This Is What It’s Like To Have Your Pizza Delivered Autonomously

A little over a year ago, Domino’s Pizza teamed up with Ford in order to explore a future where pizzas could potentially be delivered via self-driving vehicles.

The two companies also wanted to gauge customer reactions with regards to interacting with an autonomous vehicle rather than a pizza delivery courier, as well as having to go outside in order to get their food, which some might consider slightly inconvenient as opposed to having it delivered at your doorstep.

Initially, Domino’s sent out their autonomous Fusion Hybrids around Ann Arbor, Michigan, albeit with a Ford safety engineer behind the wheel as well as other researchers on-board.

Now however it looks as though the program might be sufficiently advanced so as to require no supervision on-location, even though we can’t be 100% sure no individual is inside the vehicle at the time of delivery.

Either way, in this particular case, the car was caught on camera in Las Vegas, Nevada, where two gentlemen got their pizza exactly the way Domino’s intended – by punching in your code on a tablet mounted on the C-pillar and then retrieving your order from the backseat. Finally, confirm that you have taken delivery of the pizza and the car departs.

As far as we’re concerned, the only thing that’s missing is that eerie music from Back to the Future (not the main theme) and this video would have been even better.


  • Ryan50

    What is the point of all this? Just ruining average human interaction. Before saying or thinking this is unimportant, go to a small town in the country. Then go to a big city, or even something normal with like 80k people. People tend to be way more friendly in small towns. Less cell phones and crap that has computers taking over our lives.

  • Craig

    This is NOT a ‘good thing’. For a LOT of people – delivering pizza’s is their JOB.

    • Shobin Drogan

      There’s a lot more depressing things in life than to be mad that you lost your job as a pizza delivery guy. Also, this just means that dominos can have more people to work in the kitchen rather than on the road.

      • Joe Langan

        Good thing machines can’t make pizzas, right guys?

        • Shobin Drogan

          If you want to call an oven a machine then go ahead.

      • roy

        In a scale of zero to earth-is-flat how ignorant are you?

        • Shobin Drogan

          Who pissed in your coffee this morning?

          • roy

            No one. Today I did not drink any coffee. But my preferred beer was unavailable so….

            But never mind that. The point is domino’s or other companies are not looking for autonomous tech to replace humans, so that they can work better in other departments. They are doing that because of the huge profit margins and also the fact that robots don’t complain.

          • Dude

            Their intentions are clear but that’s always been the reason for companies going after industry shifting technologies so it’s irrelevant. With the proper structures in place (unions, low cost education, livable wages, etc) automation is a non-issue. There’s always some initial loss when industries advance (introduction of assembly lines/factories, computers, etc) As long as the basic systems that should be in place anyway are there, there’s nothing to worry about.

          • roy

            You are correct in some aspects. But as the autonomous tech gets more advanced, it will have a far larger impact than the instances you have mentioned.

    • Dude

      With the proper structures in place (unions, low cost education, livable wages, etc) automation is a non-issue. There’s always some initial loss when industries advance (introduction of assembly lines/factories, computers, etc) As long as the basic systems that should be in place anyway are there, there’s nothing to worry about.

      • Craig

        There is ‘nothing to worry about’ IF you’re the type of person who is willing and/or able to be educated. There are millions of people doing menial jobs in the US. The type of jobs that many of us would not want to do. But these jobs matter. And so do the people doing them.

  • ChrisInIL

    Domino’s is Skynet.

  • Christian


  • Enter Ranting

    Hey tech industry, every job you pointlessly take away through automation is one fewer person who will be able to pay $1,000 for a new phone.

  • Vassilis

    I hate everything about this.

  • USOZ

    Domino’s stock is through the roof!

  • Craig

    AS A CUSTOMER – explain to me WHY you think this is a ‘good thing’? [If indeed you do]


  • Trackhacker

    This is cool…but at the same time it’s worrying. Just another way technology is removing minimum wage jobs which are a necessity since not everyone can be a lawyer or doctor. Also a lot of students and immigrants rely on these type of jobs. Lastly, the other worrying thing is human interaction. With this type of technology, soon you won’t ever have to interact with anyone which is very bad. It will cause even greater numbers in depression and a whole lot of other issues. I mean look at it already. Technically you can buy everything online and have it delivered without any communication. Same goes for banking and a bunch of other things.

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