Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Just Doesn’t Look Right With An Arteon Face

Good things come to those who wait, seems to be Volkswagen’s slogan when it comes to the development of the Golf Mk8.

Announced for 2019, with production to kick off next summer, the all-new Golf needs to set the bar even higher and maintain its status as a point of reference within the segment.

This is why designing the new sheet metal, which will bring it in line with the brand’s latest vehicles, is a tough job as it must be new, yet instantly recognizable as a Golf. Still, we expect to see some cues from the brand’s latest design language, as seen in the Arteon four-door coupe and Touareg SUV, as well as the smaller T-Roc crossover.

On the other hand, VW always goes for evolution instead of revolution for its most popular model, so we guess that Kleber Silva’s render that sees the upcoming Golf getting a huge grille from the Arteon isn’t close to what we should expect from the finished item.

In order to up the ante for its direct rivals, such as the Ford Focus, the 2020 Golf will adopt new technologies. A semi-autonomous system is expected to be one of them, which will ease driving through congested traffic.

So far, Volkswagen has managed to keep most features a secret, but with its unveiling date fast approaching, we will definitely see more of it in the months to come, both in prototypes form testing out in the wild as well as various renderings trying to guess what the popular hatch will look like.


  • charlotteharry57

    Too un-boxy for a Golf. What works on the Arteon and Jetta doesn’t so well on this. Front end is OK, though. I assume that the US-version would arrive here as a ’21.

    • Bentley & Rolls Royce owner

      The title should have ended after the word ‘right’.

  • [-Mac-]

    It seems more a successor of Polo than of Golf

    • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

      more the golf plus

  • Sébastien

    Looks cheap, too much chrome

  • Chuck_Knut

    This guy could only be Brazilian.
    Looks cheap, as every other brazilian VW.

  • Suicide_Note

    I like the rear styling, but that front end…no.

  • designer_dick

    It’s missing just about every well-established Golf styling cue. Where’s the boxy shape, incredibly thick C-pillar and satisfyingly chunky stance?

  • DBP

    I finally got to see this new front end on the new Jetta and it looks awkward on it too. It does not fit the proportions of the rest of the car.

  • Bananarama

    That is not an Arteon face. It’s ripped from the Jetta (and so is the rear).
    The Arteon has much more aggressive and better resolved detailing. VW did a very poor job transfering the general look to the Jetta (aka cheap).

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    Are there any spy shots of the next Golf anywhere?

    Just curious…. though the rendering looks pretty bland and off. This is pretty much the same route Honda went with the design of the Civic Hatch.

  • Mr. EP9

    Ugly render.

  • dumblikeyou2

    This is everyone’s worst nightmare……………..that most likely will end up being true. Get used to it like you had to get used to the WRX only being a sedan and looking like you wish it didn’t but you’re sort of okay with it now.

  • Able

    That’s a Jetta face, not an Arteon one. VW won’t lose the Golf’s windowline either for Mk8. The Golf always has a subtle character that’s not present on other VWs – and not present here, either.

    • Mynameis Taylor

      i agree

  • carlbolt

    Tired of these renders.

  • Oh no this scared me
    Seems ugly

  • Lo So

    What the actual f. Dude… The Gold is supposed to be a hatchback not s crossover nor a evolution into a freaking sedan… Seriously dropped ball here… This is unnaceptable and I say that as a VW owner.

  • Bob

    I’m not a fan of the golf, mostly owing to its image in my country as a f###boy car, but this is pretty much sacrilegious.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    The front reminds me of a Fiat Tipo.
    So, that’s a big no then.

  • Miknik

    Please stop with these daily bad photoshops;

    And, in the case of GOlf, there will be likely the VAG standard months and months of teasers and prototype press drives anyway, so there will be more than enough actual info before…

  • And you solved the mystery about the looks of the new VW South America-only model. 🙂

  • Rick Snizzle

    Pure trash. Mk7 is last good VW.

  • that looks really bad.

  • Bash

    Nah, It doesn’t. its ugly.

  • PlonPlon

    Non !

  • Unfortunately, this render may be much closer to reality, after seeing VW’s unimaginative recent designs.

  • klowik

    This doesn’t look like Golf anymore, the window shape on the C-pillar is totally un-Golf, let alone the front grille…it just looks like every other cars and too ordinary.

  • NoMan2015

    That’s 100% a Jetta face, not an Arteon face.

  • wait a minute

    glass in the ‘c’ pillar that’s new, a bit like the Audi A3 hatch. stops the critics complaining of poor rear 3/4 visibility. Interestingly the new Focus has gone the other way.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It looks like a B-Class.


  • Richard Taylor

    There’s no way the next Golf’s C-pillar would become so curvy. I’d expect a little ‘tick’ perhaps at the bottom edge (think Up! 3-door) but otherwise it’ll be the usual signature. Meanwhile the front facia’s tend to be quite self-referential, meaning Volkswagen will probably look back to previous generations to find a design that can be contemporized to move it nearer to their current design language. Golfs, though, do tend to be a beast of their own so I’d expect no more than a familiar set of creases to appear similar to the Toureg/Arteon etc.

  • Tomas Gemmel

    Jetta is a golf saloon for those nerds. It looks stunning, same as every gold before. Well done VW . Hopefully we will see more carbon trim on GTi

  • Justin Spencer

    The big mouthed grill doesn’t work at all with the Golf and there’s definitely way too much chrome. The back end looks pretty good but the rear quarter window has to go!

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