LA Road Ragers: Ok, Good Fighting With Ya, Gotta Go Now

Perhaps owing to our hunter-gathered ancestry, many humans feel the need to engage in violent conflict to establish themselves as dominant. This penchant for fighting often comes to pass while driving, creating what we eloquently know as road rage.

It’s an intriguing and often scary phenomenon, especially when it spills out into traffic, like what happened in this recent incident in Los Angeles.

What we have here are the drivers of a Subaru Outback and a large SUV swinging it out on a major highway. We don’t know what triggered the altercation but the Twitter video below shows the Subaru driver violently swinging at the other man, hitting him with two quick punches before he falls to the road. The Subaru driver then stands over the other man for a moment, presumably giving him a verbal telling off for whatever he may or may not have done.

Rather than continue the fight and forcing bystanders to intervene, the two men decide enough is enough and quickly return to their cars, perhaps after noticing that the traffic light ahead of them was green and that they were holding up traffic.

Worryingly, the man who was hit multiple times can be seen staggering towards his vehicle and jumping back into the driver’s seat. Although it’s impossible to determine the injuries he may have suffered, he could have been given a small concussion and been a real danger behind the wheel.

Multiple lessons can be learned from this video. For starters, please learn to control your anger when driving and don’t start punching people. Secondly, drive in a courteous manner to avoid such incidents. Thirdly, if you do witness one driver being struck by another, do your best to ensure they’re uninjured before driving away.

  • Ilbirs

    The main problem here is that the video registered only the fight itself but not the previous events that led to this. For sure traffic problems aren’t a thing to be solved with punches but maybe the guy in the Explorer was tailgating the Outback’s driver, only to exemplify.

    • Six_Tymes

      now your making an assumption, how do you know it wasn’t the other way around? we don’t know. but i bet some of those drivers behind those two do.

  • eb110americana

    “This drivers were happen to square off but didn’t want to hold up traffic.”


  • Blanka Li

    Not Los Angeles.

  • Paul

    Poor guy got a can of Whoop Ass opened up on him.

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