Civic Cut In Half, Driver Thrown Out Of Car In Horrific Racing Crash

A female racing driver has been lucky to survive a terrifying accident during a race at the Sunix Race Track in the Dominican Republic.

The crash was triggered after a DC2-generation Honda Integra and an old Honda Civic tangled when tackling a right-hand corner during a fierce race. Footage shows the two cars sliding sideways off the track before the Civic smashes directly into a tree.

The violent impact ripped the Civic in half and sent driver Valentina Tomasello flying into the Integra before being slung to the ground, seemingly unconscious. Remarkably, she started to move just seconds later.

Not only is the crash itself scary, but it is also especially mind-blowing that there were no crash barriers on the side of the track to prevent drivers from slamming into trees. What’s more, safety crews at the circuit were also out in the open and had to run for their lives to avoid being collected by the out of control Hondas. If it wasn’t for the Toyota Hilux course car, they may have been injured – or worse. So much for safety standards, then…

According to The Mirror, Tomasello was taken to the hospital after falling unconscious in the immediate aftermath of the violent crash. Fortunately, she escaped with her life.

“Do not worry, I have a fractured right arm but am not in any danger. My head, my skull and my spine are fine. I love you all so much, thank you for your messages. I have been keeping an eye out for your phone calls,” Tomasello said from her hospital bed.


  • TheBelltower

    Freakiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Shocked that this person survived after being thrown like a rag doll.

  • Thunderbolt

    No helmet ? what kind of a cheap ass racing is this ?

    • kachuks

      It actually came off her head and flew behind the truck. It’s ridiculous how seriously maimed she could have been.

  • Howfarr

    Who has a racing circuit with a tree in the run off area

  • disqus_6YPfWl1zlL

    Too bad she had to force that integra off track too.

  • Vassilis

    Most cars of that era (except German and Swedish ones) were ridiculously unsafe.

  • Vassilis

    Jesus fucken Christ!

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