Lexus Makes An LFA Art Car… Six Years After Production Ended

Lexus made the last LFA more than six and a half years ago. So we wouldn’t expect to see much about it in the news these days, save for noteworthy examples coming up for sale, or the prospect of a successor. But this is neither.

What we have here is an LFA Art Car, uniquely decorated by Portuguese artist Pedro Henriques. It wears a special organic pattern, rendered in black in high contrast against the white bodywork. Though the design renderings look to have been overlaid on a standard LFA, the finished product appears to be based on one equipped with the exclusive Nürburgring package.

Otherwise it’s ostensibly the same as any of the other 499 examples of the discontinued supercar, right down to the rev-happy 4.8-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine in the nose, sending its 552 hp (412 kW) and 354 lb-ft (480 Nm) of torque to the rear wheels through an old-school six-speed manual transmission.

“My inspiration for this livery was the idea of fluidity present in the contemporary life, where things are in constant movement and it’s hard to freeze anything, Pedro explains. The lines in the drawings follow this feeling of going everywhere and never stopping; a progressive life. I wanted to reach an organic feeling by using handmade material and liquid lines in the elements spread through the car. By doing this I hope to express a feeling where the car becomes a less defined shape, in constant mutation in its movement.”

The Japanese automaker is preparing to showcase the unique art car – a realm typically embraced by rival BMW – at the 24 Hours of Spa this weekend, where the Emil Frey Lexus Racing Team will be fielding a pair of RC F GT3s.

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  • Bash

    I just see random shapes here.

  • TheBelltower

    Toyota is really milking this failed car. Yes, I know I know… “but…the exhaust note.” Pffft

    • David Behmoaras

      What makes it a failure? If people really liked out and they sold out, how did it fail?

      • TheBelltower

        It was uncompetitive, absurdly priced and Toyota still lost money on each one. Cars remained unsold for years after they stopped producing it. A good exhaust note, a trick gauge cluster and a creepy carbon fiber loom video were the only things that made the car interesting. The exterior design made it a tough sell.

        • gambit gamboa

          Ok belltower, you seem to have comprehension problems or you are just not very knowledgeable at all. So lets get your brain cells up to par, Toyota is an ecobox company, their primary focus isnt to make luxury cars. Meanwhile benz and bmw started off as luxury car makers, they have been making luxury cars for a lot longer than toyota so use your brain when you write.

          They also dont care if its sold at a loss because it was stated that they made the car as an engineering presentation. The main business are econoboxes cause thats what makes money for them, the LFA is a collectors item and isnt for you, its for people who already have 911s and ferraris. Please buy your first M3 at least before you talk.

          • TheBelltower

            An unintentionally hilarious comment. Please, continue to chime-on about which cars you think I own…

        • David Behmoaras

          Every single Bugatti Veyron was sold at a loss. Would you call the Veyron a failure? The LFA was built as a halo car to showcase what Lexus’s skunkworks group can do when left to their own devices. It was never meant to sell out. Do you know what a halo car is? The LFA was loved by the enthusiast community. Unfortunately, most of that community couldn’t afford it. But it was still loved. In that regard, it was probably the most successful sports car Lexus ever built.

          Also, it showed that Lexus was up to the challenge in taking on other luxury car brands like BMW, Audi, and Benz. If you look at Lexus sales before and after the LFA was introduced, you’ll see that the rest of their lineup did very well, especially the cars wearing the F moniker (ISF, GS F sport, etc). It reminded people that Lexus was still there, and their new cars were designed to appeal to the enthusiastic driver.

          So when you say that the LFA was a failure, I say that you don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about.

          • TheBelltower

            Every single Bugatti Veyron was sold. For millions. The Veyron achieved a level of performance that made it worth it to the buyers. The LFA didn’t. The LFA is loved by enthusiasts, not by buyers. Because it is awkward looking and underperformed within the category in which it was supposed to compete. It’s of no interest to me whether a car turns a profit or not, as long as it achieves its purpose. The LFA didn’t. If anything, it suggested that Toyota wasn’t “up for the challenge in taking on other luxury car brands.” It failed spectacularly.

