, using the same front end and taillights as the latest Ford Focus. Elsewhere, the vehicle has an increased ground clearance, plastic cladding all around, roof bars and, of course, an open bed at the rear.

The Focus pickup was given a chrome red finish, as well as chrome trim and underbody protection.

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  • ChrisInIL

    Wouldn’t that be an Ecosport or Escape pickup?

    • brn

      Maybe a Transit Connect pickup?

  • Christian

    Well, remember late 90’s, all the poor farmers had old rotten Escort Pickups from the 80’s… Kinda miss those…

  • clueless economist

    I hope Hyundai is kicking itself for not producing the Santa Cruz four years ago.

    • Christian

      why? They only made on concept car…

  • Dennis Scipio

    Unrelated (sort of) but speaking of Pickup Trucks, believe it or not, I managed to spot a Silver Mitsubishi L200 on Texas roads, it’s was clearly an import since it’s not sold in the USA, but I wanted to share.

    • Earl Scheib

      Cool story bro.

      • Six Thousand Times

        Actually, yes.

        • Earl Scheib

          Well don’t tell me, tell Dennis.

    • Fernando Bretón

      They are sold in Mexico. Probably a tourist.

    • Fernando Bretón

      Mitsubishi sells them in Mexico. Probably a tourist.

  • George Taramas

    Fiat toro photoshop.

  • Paul Webster

    I’m still laughing….

  • PhilMcGraw

    It’s most likely going to happen. Why? Because while crossovers sell very well, trucks are the ones mostly bought in upper trim levels which means more money. Take a look at the F-150 where Ford proved that buyers are willing to spend upwards of $70k on a pickup truck. Crossovers may sell, but buyers have demonstrated their limits with what they’re willing to pay for a trim level. That hasn’t happened with trucks yet.

    So get ready for a Focus truck that starts at I’d say $22k and goes up to $35k. Most people will buy the $30-35k trim level.

    • Dude

      This is my thinking exactly. People have questioned Ford’s recent moves but I think they know what they’re doing.

  • Earl Scheib

    Subaru gonna be pissed!

  • Paul

    Given curent market trends a move like this wouldn’t surprise me.

  • diesel_vdub

    I’d take something like this all day long over the new Ranger or the current Colorado/Canyon. A true compact pickup that will actually fit in garages/parking spaces and is easy to maneuver in cities.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’m not laughing; that might be kind of desirable.

  • Jerry Hightower

    OMG, I hope it’s not a 4 door as depicted in these renderings! I’d like to have one as a two door.

  • eb110americana

    So let me get this straight, Ford is going to make a unibody-based pickup, and with some 87 different crossovers to choose from, they are going with their one car-ish vehicle? I would think something Escape or Ecosport based would yield more in the way of reusable parts, such as door glass.

  • Brent Morrison

    Are those Toyota Camry taillights?

  • cat

    looks like a fiat toro the red one?

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