2019 Chevrolet Volt Is Pricey And Remains The Bolt’s Less-Desirable Cousin

The Chevrolet Bolt may be the poster child of GM’s electric vehicle range but the plug-in hybrid Volt continues to live on and has just been adorned with a slew of changes for the 2019 model year.

One of the key changes are tweaks to the level of brake regeneration. In the car’s latest guise, drivers can set a lower temperature for when the engine kicks in to run the heater. Additionally, GM has fitted a revised infotainment screen, a power driver’s seat on the Premium trim, an upgraded digital rearview camera, and a new pattern on the cloth seats.

As Cars Direct notes, prices for the 2019 Volt are a touch higher than they were in 2018. The range continues to start with the LT trim but it is now priced from $34,395, including the $875 destination fee. This is a minor $300 more than last year’s model.

Elsewhere in the range, the high-end Premier trim will set back customers a minimum of $38,995, making it $500 pricier than previously. One of the key points of difference between the LT and Premier is the latter’s inclusion of a 7.2 kW charger as standard.

By comparison, the LT trim is equipped with a 3.6 kW charger and has to be optioned with the 7.2 kW system for $750. Hooked up to a 240-volt outlet, the 7.2 kW can recharge the plug-in hybrid in 2.3 hours while the 3.6 kW charger takes twice as long.

Like previous model years, the 2019 Chevrolet Volt is fitted with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder coupled with a continuously variable transmission. Complementing this internal combustion engine are a pair of electric motors. The car can run for 53 miles (85 km) in all-electric mode and 420 miles (675 km) with the ICE operating.

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  • Matthew Shields

    The only model Chevy still makes with a cd player is the Impala. They are dissapearing on almost every make and model. If you aren’t ready for Audible, I would recommend ripping the cd’s to a flash drive and plugging them into your cars usb port. CD’s are a dying breed and new infotainment systems really limit options for aftermarket decks.

  • Dubble Bubble

    I recently purchased a 2019 Stingray and the car is absolutely fabulous in every way.
    Every effin’ way but one and that is just what you mentioned, there is no CD player offered.
    I have a massive collection of CD’s and don’t like wasting my time to download them into my computer and flipping them over to a thumb drive. There are just too many.

    • S3XY

      I’m the opposite. All my music is MP3 and M4A. So all I use is USB.

      Only Volt’s with CD player’s are the 2011’s

      • Dubble Bubble

        I’m quite probably older than you then. I started my collection back in the mid-eighties and have been at it for some time. I haven’t bought any new ones for a few years now but I still managed to reach over 1,000 cd’s. There are a few that I like to listen to occasionally but not enough to rip.
        It would just be a lot less complicated to have a cd player.
        I did manage to nail down a manual transmission before they too go instinct.

      • danwat1234

        2011-2015 has CD players. I agree, put in on a short USB stick so it won’t get whacked. Your whole collection will fit at near CD quality.

  • S3XY

    Volt is still the best “EV” available if you can’t afford a Tesla. Way better than the Bolt.

    I’ve driven a Bolt and it feels like a UPS truck. Quick but way too much excess room. Looks are subjective blah blah blah but its just ugly.

    Also doesn’t have a viable fast charging network nor any cool factor. Yes it works for people, it could even work for me, but I don’t want to settle with a dorky looking EV.

    Love my Volt.

    • danwat1234

      Way too much excess room. That’s a good thing isn’t it? DC fast charging is awesome, charging infrastructure will come.


  • Ash45

    If you have an Android or Apple smartphone, you could just hook it up to the Volt via USB, and then utilize Android Auto or Apple Carplay to listen to music from your phone.

    As a bonus, you can also use Google maps, Waze, or Apple maps on the center dash.

  • Ash45

    Love my 2017 Volt. For my normal work commute, it’s as much an EV as a Tesla or Nissan Leaf.

    Then if I need to drive it further, I can simply burn some gas and go wherever I want, and “fast charge” at any gas station. Sure, it’s not as sexy as a Tesla, but it’s a lot cheaper and I have zero range anxiety because if I have to drive far or I just simply forgot to plug it in the previous day, I’m not stranded either. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1a2587a7a964abac1d584e71c6cd69f7a19a2c8a2844c6b9e40dc6677270ce6.jpg

    • Ash45

      And yes, the gas pic had terrible stats. But I took it in January, and was using snow tires while also driving 70-75 mph on the freeway. I make up for it when I get back home and don’t use gas for months at a time.

  • #QAnon

    how old are you??

  • VFanRJ

    I guess that’s why recently the Volt has been outselling the Bolt.

  • VFanRJ

    While it doesn’t use a belt or behave at all like ICE CVT’s, its planetary gearbox is considered to be a CVT.

  • Jane Doe

    I actually prefer the Volt over the Bolt. I drove in the electric mode probably 99% of the time while around the area I live. Recently a relative was in the hospital and so I drove over 1800 miles round trip but didn’t have time to locate charging stations or spend the time charging. The Bolt has the DCFC but I doubt I would have had time for that or locating a compatible DCFC charging station at a reasonable price. The infrastructural just isn’t there yet for long range driving and EVs. If they come out with a 3rd generation Volt I hope it’s a very sporty crossover with a little more range. Maybe about 100 miles range. Another thing I really like about the Volt is it is a much nicer looking car than the Bolt and the seats are much more comfortable. I’ll take the Volt over the Bolt any day of the week.

  • Jane Doe

    I used to use CD’s like 20 years ago and then with the iPOD I would convert the CD’s into MP3s and listen to audio books like that but I’ve switched to audible like 10 years ago and never looked back. audible is very convenient especially if you finish an audio book right in the middle of working out or on a road trip.

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