People Are Angry At Toyota Over New Egyptian Fortuner Ad, Say It’s Sexist

Toyota Egypt’s all-new Fortuner campaign kicked off a month ago with modern men as its target demographic. However, by using a ‘Toyota Fortuner… made for men’ punchline, the automaker is drawing the ire of those claiming this is yet another case of gender discrimination.

The ad has been viewed via Toyota Egypt’s Facebook page no fewer than 3.2 million times, and among the 482 comments (so far), there are many who feel as though this ad is offensive and sexist.

The video spot says:  “The 21st century man doe not need to hunt for lunch. Simply, because he can have his lunch delivered to him. As such, opportunities to use his raw power are limited. To opening stubborn jar lids, or carrying up four grocery bags at the same time. It’s true. These days, it’s harder for a man to liberate his man-side. But rest assured, he knows how to use his power.”

Here are some of the things Toyota’s social media followers said after watching the spot:

– “So it’s only for men? Well done Toyota, you just lost nearly half of your sales with this sexist ad.”
– “As a female racer and off-roader, I totally dislike this campaign.”
– “A car made for men?! Does this make it a better vehicle? Hope you can revise your message”
– “Toyota Global are you aware of this sexist ad? You need to deal with this garbage ASAP”
– “Keep hiding the comments of people complaining about the sexism in the ad! We all have screen shots”.

A sports utility vehicle can be driven by anybody with a driver’s license, regardless of their gender, so we can understand where some of the commentators might be coming from with their complaints.

Toyota Global has yet to comment on the matter.

So, what’s your say; did Toyota drop the ball by focusing on the fact that the car is “made for men” or are internet users overreacting?

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  • ksegg




  • Thunderbolt

    Get over it already. Some people whine like a bitch but want to be equal, go figure.

    • Bo Hanan

      In a world of #metoo taken to the extreme it’s nice to see a large company like Toyota say; “kiss my ass” in bold letters. And to all the “mangina’s” who choose to be offended for women- GROW A PAIR.

      • Momo

        No one needs to grow testicles. They’re weak and vulnerable.

  • willhaven

    Much ado about nothing.

  • Shelby GT500

    Strangely, no man complained about such cars for women like Fiat 500 Barbie Edition, Renault Twingo Miss Sixty
    or Citroen C1 by Elle…

    • Finkployd

      I get your point but you re talking about special editions

      • Shelby GT500

        Does it make any difference?

        • Wojtek Warias


        • Craig


        • Knotmyrealname


        • Finkployd

          Well « Toyota Fortuner Prostate Cancer Awareness edition, made for men » sounds a bit different

  • Przemix

    Woman can buy it, they dont even check that!

  • rockyroad

    how liberal! toyota couldve let anyone buy whatever they want

    • Craig

      So Toyota is refusing to sell the Fortuner to women?

  • ace_9

    They should just silently point to the slogan on the big banner saying “Made For Men” above the car, when some woman asks about it in dealerships. And they should refuse to sell it to anyone even remotely suspicious of not being a real man. Then all the gender equality internet warriors would have something to squeak about…

    • Craig

      Heads exploding everywhere. Might be fun to watch! lol

    • Momo

      That would be really awesome actually. Have every interested male have to prove his raw masculinity in a series of tests in order to buy this car. Make sure the man is a real man, not just an imposter or someone who happens to have a penis.

  • ksegg

    I like super duper fruit shampoo but I’m not allowed to buy it because I’m a man.

    Women have a lot to answer for in discriminating my shampoo tastes.

  • Wojtek Warias

    Good comparison and very well thought out.

  • LJ

    Are women even allowed to drive in Egypt?

    • S3XY

      That’s why they’re mad

    • Kirolos Edward

      Yes, they’re allowed!

  • Craig

    This may come as a shock to some – but it’s OK if women are offended. Besides…. as far back as I can remember cars and trucks have been marketed to younger males.

    • ace_9

      I would have even been more inclined to buy such a car. It’s so manly, it offends women and all the other non-man genders! That’s what an off-roader should be.

    • Stephen LaBounty

      It’s not just women though. We are seeing a whole generation of people offended by everything!

  • roy

    The reaction would’ve been a lot different had the ad campaign targeted women instead of men.
    I get it that there were and still atea lot of gender discrimination against women but whining about every little ad or idiotic stuff like these only hurts the case of feminazis ( not feminists mind you )

  • Mr. EP9

    Doesn’t surprise me at all to be honest some people would get upset over a slogan like “made for men.” Turn it around and the other direction and suddenly everything is fine.

    Ah, double standards.

    • Momo

      Why would I want a car that says “made for women”? I don’t need/want that. Why do men need a car that says it’s made for them? What about it exactly makes it different from any car any female person drives? It’s not different in any way than any other vehicle. If anything men should be upset they’re being pandered to with all this advert buzzword talk about “raw manly man-ness”. Do men need their egos coddled to buy a stupid car?

  • MP4-12C

    I think that noone who got offended by this ad would ever buy this car anyways, so Toyota didn’t loose any sales.

  • Big Black Duck

    I guess Gillette and Axe are now in trouble too ..

  • Blade t

    It’s just a car ad,,get over it..



    • Stephen LaBounty

      Uhhh that stuff is for metro’s! You should only be using straight borax from a box to wash with… Wow, I just saved you from a lot of embarrassment… You’re welcome, it’s what I do…


        • Stephen LaBounty

          It’s sad how true your statement is. I think if guys are worrying that using a deodorant that was packaged for a woman will affect their masculinity… They have big deep rooted issues they need to come to terms with and see a therapist over!

  • Biswanath sharma

    You can still buy and drive like a man?

  • Liam Paul

    sure isnt very manly looking to be for men lol, It looks like another soccer mom suv

  • Rocky hill

    So you won’t buy a car because of how its advertised…then you don’t know what you are looking for…

  • Authentic Person #987123

    Yet if the ad said it was made for women, there would be no problem.

    • James Conway

      Got it in one. Hypocrisy, thy name is feminism.

  • Agyrron

    Those are not people who are angry.
    One of the main thing about being a human is the presence of a brain and ability to ignore any or even all distractons.
    These whiners are just a bunch of NPCs.
    They cannot afford a car anyway so who cares?

  • Ben

    Okay, next time I see a shampoo, makeup, or anything else “formulated for women” I’m gonna throw a tantrum until I am pacified.

    • James Conway


    • Stephen LaBounty

      With a pacifier?

  • JimE

    Personally I feel Toyotas appeal to more women than men. So it seems right they are trying to kind of balance the scales……

  • Bob

    I’m waiting for someone to release toilet paper for men at this point. In a darker colour of course.

    • Bob
    • Momo

      They have made candles for men that smell like new car and farts. I am not kidding. It was on Shark Tank. They also have made special butt wipes for men in an of course black package. Because men have special needs when it comes to wiping their butts (they do a piss poor job of it hence all the shitstains in their pants).

  • Momo

    Women don’t want those silly pandering adverts either. Don’t you understand that? The idea also is that males believe and are taught that it is bad to be female but good to be male. The default template for human life is female as all embryos start as female and all males need an X chromosome. But still males insist that it’s bad to be female. So while they portray all things “female” as bad, males say they don’t want/need those things and won’t buy them. The advertisers know they can stick the same product in a black package and males will buy it because they need to feel confident in their masculinity even when drinking a soda or buying a shampoo. They are pandered to, that’s all. Companies want your money and if sticking “made for people with a penis” on it gets you to buy it then you have allowed yourself to make an emotional decision rather than a logical one. They’re just playing with male emotions and their feelings about their self worth.

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