          • gambit gamboa

            You obviously cannot read, they never said anything about competing, toyota specifically said the LFA is just to showcase what they can do. They never said anything about being affordable, because if they did they wouldnt charge this price.

            The car was made 8 years ago, its stats is comparable to its competitors, if they wanted to compete on price they wouldnt carbon fiber everything and would do aluminum. And actually yes, if you own a couple of lamborghinis and rolls royce’s you’d know this is a collectors item they are often the type of people to buy an LFA, it is just another art piece for in the repertoire for somebody in that social class level, people dont drive them and put miles on them like a mass pleb nissan GTR (go do a search for the ones on sale and look at the mileage) so you clearly demonstrated your lack of knowledge. Please go back to your Focus RS forum thanks.

          • TheBelltower

            Thank you for your opinion and your ad hominem BS. But you’re totally wrong. This was a laughingstock among those who could afford them.

          • gambit gamboa

            Buddy if you going to debate people then honestly use your brain, it is actually not an opinion.

            These points are googleable with the LFA being:
            -Rarely driven, low mileage car
            -Used LFAs have appreciated above their initial purchase price
            -Majority of car being carbon fiber made it expensive
            -Built as an engineering exercise in 2010 instead of a mass produced car (actually stated by the company)

            The people that can afford them like Jeremy Clarkson and Jay Leno actually praised the LFA so you are wrong again.

            I mean obviously if youre comparing it to a modern day super car it would get shat on, what else you going to tell us genius? Sky is blue? Careful guys, tower without a bell is going to continue making apples to orange comparisons LOL

            There are actually more Carrera GTs on autotrader with more mileage listed than the LFA so yeah I think I know what im talking about. Please pull your bell out of your tower thanks.

          • David Behmoaras

            It’s amazing how misguided and baseless your opinion is. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s ok, you’re here to learn.

          • TheBelltower

            A. It underperformed
            B. It was overpriced for what it was
            C. It didn’t sell. And units remained unsold for years after production ended.

            It’s as easy as A, B, C. And not that difficult to understand. Though some clearly want it to be something different.

          • David Behmoaras

            The LFA catapulted overall Lexus sales into the stratosphere. That’s what a halo car does. The only spectacular failure on this page is your willful ignorance.

          • TheBelltower

            All of your points are absurd. The Toyota fanboys are out in force today, whining about the failure of a car that gave them wet dreams. Rather than arguing against something that’s indisputable, go do something more productive that suits you. For instance, the Gap has pleated chinos on sale.

          • tbonesteak33

            Your reversion to namecalling suggests you are defensive and therefore find our arguments valid.

          • TheBelltower

            Hardly. Just done dealing with all the flat-earth members who have issues with reality.

          • gambit gamboa

            Wrong again dumb bell, it performed comparatively to its peers. Are you the new lil baby driver that keeps comparing 0-60 times? Let daddy teach you cause the LFA is #17 on the nurburgring.

            {20,600 m (67,600 ft)7:14.64Lexus LFA Nürburgring Package Akira Iida31 August 2011Lexus conducted test. OEM “Nürburgring Package”, Bridgestone Potenza RE070, additional roll cage.[66][67][68]}

            Anything above that list are 911 turbos and Lambos and Ferraris. While the bugatti veyron was much slower, please educate yourself son.

            {20,832 m (68,346 ft)7:40Bugatti Veyron 16.4 2005Wheels Magazine Australia 2005[153][154]}

            And wrong again on the unsold, it was sold out except people resold to flip for profit like most collectors items.

            You embarrassed yourself so many times already, dont feel shame? Not single reference to the points you make while you can at least fact check my points. Too easy son. sit down.

          • TheBelltower

            Blah blah blah… A $375k car that’s #17 on the Nurburgring. Is that supposed to be impressive from a cash-rich car company with unlimited resources to build the best car in the world? For the money, it’s no wonder there was no demand for this ugly car. But the fanboys and Toyota shills will romanticize it as something it never was.

          • gambit gamboa

            Listen lil dumb bell, I have an M5 and an ISF does that mean I am a BMW fan boy too? or maybe youre IQ is just too low to comprehend that I appreciate every single brand’s flagship car. See, I know each company has their own strengths and weakness. No brand is better than the other, I dont think I need to tell you that at least I thought you were smart enough to know.

