2020 VW Passat Brings New Looks Inside And Out To An Old Car

Declining sedan sales have pushed General Motors and Ford to abandon some segments, but Volkswagen isn’t following suit as the company will introduce the 2020 Passat in Detroit. We get an early view of the car thanks to our friends from Wheelsage who tipped us off on these pictures.

Despite being billed as an all-new model, the 2020 Passat is reportedly an extensive facelift of the existing North American sedan. Volkswagen only sold 41,401 Passats in the United States last year, so the company probably felt they couldn’t recoup the costs of a full design.

It looks like China’s redesigned Passat, doesn’t it?

Regardless of their reasoning, the 2020 Passat adopts a new front fascia with a larger grille and restyled headlights. This particular model has also been equipped with the R-Line exterior package which adds an aggressive front bumper, faux fender vents and stylish two-tone alloy wheels.

The sportier styling continues aft of the A-pillar as the Passat gains sleeker bodywork and a more pronounced shoulder line. One of the biggest changes occurs around the third quarter window as subtle curves give the family sedan a more modern appearance.

Out back, the Passat has been equipped with a new truck that features an integrated rear spoiler and slimmer taillights.  The R-Line package also adds a black spoiler and black trim around the car’s new exhaust tips. Overall, it strongly resembles the new Passat for the Chinese market that was revealed late last year.

Interior gets a makeover too

Moving into the cabin, drivers will find a new dashboard with restyled air vents which appear to span nearly the full width of the cabin.  This is simply a styling trick, but it helps to eliminate the expanse of black plastic which was seen on its predecessor.

Many of the components appear to carryover, but designers installed a new instrument cluster and an updated infotainment system.  We can also see revised trim and additional gloss black accents.

What drives the people’s sedan

Motivation will reportedly be provided by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 174 hp (129 kW / 176 PS) and 207 lb-ft (280 Nm) of torque. It will be connected to a six-speed automatic transmission that sends power to the front wheels.

While previous Passats were available with a 3.6-liter VR6 engine that produced 280 hp (208 kW / 283 PS) and 258 lb-ft (349 Nm) of torque, the option was quietly dropped from the 2019 Passat.  Reports have also suggested it won’t be making a return on the 2020 model.

The updated Passat will be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show tomorrow, so stay tuned for full details.


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  • Navy Pier Morroccan ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It looks kinda nice, but still dated a bit. I like the rear fascia a whole lot better than the current model. I kinda see Toyota Avalon in the rear.

  • Dennis Scipio

    It’s alright, but the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Honda Accord have nothing to worry about.

    • no25

      tbh they never have anything to worry about even when it was “current”

  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    VAG should have a different design team for Volkswagen and for Audi

    • Marty

      …instead of having different VW design teams for different markets. 🙂

  • Rasta_Farian

    2 mehs and a hmmph.

  • ndcart

    So they designed an uglier set of wheels, uglier grill, and dropped the VR6? This car is done.

  • Able

    The rear looks great, but that’s about it. The interior is just so dated, and even the centre screen appears to be the same as the current model. Nope, nope, nope.

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    I like the rear and the side, in and front is disgusting though

  • Dude

    I don’t really care about the car but those wheels look pretty awesome for a family sedan

  • no25

    I really don’t care for how skinny VW’s steering wheels are. I know that’s nit-picky and random, but still.

  • Nordschleife

    This car is all rims and no style. Oan: is the Arteon now available in the states? When is that happening?

  • Nice wheels. That may be the best compliment for this lazy restyle.


  • Tumbi Mtika

    Whatever. Huracan rims aren’t going to make me like this more, or dislike you guys less.

  • Bae Young

    Looks like a brick, I like it


    looks like atlas in saloon form

    • Mike anonymous

      I think you may be referring to the Arteon

  • Ruel Lewis

    IDK why they don’t just bring the european one to the US. It looks so much premium than this one they just keep facelifting.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Because it’s too expensive. It would start close to 30,000 base, and rise very fast in price from there.

      • Ruel Lewis

        Well isn’t that the the avg starting price of this class of car anyway. It just seems pointless to have two different designs when audi exists.

    • TheHake

      Americans don’t want to pay for it. The EU Passat is not a cheap car.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I think it looks better than the Camry and Altima.

  • charlie bear

    Wow, I didn’t expect this to be this pretty. I like it a lot.

  • getoffme

    What a joke.

  • Alx

    Offensively mediocre.

    • Bae Young

      That’s what Passat is all about

      • Bash

        Exactly, it’s something that you look at and then your sight simply pass-at. lol I’m not sure if I said it correctly.

  • Liam Paul

    If boring is your style , this is your car!

    • Bash

      That would also be Skoda and Seat.

  • Christian

    WHO CARES..(I don’t) but the Lexus RC Track version is out WIGGA’S!


    • Bash

      You and your ways Chris. 👍🏻😁

      • Christian

        MAM ! IT’S MAM

        • Bash


          • Christian

            google it, I guess

            First video

  • StrangerGP

    why does it look like there are blank switches all around the gear lever?

  • charlotteharry57

    TOTALLY unimpressive. Would much rather have a ’19 Jetta. At least that wasn’t phoned-in. This thing even has the cheesy GM-ish/Hyundai-ish model name spelled out in large letters. Placement of the infotainment screen is so low it’s dangerous and unacceptable. This won’t cut it and bet it’s cancelled before much longer.

  • WalthamDan

    Exterior looks okay with this R-Line package. Interior is severely underwhelming and dated.

  • Dark Rebel

    I hate the new VAG vehicles with fake exhaust tips. I would not buy them for that reason alone.

    • I think other brands are doing that as well.

  • Rocket

    It looks okay, I guess. But nicer styling can’t hide the lackluster mechanicals. If you’re not going to put a serious effort into it, don’t blame American consumers when your shit doesn’t sell. You’d think VW would get it by now, but clearly not.

  • NewWave80’sChick

    I have owned three Passats before. This one just looks like a bloated, anemic slug that would be beat by a Yugo getting on to the highway entrance ramp.

  • NoMan2015

    This interior could’ve been in the pre-facelift when it debuted in 2013…and it would’ve been dated THEN.

  • Yishay

    Looks like the designers said “what’s the least amount of design we can do and still get paid.” Their evil plan succeeded.


    A second facelift of the old Passat instead of the all new chinese Passat. Disappointing

  • Snoozefest. Hey VW, even the Jetta has cooled seats. Will be popular with fleet car rentals.

    • :/ Yurr

      This is the R-line version…I’m sure the premium version will have it lol.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Directional wheel design. 🙁

  • Rasta_Farian

    This just makes me sad.

    Anyone remember the unAmericanized Passats of yesteryear? What great cars they were. When they didn’t break down.

  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    Dear Volkswagen, If you’re trying to figure out how to keep the volkswagen look but make a striking design at the same time, try to go back to how you did the arteon

  • Wow that interior! Couldn’t get any more boring if you tried…..

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