Honda Civic Type R Vs S2000: Which One’s Faster On Track?

Ask any Honda car enthusiast and they will tell you the high-revving S2000 and razor-sharp Civic Type R are two models you cannot go wrong with.

The S2000 is a sports car that remains relevant performance-wise even today, almost ten years after it went out of production. As for the latest Civic Type R, it’s arguably the best hot hatch on sale today. So which one is quicker on the track?

Well, the following video from Speed Academy tries to settle that. Mind you, the cars in the filmed track battle aren’t in stock configuration. The Civic Type R features lowering springs and rolls on 19-inch alloys shod with Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires. Other mods include a 3-inch downpipe and a new exhaust system.

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As for the Honda S2000, it’s an AP1 that features the AP2 engine and transmission, custom intake and exhaust systems, Eibach R2 coil-overs, and huge front splitter and rear wing. To keep things as balanced as possible, the S2000 runs on the same tires in this track battle.

Right off the bat, it becomes very clear that the Civic Type R can’t get close to the S2000 roadster in corners. The lower center of gravity, lower weight, and rear-wheel-drive setup make the roadster sensibly quicker in turns. That is a remarkable feat given that almost two decades passed between the launch of the S2000 and the arrival of the latest Civic Type R.

Where the Civic Type R shines, though, is on the straights. The turbo engine’s higher torque allows it to overtake the S2000 in a straight line. But is that enough for the hot hatch to post a better lap time? Watch the video to find out.


  • Matteo Tommasi

    A stock type R is faster than the original nsx type R
    Race them stock and it will destroy the s2000

    • willhaven

      Depends on the track. Smaller, technical tracks would favor the S2000. Bigger, faster tracks would favor the Type-R.

      • Matteo Tommasi

        I can assure you that those 245, 19 inch wheels can make the civic faster than an S2000 even in corners

        • SSINTENSE

          20 inch

  • Mind Synthetic

    fwd is fir your mommy’s minivan no matter the kw numbers

    • Bash


    • Jason Miller

      You just don’t know how to drive them properly.

      • Mind Synthetic

        right all motorsport should be fwd, ejoy your civic


      Show me a faster RWD car for $35k

      Not all of us live in Florida. Being in snowy areas we have to make compromises.

      • Netsphere

        enjoy your minivan honda boyaaaa

  • Blade t

    Stock vs stock would make more sense . The new R would kill the s2k . I do like s2ks but they were underpowered stock . Still a blast to drive though..

  • Bill Nguyen

    “Smaller weight”

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    All things being equal, the Civic Type R would destroy the S2000.

  • ksegg


    …..wait nvm they both have VTACK.

    Anyways, I’d still take the S2K over the Type R. Doesn’t matter if the Type R can jettison itself to the moon and shatter into a billion pieces.

    The S2K is sublime to look at and drive.

    IMO, it’s often not just about raw performance but about the actual experience of the drive.

  • Craig

    The fact that both cars or ‘modded’ makes this race as interesting to me as watching grass grow.

    • SteersUright

      Good point. Im sure the Type R could get additional mods that would then retake the crown…and on and on…

      • Craig

        And on and on indeed. Silly really.

  • Carol D. Marshall

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  • Rick Alexander

    The Type R is an impressive car for sure. However, I’ll take an S2000. You can find a really nice low mileage S2000 for less than 20 large. Throw about 5-10 grand at it in suspension mods, exhaust, a tune, and some decent wheels, and you’ve got a weekend track car, as well as a daily driver that looks better, and handles better than the Type R IMO.


      No you can’t, I looked. In my area the cheapest S2000 was 20 grand and it was from 2001 and had over 100k miles.

      I ended up spending $35k on a brand new Type R, partly because I feel it will hold its value just as well in the coming decade. It’s a massively fun car, I don’t regret it at all. Plus with a kid it’s probably more practical to have the 4 seater instead of the 2.

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