Even A Burned Down Maybach Has A Place At SEMA

How can anyone get attention anymore at a huge aftermarket trade show like SEMA that hosts hundreds of debuts?

Well, the hard way is to bring high-quality builds that also excel in the engineering and design departments. We’ve seen quite a few of those at this year’s event, though not as many as we were hoping for.

Icon’s electric conversion for the 1949 Mercury Coupe, Ringbrothers’ Chevy K5 Blazer restomod and Dodge’s 1,000-hp 1968 Charger are some of those special builds that caught our eyes so far.

There’s also an easier way to grab people’s attention at SEMA — or any other show for that matter: display shocking exhibits. As a maker of flashy wheels rappers, sports stars, and socialites love, Forgiato definitely knows how to do that.


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The most lit car at #SEMA2018 | come check it out at the Forgiato Booth #62120

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This year, however, they’ve outdone themselves with an out-of-the-ordinary “build.” As Forgiato brags on its social media channels, it has brought the “most lit” car at the 2018 SEMA Show. Literally.

The folks from Forgiato decided the best vehicle to showcase their new 22-inch Orologio rims on would be a burnt Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Yes, you read that right. There are no modifications made to the car except the wheels. It’s just a salvaged car Forgiato bought to fill up their exhibit space.

The crazier thing about this is that SEMA Show organizers actually allowed this wrecked Maybach to go on display in the event’s outdoor section. What should we expect next year? A flood-damaged Camaro ZL1? An Audi R8 torn in half? Let’s hope not.


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Introducing the #Forgiato Orologio debuting tomorrow at #SEMA2018

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  • Shobin Drogan

    Disgrace? Mercedes has far more brand value, history & heritage than Maybach could ever have.
    Most non car people & younger generation have no clue wtf a Maybach even is today.

    • Mike anonymous

      Most non car (also) people have no idea what a Lotus Esprit is,. But if Louts revised the Esprit as a slightly modified Elise (with an Esprit badge slapped onto it) it would still be a ‘disgrace’ to the Esprit name.

      I’m not completely sure if you read through the links I left in my comment, but Maybch was it’s own automaker and it’s own company and was originally founded almost 120 years ago in 1909. There is quite a lot of history there, as well as high brand recognition amongst those who are in the market for a vehicle as such (i.e. Bentley & Rolls-Royce) and actually know about the brand.

      I won’t have to do a great deal of explaining, I’ve left links you can take a look at and read for yourself. You can also take a look at the brands history and do research online about it. Lastly, and as my example pointed out, a disgrace (no matter how big or small, or to what brand it effects,…) is still a disgrace.

  • europeon

    This is genius advertising. They got a lot more attention than they would have got with a super expensive tricked-out car.

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