This 360 HP Classic Mini Could Be The Craziest On Earth

If you’re a classic Mini enthusiast, you may want to look away now as a 22-year-old British guy has made the car of your worst nightmares.

This enthusiast’s modifications started with a B16 1.6-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder VTEC engine from an old Civic Type R. In standard form, this engine delivers almost 200 hp but that wasn’t enough so the owner did what any 22-year-old would do, fit a massive turbocharger.

A host of upgrades have also been made to the engine itself, including new pistons and 750 cc injectors. All up, this bright orange Mini pumps out 360 hp. That’s roughly the same grunt as you’ll find in most top-tier hot hatches but the Mini weighs barely anymore than a paperweight. With all the power funneled through the front wheels, it is an absolute savage.

LivingLifeFast on YouTube recently had the opportunity to test the car and was suitably staggered by it’s performance. That’s what happens when you build a car at home by yourself, I guess.

Perhaps the most animalistic about the car is the extreme torque steer which can almost rip the wheel out of your hands and sends the car skipping across the road.

Believe it or not, this isn’t the end of this Mini. As a matter of fact, the owner wants to convert it to all-wheel drive and adorn the engine with more changes with the aim of reaching the 500 hp mark.

Say what you will about the car and it’s strange exterior parts, namely that useless carbon fiber rear wing, you cannot argue with the vehicle’s straight-line acceleration.


  • Bash

    I like it. You know how to make it even more crazy. Add a couch on the roof and steer this thing while sitting on it. lol

  • Mind Synthetic

    booooooooooooooooooooring, Project Binky puts this rubbish to shame

    • Howfarr

      They have to finish it first, 5 years in and they haven’t touched the engine ancillaries or internals yet, guessing its going to be another 5.

      • Mind Synthetic

        im aware, you can do a half a $ $ rice job like the article car or you can engineer the hell out of it.

        • ace_9

          You are aware, that binky is going to be so heavy, that it wont go anywhere near as fast around corners as this, aren’t you? Why do you think that almost everything in modern cars is plastic? Or why every single supercar is made almost entirely from carbon fiber composites (and they are still quite heavy). Binky is going to be an over-engineered tank.

          • Mind Synthetic

            sure might be heavy, but at least it preserves the original appearance, while adopting a full drive train from a celica all track. far more superior job than a bunch of bolt on parts, not to mention they couldn’t even stick it inside the car. at the end of the day car in the article is just a riced up mini.

          • ace_9

            I agree, that the mini described in the article is not nice and I also consider it to be a ricer. I would trade it for less powerful, but much cleaner looking mini any day.

          • Mind Synthetic

            heck man, you should take a look at mighty car mods mini, type r swap and still looks stock, binky is just a balls tot he wall crazy build, i strongly encourage you to watch all the build videos, they are fun and very well executed.

          • ace_9

            I checked the mighty cars mods mini and that one really looks good and it has plenty of power. It seems a little bit cramped in the cabin, but I guess, that’s normal. I already watched all of the episodes of project binky 🙂 It is entertaining, but sometimes I wish those guys use something else than metal for everything. However, if they finish it some day, it will undoubtedly be the sturdiest mini ever made 😀

  • alexxx


  • Ilbirs

    One more reason why the classic Mini is way more interesting than the bloated things named after it.

  • john1168

    You lost me with the wing…

  • Six_Tymes

    crazy awesome. that dude knows how to have FUN

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