BMW Employee Embezzles $1.1 Million, Buys Herself A Mustang And Gets 30 Months In Prison

Between October 2014 and June of last year, 50-year old New Yorker Vanessa Vence-Small stole no less than $1.1 million while working for Continental BMW of Darien Connecticut.

In her time there, she made 65 unauthorized electronic fund transfers, plus issued and signed 28 checks drawn on the dealership’s account.

Last month, she was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer in New Haven to serve 30 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.

The fund transfers she made totaled $904,659, while the checks she used to pay third parties (such as credit card companies, contractors and even a different dealership), were in the amount of $207,777. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she also drew an additional $31,452 from company accounts, for unauthorized credit card charges and reimbursements.

Why drive a BMW when you can buy a Mustang?

During their investigation, the prosecution found that Vence-Small’s personal expenses included first-class air travel and vacations to Australia, Hawaii, Mexico and Jamaica, payments to contractors to remodel and landscape her house, as well as the purchase of a $50,000 Ford Mustang – despite the fact that her employer allowed her to have a luxury BMW model for personal use.

The woman has since been ordered to fully repay the dealership and its insurers (which covered $755,000 of the loss), and so far, she has paid back about $200,000 (including $28,840 she got from selling the Mustang), as reported by Autonews.

“Vanessa thrived on making it seem like she was being the hero and pointing out our flaws to improve them, while she was seeing the opportunities of how to steal from us,” said dealership president Paula Callari during her court appearance as a witness.

“We were all concerned of the dealership finances and that we were not making the profits we should have been. We had to let go of many people and changed several pay plans. But month after month, nothing seemed to change and no one could figure out why. She had an answer for everything but would reassure me that things will be so much better by year-end.”

Photo: Vanessa Vence / Twitter / Facebook

Meanwhile, court documents filed by the U.S. Attorney’s office stated that Vence-Small was motivated by greed and dubbed her an “active consumer of non-essential expenditures” such as cosmetic surgery and fashionable clothes. Terms such as “high-volume spending habits”, “opulent lifestyle” and “lavish materialism” were also used.

During sentencing, her defense lawyers asked for probation and claimed that “she is not a hardened criminal. She is committed to turning her life around.”

However, Continental BMW President Paula Callari didn’t exactly see it that way, stating: “The only thing Vanessa is sorry for is that she stayed with our company too long and got caught. People like Vanessa do not change their stripes.”

In the end, her 30-month prison sentence is somewhat lighter than what the prosecution was seeking initially, specifically 33 to 44 months behind bars.

  • kachuks

    Female prison is going to be tough for a cute one like her.

    • S3XY

      You call her cute? Lol

      • kachuks

        You ever seen female prison docus on Nat Geo?

        There’s some real beasts in those places. She’s gonna give it up whether she likes it or not.

        • ErnieB

          She’ll be going to a white Crimes prison.. they are like the Ritz of prisons.. she’ll be okay.

          • b_digital

            not true at all. These crimes happened in NY, and non-violent offenders routinely get mixed with violent ones

    • Lemuel Taylor

      Nah she’ll make it. She’ll be controlling the flow of goods in that place in no time.

    • formula112967 .

      You think she is cute? Are you hard up?

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        I am. It hurts when it’s hard down

  • BlackPegasus

    Greedy hoe.

    • Mr. EP9

      I think people use the term “thot” these days.

      • Jay

        Thots aren’t greedy. The usually Give it up for free or next to nothing.

      • BlackPegasus

        I know, but “hoe” had a certain ole school sting to it that I felt was appropriate. Plus the hoe is 50yrs old. a THOT she is not 🙂

  • XtremWize

    30 months for $904,659, not bad …

    • Andrewthecarguy

      She has to pay it back

    • formula112967 .

      She got a light sentence because she owns a vagina

  • ErnieB

    But tell us more about that mustang

  • FlameWater

    Did she think the money wasn’t traceable?

    • Liam Paul

      thiefs think their slick

  • no25

    lol even BMW employees don’t want BMWs.

