Nissan Murano Tries To Squeeze In, Hits Barrier And Two Semis

Accidents such as this one are often caused by drivers who are either who may be distracted/a> or simply miscalculating their speed and that of the other vehicles around them.

Whatever the reason was for this incident, it’s the result of it that’s most worrying. The Nissan Murano did more than just make contact with the semi truck or the concrete barrier – it bounced towards another semi and was hit by the trailer with considerable force.

That secondary impact caused the entire front end of the Murano to disintegrate completely, while airbags deployed throughout the cabin. We hope that the driver and any potential occupants walked away with little or no injuries despite the force of the impact.

The incident took place on December 13 on I-94 Eastbound in Indiana, and was captured on dashcam by a driver who managed to remain calm despite all the body parts flying around.

As for the semi truck, since the trailer took 100% of the damage, its driver must be OK. Still, one of the trailer’s wheels flew off completely as the former began to skid to a halt. We reckon there was nothing the truck driver could have done to avoid this.

Responsibility lies with the driver of the Murano, who should have noticed the ‘Left Lane Ending’ sign and allowed the first semi enough room to pull ahead.


  • That Morono…

    • Jay


  • schnittz

    I blame the semi truck driver no less then then the Murano driver, semi shouldn’t even be in that lane! Then it hanged left which forced the murano into a wall.

    • James Denz

      The semi was in the second lane and the Murano was in the fast lane until that lane ended way before the idiot tried to overtake the semi. 100% the Murano driver’s fault.

      • schnittz

        Semi was in the 3rd lane, 3rd lane and on is often prohibited for semi’s use.

        • Jweisberg

          Read the traffic code for that state. A truck is allowed in the 3rd lane in order to pass.

          • schnittz


          • Jweisberg

            Lol, I posted the codes. You even replied to it.

    • Jay

      The Murano tried to pass a long truck in a lane that was closing…

      • schnittz

        yes they can use 2 right lanes, semi truck had no business in 3rd lane!

        • Jay

          Become a truck driver then tell me if you have the same mindset. Everyone has biased views because they aren’t looking at it from both sides.

          • schnittz

            I was a truck driver at one point. I know what’s up and how truckers treat 4 wheelers.

          • Jay

            Glad you were fired for idiotic thinking.

          • schnittz

            It takes a true idiot to make dumb conclusions

          • Jay

            calling your thinking idiotic isn’t calling you an idiot. Whether you were fired or you couldn’t handle it and thats fine.

    • Jason Miller

      The semi was passing. He has just as much right to use that lane to do so than you do.

      • schnittz

        Semi was passing a passing semi.

  • James Denz

    Yes, the Murano driver is totally at fault. The left lane where the Murano was ended at least a hundred yards before the accident and the semi driver was still in the second lane which eventually turned into the left lane. What kind of a fool tries to overtake a big truck that way?

  • TheBelltower

    Murano’s fault. Though semi trucks should not be in the passing lanes. Especially when the left-most lane is ending. Either one of them should have anticipated this. But still, Murano’s fault.

    • Marty

      Wasn’t the truck in the passing lane because it was passing the filming vehicle?

      (The question is what the filming vehicle was doing in the center lane.)

      • Jay

        Not to mention the furthest left lane was closing so it wasn’t in the wrong lane at all, they are allowed to pass even if it were only two lanes.

    • Jay

      Truckers are not allowed to pass each other?

      • TheBelltower

        Not to remain there. On multi lane highways, they should not be in the left lane at all. Though I get what happened here is different.

        • Jay

          My comment was about them passing each other not which lane they should be in. I’m not trying to be a smart sass but as I said in another comment below even on two lane highways they are allowed to pass one another. The truck was in a passing lane that wasn’t the furthest left. I’m sure he would’ve went right if the other truck wasn’t there..

          • schnittz

            they can pass each other in 2 right lanes, trucker wasn’t suppose to be in any other lanes (besides 2 right). murano made a dumb decision but not 100% at fault.

