Infiniti To Reveal A Working Project Black S Prototype In Paris Auto Show

Infiniti announced that they will reveal a new Project Black S Prototype in the upcoming Paris Auto Show, featuring F1 Hybrid technology.

The new prototype will follow the footsteps of the 2017 Project Black S design study, meaning that this time it will be a fully-functioning car, as we reported back in March.

Based on the Q60 Red Sport 400, the Project Black S places the twin-turbo VR30 3.0-liter V6 engine in the heart of a dual-hybrid powertrain that features a unique energy recovery system. The combined output of the innovative powertrain is set at 563hp (571PS), giving the Project Black S a 0-62mph time of under four seconds.

The new hybrid powertrain is engineered in collaboration between Infiniti and the Renault Sport F1 Team specifically for road use. There are three motor generators in the system, including a single unit that harvests kinetic energy from the brakes and the remaining two are mounted on the twin turbos in order to harvest heat energy from the exhaust gases.

In addition, the bodywork features an optimized aero agenda, which has also been validated by the Renault Sport F1 Team, including a rear wing with a similar aerodynamic profile to the team’s F1 car when it raced in Monza.

“Project Black S utilizes high power and smart energy management from advanced powertrains, a thrilling dynamic capability on road and track, and a performance-oriented aesthetic,” said Roland Krueger, Chairman and Global President at Infiniti. “A collaborative venture between Infiniti and the Renault Sport Formula One Team, the Project Black S prototype is a testbed for new ideas and technologies, demonstrating how our Alliance partnerships could make our ambitious visions a reality.”

The latest iteration of the Infiniti Project Black S will debut on October 4 at the Paris Auto Show.

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  • Howfarr

    That Q60 is literally the best looking car ever
    Pleeeeeeease Infiniti just make it

  • dn12005

    Officially entering the “holding my breath phase”.

    • Honda NSX-R


      • dn12005

        Am I exhaling because “it’s not to be” or is your tone (and similar post) one of certainty?

        • Honda NSX-R

          My comment expressed doubt.

          • dn12005

            Ah…doubt and nothing definitive.

            Excuse my foolishness, and I should know better by now, but I’m going to hold my breath a little while longer. You know, hopes and dreams and and all that bull$hit!!!

  • Dude

    So…. production when?

    • Honda NSX-R

      April 31, 2020

  • Bo Hanan

    Save it for this cars replacement. Now is too late in its life cycle.

  • U8INIT

    They squeezing the dear life out of this platform…I swear

    • dn12005

      According to EVO magazine, INFINITI told them that it is an “appropriately upgraded chassis”. Whatever that means…maybe two or three additional rivets here and there.

      The early numbers say 563hp at around 3900lbs.

    • SteersUright

      So true. The entire Infiniti lineup is truly expired. They are desperately in need of all-new product.

  • Just build it already! It’s like the Eau Rouge, it dies because of corporate intervention.

  • Randy Terpstra

    It would make for a lovely modern day Skyline GT-T. Come on Nissan, build it!

  • SteersUright

    That car looks so outdated and like an aftermarket tuner special. Infiniti is easily the Japanese Cadillac at this point and need a major overhaul. In my mind, their only modern-ish product is the Q30 they essentially license from MB. Also their naming convention is just plain stupid. Q this, Q that…tell anyone around you Infiniti Q-whatever and they’ll likely have no idea which model you’re referring to.

  • SteersUright

    Do explain? Im no fan of the German supra and feel its a major cop-out on Toyota’s part. That said, this will likely be a heavyweight beast, an Infiniti GTR so to speak. The Supra should prove much more agile and “sporting” to drive I’d imagine. Different type of cars. Some, like me, do not like heavy sports cars and would lean towards the Supra, or a 911 over a GTR, or a Cayman GTS over a Corvette, and so on, if given the choice.

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