    • Mr. EP9

      I know right? With all that embezzled money she could have gotten her a really nice 7 series or even 8 series but went for a Mustang. Pretty sure she could have leased one.

    • Matthew Daraei

      I think it’d have been dangerous if she had gone for BMW, because she could have been caught!

  • Mr. EP9

    Amateur. You should have done better than a Mustang.

    • LJ

      It’s the most popular sports coupe in the world for a reason.

      • Mr. EP9

        I know, but still, she could have gotten something nicer.

        • LJ

          Not that she wasn’t being flashy with all of her other purchases, but maybe she didn’t want it to be too noticeable? Who knows. She had a free Bimmer to drive around in. Lady seems nuts.

  • Seats & a steering wheel

    A current model Mustang GT looks and sounds better than pretty much every BMW except say a new 8 series.

    • Matthew Daraei

      No it doesn’t. Ford Mustang looks as generic as every BMW. Also 8 Series is boring as hell!

      • ErnieB

        That 8 series sounds sad.. an ecoboost mustang sounds better.. BMW has lost its appeal I think..

        • Matthew Daraei

          Believe me, if you live in USA Ford Mustang has the same appeal as BMW in Europe! Plus Mustang especially Ecoboost has reliability issues as much as BMW cars if not more!

          Just google Ford Mustang Ecoboost problems, and you see what I mean. However, I do agree on sound, Mustang sounds decently better than all BMW models!

          • ErnieB

            I actually own an Ecoboost which I have tuned— keeping it within its limits of course. It has 30k miles and it’s a blast for a daily driver. With a proper aftermarket exhaust it sounds pretty good— mine does not sound like a ricer. But, yes, they are pretty ubiquitous here that’s why you have to add crap to it so it kinda stands out..

    • ErnieB

      I agree ..The current GT sounds miles better than any BMW. That new 8 series sounds pathetic .. I heard a video of it and I swear the mustang Ecoboost sounds better. Plus if you look at the new 8 series it resembles a mustang..

  • Anthony Olivieri

    Too bad she was busted. I always root for the underdog!

  • Juanlopaz

    Leave her alone…she’ll pay it back. Any white woman who looks like that can’t be all bad.

  • ErnieB

    Every time a see a woman driving a mustang I sigh.. she must be wild! A woman in a bimmer though.. boring!

  • my2cts

    The Mustang was a steal……

    • ErnieB

      That’s funny

  • Bill Nguyen

    Tan much? Hehe

  • Jeremiah Mckenna

    Detail. What are the details? How was she able to get access, and where were the checks and balances? I’ve worked in several dealerships across this country and the management was on the ball at every one of them and would have caught this early on, and sent her to jail for embezzlement, way before millions of dollars were spent.

    • Ronald Reed

      Your reasoning is hypothetical, you can’t say that dealers you worked for would be caught her, you yourself admitted “no details” so like I said, your clueless.

      • GobbleUp

        Total d bag.

  • Axel Cortez

    I fire the president and the accounting/finance team in full


    • Six_Tymes


  • Six_Tymes

    In the images of her, you can almost see what shes thinking. “i’m worth it”

  • Emery Walker


  • Larry Schulin

    Hope she likes the Aunt Jamima types

  • Tony Castle

    Nothing in life is free. Nothing, you pay one way or another, see her on the streets in 18 months ,out early on good behavior. Tuff resume to type up on her next job though. Somebody will hire her, she looks like she gives good head after a couple drinks.

    • Day_Trader

      MILF?!? 💋💄💋

    • ErnieB

      Or a few bumps.. although speed bumps are kinda appropriate here..

  • Dennis James

    Today’s social media projects an altered image of the actual life. Everybody smiles and looks great thanks to various photo filters and generally suggests living a wealthy life, when in reality things are vastly different most of the time. However, some people are fooled and the social media craze makes them want things that are way beyond their reach and ability, resulting in behavior like the one described in the article.