          • Jweisberg


  • i am the only one laughing when hearing the voices in slow motion??? By the way stupid move from the Nissan driver!

  • in the end you always get what you’re looking for..

  • Bash

    Fast and furious stunt went wrong. I hope everyone is ok.

  • Vassilis

    So fackin stupid

  • charlotteharry57

    Another texting mashup.

  • Big Black Duck

    I totally agree with you on this one…. what can you expect when everyone is selfish on the road…Murano should have slowed down and paid attention and truck sb in middle lane.. some truck drivers never put the welfare of others ahead of the..

    • Knotmyrealname

      The Murano driver was silly, and paid the price, but as I mentioned, when people are frustrated they can make silly mistakes.

  • Jason Miller

    Were you even paying attention to the video? He had another truck on his right side. Seems to me like he was trapped in the lane he was in.

    D-bag commenter. Low-life dumb d-bag commenter.

    • Knotmyrealname

      For how long was he hanging in the middle lane? Did he even try to retreat to the right lane? Did you even see that the tape had been sped up? Lo life blind commentator.

  • robotlogic

    I hope their insurance company sees this video and refuses to pay! This was not accident, it was an idiot looking for a place to happen.

  • Alex

    Absolutely agree! Also the truck driver had all the time and space to move to the right and avoid the accident, instead the continued completely straight…

    • Jay

      It’s the truckers job to driver for others but it isn’t their fault the Murano driver wanted to play fast and furious and try to pass the truck in a closing lane. Instead of speeding up to pass they could have slowed down to get behind the truck. Sure they would’ve been a few seconds later to where there were going but they would’ve gotten there.

  • Althea Later

    Do you always find a way blame others for your mistakes? The driver of the Nissan Murano is 100 percent at fault. Please… don’t even bother arguing.

    • schnittz

      You should take traffic safety along with truck driving school before jumping into conclusions!

  • Rob

    There is plenty of fault here, on both cases. However, I’m sure given that the posting of the lane closure for almost 2 miles wasnt enough, on another website people say ‘follow the zipper method’, why not try to get into the lane earlier?

  • Jweisberg

    I don’t understand how some of you are blaming the truck driver. The traffic codes for Indiana are clear.

    IC 9-21-8-12 Interstate highways; lane use restrictions for trucks
    Sec. 12. Except when passing a slower vehicle, entering or leaving a highway, or where a special hazard exists that requires, for safety reasons, the use of an alternate lane, a person may not operate a truck, truck tractor, road tractor, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer on an interstate highway in any lane except the far right lane.

    IC 9-21-8-13 Interstate highways consisting of at least three lanes; lane use restrictions for trucks
    Sec. 13. Except when entering or leaving a highway or where a special hazard exists that requires, for safety reasons, the use of an alternate lane, a person may not operate a truck, truck tractor, road tractor, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer on an interstate highway consisting of at least three (3) lanes in one (1) direction in any lane other than the two (2) far right lanes

    So the truck driver driving in the middle lane was not wrong because that lane was one of the 2 far right lanes and the other truck driver in the far left lane did not do anything wrong because he was overtaking the slower truck in the middle.

    • schnittz

      It clearly states that trucks must use 2 right lanes, this trucker was using a 3rd lane.

      • Jweisberg

        Did you even read what i posted? A truck is allowed to use “alternate lane when passing a slower vehicle” it was a 4 lane highway that turned into 3 lanes. The truck with the dash cam was in the correct lane and the other truck is allowed to be in the far left lane in order to pass. The person in the Nissan is 100% to blame.

        • schnittz

          Reread what you posted

          • Jweisberg

            I just posted it again. It clearly states that if there a 3 or more lanes trucks have to be in the 2 right lanes except when passing they can be in the other lanes.

  • Momogg

    The murano driver wanted to fight. What a poor guy!

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