            You always speak “for 375k I buy this I can buy that”, its cause you got no money. Just by saying this it shows how cheap and poor you are. Have you ever seen a wealthy person talk like this? 375k is pocket change buddy, you think thats expensive? You so poor bruh.

            The worse thing is that you not only revealed your lack of wealth, but your lack of intellect cause you cant even provide a rebuttal with factual points and evidence. Whatever I posted is backed by official published articles, and can be fact checked, you honestly think Lexus is the only brand I have info about like this? Its just using google search properly and being a knowledgeable car enthusiast.

            The funny thing is not whether if I am a fanboy but just based on principles that what you said about the LFA is wrong and you failed to provide facts to support your debate. Had it been another case that this was not an LFA and was a BMW, you’d still get wrecked EZ, so sit down son.

          • TheBelltower

            So now you are attempting to compare bank accounts? Firstly… I’m laughing! You’ll never know how idiotic your comments are. Secondly… Your ad hominem ranting means you’ve weakened any of your points. Thirdly… If you are going to attempt to school me on the art of “debate,” you should consider culling down your comments to smaller chapters. You talk too much.

          • gambit gamboa

            See, reading comprehension problems, we are not comparing bank accounts, I didnt make a claim that you were poor I pointed out what you write revealed your lack of intellect and indirectly your lack of wealth, theres a difference. Anyways, my points werent debatable to you because you couldnt provide counter points with substantial hard facts, so you got wrecked. Was EZ. Nice job going off topic though LOL, still no counter points with citations.

          • TheBelltower

            Your citations are worthless. And so is this conversation. The net net is that the LFA failed spectacularly. Stop contorting yourself in an attempt to make it seem like anything other than that.

          • gambit gamboa

            Wow I did not know your IQ is below the triple digit mark, if you make a claim you need valid references to back them up. You couldnt even provide any evidence to back up your own claims, all you did was shout “LFA failure, LFA failure” like a handicapped parrot. The fact that the LFA placed 17th on the nurburgring while the Veyron placed 90th place on the lap times just proves how wrong you are.

            You are the type of kid that cant accept that a lesser brand like Lexus created a good sports car for once even though its expensive because you are so insecure that you need a German/Italian ego in your mouth to make yourself feel good. Times are changing, wrecked again.

          • TheBelltower

            Oh good god kid… more blah blah blah from you. Fine. The LFA was awesome. The LFA was the BEST car in the world. It revolutionized the industry. It was, by no means, a failure. Happy?

          • blue adidas

            Jeezus. Does Toyota pay you by the word?

          • tbonesteak33

            Oh so I’m a flat-earth member now? What’s next, you’re going to call me a 911-truther or a card carrying NRA member? GTFO with that. You’re embarrassing yourself.

          • TheBelltower

            The truth hurts. Stop whining.

          • tbonesteak33

            I’m reveling in the truth. Feeling pretty good about it too. Butt hurting?

          • blue adidas

            The topic of discussion is an ugly art car and that the LFA wasn’t successful in the marketplace. That’s the only thing we are discussing here. Not your NRA membership. That’s for a different website.

          • tbonesteak33

            Neither is the flat earth society, but thanks for your feedback. I’ll file it where it belongs.

          • tbonesteak33

            Obviously you need to work on your reading comprehension if you think what I wrote indicates I have an NRA membership. When are you taking ERBs?

    • blue adidas

      Not quite the level of failure as Delorian. But it can’t be considered a success by any means. The price made no sense, it wan’t pretty, and for a car in the “supercar” category, the performance was mid-pack. Then there was the L logo. Lexus isn’t really at that level of prestige, and this car did nothing for Lexus but confirm that.

  • Well hardly surprising, they always shown LFA in Europe and US, even when the car is almost reaching 10 years old.

  • lagunas3ca

    The Lexus LFA has a six-speed single clutch automated sequential gearbox. It does not have “an old-school six-speed manual transmission.”

  • Bo Hanan

    -when you have nothing to draw the attention of sports car enthusiast to your brand…

  • blue adidas

    An “Art car?” All I see is an attempt to camouflage the bad design. Lexus should just try to forget the LFA, not highlight its existence.

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