    • Mike Chua

      If Filters aren’t bad enough, the latest Huawei V20’s camera has a slimming feature LoL

      That’s the future for all of us: deceit.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        Ain’t that the truth !
        I’m writing this and I don’t even exist.

    • Marty

      It’s nothing new. The only new thing is that today we all have the tools to create the image of a better life than we actually live, whereas only the rich and famous used to have them.

      And since we all can use those tools, we can all see through them. So it’s actually an improvement.

  • ErnieB

    I am wondering what the responses would have been if the lady had been a minority.. that “Aunt Jamima” comment was totally inappropriate..

  • ErnieB

    But what kind of mustang did she buy?

    • haji

      $50K would definitely buy you a V8.

      • XtremWize

        In Europe you barely get the four-banger for that.

  • ErnieB

    If she was smart enough, of which I doubt, $1mil would have gone to offshore accounts.. out of those 30 months she will do 6 and get released .. off to the islands I’d go! But, I’d never do anything like that.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    The sole extenuating circumstance is that she preferred a Mustang to a BMW. I’d have reduced her sentence for that because she showed some taste :-). For the rest, she might not be the brightest type.

    • Bae Young

      It’s the patriotism that matters

      • Wandering_Spirit

        Taste my friend, taste. I am Italian. I’d take a Vette before many Italian supercars. I would not have said so only a decade ago. Times change. We adapt.

  • ronc

    Wow, a 50 year old blond grifter who likes mustangs…I think I’m in love 😚!

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    She looks good for 50!!

    • formula112967 .

      She looks like she hit the wall 20 years ago!

    • sidewaysspin

      Why the racism against people over 50.

  • Kickingstones

    The Mustang came out in ‘ 64.
    A 50 year old marque and gold looking albeit wayward woman aged 50yr. Hot to trot !
    Go granny go granny go granny go !

    • Carl Sloan


  • haji

    if you can get away with most of the money, 30 months for $1.1 mil isnt such a bad deal after all.

  • Dr.Who

    Judging by her hyphenated last name, she must be married. What’s the deal with hubby?
    He must of been in on the scam. Should do jail time also.


    Don’t chix like this usually poison some old moneybags that they married in Vegas?
    She did’nt hit a big enough number to warrant a theatrical release…but there’s definitely a Lifetime Channel script here.

  • Dr.Who

    Probably spent the money on boy toys behind her husband’s back.

  • Greg

    Just like so many people, she spends more than she can make. Don’t do the crime if you do that gave the time baybee

  • formula112967 .

    She got a much shorter prison sentence than a man would have #vagina_privileges #Captain-save-a-ho-judges

  • Ron Dodge

    Solid play going for the Mustang over the BMW.. although given her new residence… She will soon wish she was back licking stamps at the office, as compared to her new licking…..

  • Duke Woolworth

    Perfect “blonde” for Fox. A job awaits when she gets out of the slam.

    • Ronald Roman

      But you would, wouldn’t you? Better than your palm, correct?

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        Ah, but palm has five sisters

  • BilboBaggns

    One thing the Mustangs have that BMW’S apparently don’t have is turn signals. Just sayin .

    • KAG25

      But when a Mustang changes lanes we all get scared

      • ErnieB

        Or turn right .. mostly right ..

        • KAG25

          you see one moving at the car show run, just drop everything and run like a raptor is coming.

          • ErnieB

            Nah .. I own one .. I’d be the one making people

    • jaguarjaonzz

      Dumb and old

  • LW Schulin

    Awwww whats the matter snowflake? You can’t handle the truth? lol Go have a look inside…

  • Paul

    Will the car still be waiting for her when she gets out?

    • Perry F. Bruns

      No, she’ll have served her time.

  • sidewaysspin

    At least she’s got good old american taste.

  • Carl Sloan

    Damned liberal judge letting his little head think for his big head. She totally skated IMO. She’s obviously a sociopath.

  • Anthony Olivieri

    Sorry for the late response. I was busy.
    I agree 💯 PERCENT!!!

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