New 1,000 HP Dodge ‘Hellephant’ Crate Engine Roars In 1968 Charger

Mopar delivered on its promise to reveal the most exciting crate engine in its history with the new ‘Hellephant’ 426 Hemi, which makes an astonishing 1,000hp and 950lb-ft (1,288Nm) of torque.

The name ‘Hellephant’ pays tribute to the iconic Mopar 426 Hemi engine that was nicknamed “elephant” for its size and power.

The supercharged engine’s capacity measures 6,980cc (426ci), featuring 4 inches of stroke and bore specs at 4.125 inches. The supercharger itself is an improved unit with a high-efficiency rotor mounted on the all-aluminum block.

Mopar will offer a complete engine assembly that includes a water pump, flywheel, front sump oil pan, supercharger with throttle body, fuel injectors and coil packs along with the 1,000hp crate engine, making the ‘Hellephant’ ready for a plug-and-play installation by experienced mechanics. The engine assembly and kit are designed for use on pre-1976 street and off-road vehicles.

The engine itself gets the Challenger Hellcat Redeye’s valve covers and valve train while locks and retainers are shared with the Demon. A special high-lift cam is also included, as well as custom forged pistons.

The ‘Hellephant’ engine kit includes an unlocked powertrain control module, power distribution center, engine wiring harness, chassis harness, accelerator pedal, oxygen sensors, ground jumper, charge air temperature sensors, fuel pump control module and more.

Mopar Turns A 1968 Dodge Charger Into The 1,000HP ‘Super Charger’ Concept

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the classic Dodge Charger, making it the perfect opportunity to drop the ‘Hellephant’ into the popular muscle car. The result is the wide-bodied 1968 Dodge “Super Charger” concept, showcasing the powertrain’s potential. The 1,000hp engine is paired to a stock T-6060 manual six-speed transmission from a Challenger Hellcat.

Mopar’s “Super Charger” concept features a longer by 2 inches wheelbase, at 119 inches, in order to accommodate the wide body kit and shorten the body’s overhang. The wheel flares are made out of fiberglass while the wheels measure 20×11 inches at the front and 21×12 inches at the back.

The exterior details are numerous and include custom fiberglass bumpers that are flushed up and shortened, headlights with circular LED DRLs from a modern Challenger and of course a custom exhaust setup that exits through the taillights housing. The brake lights are now LED units that glow around the repositioned exhaust tips.


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  • Craig

    The Charger is nice and all… but not very imaginative. Or fun. I’d love to put this engine in something like a 1973 Imperial or 1962 Chrysler 300 or the like. Something totally unexpected.

    • Bash

      Yeah, using the Imperial card. Nice.

      • Craig

        I try to sneak it in every now and then. You’ve got to plant ‘seeds’ because you never know when one might take root!

    • ksegg

      What about a 1980 New Yorker Fifth Ave, lol.

      • Craig

        lol. Sure. Why not? It would be different that’s for sure.

    • Mr. EP9

      The Imperial ain’t happening bro. I’m sorry to disappoint.

      • Craig

        But that 1973 Imperial already happened!

        • Mr. EP9

          Key word is “had” but I admire your optimism nonetheless.

  • Ryan50

    I could stare at this all day. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    Dear God Its Beautiful

  • Blade t

    I like how it says ” for use in pre 1976 and off road vehicles only”. They should just say ” don’t even think about getting through emissions with this engine ” lol

  • Bash

    This is cool, this anti-Tesla, the opposite side, the nice side.
    I love it to the moon and back

  • Knotmyrealname

    I know it’s a beast, but when they’re showing off back-lit exhausts, my eye drifts to craftsmanship horrors like this:

    • Craig

      You consider that a ‘craftsmanship horror’? Wow.

      • Knotmyrealname

        I do, but more so because the photo highlights it.

  • MIL1234

    if there is a car that must not have wheel arch flares it is the Dodge charger

  • Mr. EP9

    Put it in a Durango SRT just because. I mean, it’s not like emissions or fuel economy could get any worse. But to be honest, that’s the last on Dodge and Mopar’s mind.

  • Tan Lee

    Car designers showing Tuners who’s BOSS

  • ThatGuy

    As a family man, im like for sure. But family responsibility says it will be nice on my desktop cause thats as close as you gonna get LOL

  • Damn, I really can’t believe the amount of turn key horsepower that you can buy these days.

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