Who Does That? Canadian Van Driver Fired After Purposefully Splashing Pedestrians

There aren’t that many drivers in the world who can honestly say they’ve never splashed pedestrians accidentally. Whether there’s not enough room to avoid the puddle or the driver sees it too late, it happens. People can understand that.

But when a driver is on a strange mission to splash all the pedestrians that happen to be in their path, chances are we’re dealing with a disturbed individual.

It happened a few days ago in Canada on Ottawa’s King Edward Avenue, where a van driver was filmed going out of his way to splash pedestrians. The dashcam footage reveals a white Ford Transit van belonging to the Black & McDonald company purposefully driving through puddles and splashing pedestrians.

The video of the incident, posted by YouTube user Saif Khan on July 27, went viral and gathered more than 2.3 million views as of August 2. Inevitably, Black & McDonald learned of their driver’s mean and insensitive behavior and announced the decision to fire the individual via a Facebook post.

The company did not disclose the identity of the person who was behind the wheel of the Ford Transit. According to a CBC report, the police confirmed that Black & McDonald terminated the driver and said the case was closed, with no criminal charges to be laid. Justice served?


  • Six_Tymes

    Canadians, always thinking they are better than most, now they to can enjoy jerks also, if there wasn’t any, people wouldn’t be buying dash cams.

    but yeah, justice served.

    • willhaven

      I’ve never met a Canadian that thought they were better than anyone else. Why do you think this?

      • lagunas3ca

        So you’ve never met a Canadian.

        • Six_Tymes

          he probably is.

          • willhaven

            I’m an Argie – we know smugness better than anyone else on earth.

      • eye.surgeon

        Feeling smug about being the most Mediocre nation in the world is a national pastime in Canada.

        • Six_Tymes

          spot on.

    • LJ

      Canadians being polite is a myth propagated by the internet. They’re just as nice/rude as everyone else.

      • Six_Tymes

        allow me to correct your sentence. “propagated by the internet.” should be, propagated by Canadians on the internet.

        • Big Black Duck

          i disagree with that…its propagated by Americans view of Canadians .. yes there are plenty of rude and Nice people… but the image you are referring to was established in th last 60 years by progressive, moderate and liberal Canadians who had a more social, humanitarian outlook on the world and had a sense of humility.. there are are red hat wearing conservatives and racists in Canada as well..non ones perfect…

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    I bet he laughed his head off at the time.
    He’s not laughing now.

  • salamOOn

    what a d!ckhead….

  • Knotmyrealname


  • Mean SOB…getting his own soaking now.

  • dumblikeyou2

    I mean seriously though, watching this did make me laugh a little. Just a little.

  • S3XY


  • Sohei Kawahara

    Black McDonald

  • Plutonium

    Not the smartest potato in the bag. Drives a company vehicle most likely with an exterior phone numbers for getting extra business. Probably has a “how’s my driving “ bumper sticker
    Canadians are upset because they’re not Americans, but think of themselves better than Americans. On top of it most of them are revengeful and arrogant drivers. They love to be mean to other drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.
    I lived in Canada.

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