Here’s What It Costs To Maintain An Impressive 30-Vehicle Collection

Collecting cars certainly sounds like a glamorous thing to do, and it is so for affluent individuals who sometimes employ people for the sole purpose of keeping their cars in tip-top shape.

However, the vast majority of car collectors don’t dispose of huge sums of money to indulge in many extravagant acquisitions. Harry Metcalfe, whom you probably know better as the man behind the “Harry’s Garage” YouTube channel (and Evo magazine’s founder and first Editor), is the type of collector who actually drives most of his cars and is not doing this activity to make profits.

Of course, he doesn’t like to lose money either, but one thing you can be sure about when owning multiple vehicles is you’ll constantly pay bills to keep them on the road. Whether it’s taxes, insurance, repairs, or regular maintenance, car collections swallow piles of money.

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For example, Metcalfe’s collection gulped £50,000 (about $64,530) last year in maintenance bills alone. That’s quite a lot of money when you think about it. Then again, when you own classics supercars such as the Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari Testarossa, and Lotus Esprit, you’re bound to be hit with huge repair bills from time to time.

Metcalfe’s maintenance expenses for 2018 were around £50,000 (about $64,530) for a collection that includes 16 cars and 14 motorcycles. Well, that comes with the territory; if you want to keep your cars and bikes in good condition, you’ll need to pay.

Head over to the video to see which cars needed more attention last year and which of them had to go to make space for newcomers, as Metcalfe has adopted a strict “one car in, one car out” policy for his collection.


  • Bash


  • StrangerGP

    It’s not that much considering the cars he owns. It would probably be A LOT worse if he actually drove them and something big broke down (which in old Ferraris is a certainty).

    • He drove his Ferrari Testarossa to Morocco (actually deep inside the country, he went off-road) from UK. That’s pretty cool. There is a Youtube video about it.

  • Matt

    There are two paragraphs in this story that are almost identical.


    THIS is why I predict there’s gonna be a brisk business in EV retrofitting of classic cars. Even if you have the money…it has to feel kinda silly to think that one of the “selling points” of high-end exotic cars has always been the frequency and high cost of maintenance / upkeep. I’ve had more than a few exotic car sales types actually brag about the five figure “routine service” bills. As if it was something to be proud of.

    • Matt

      But a big part of the appeal of classic ownership is the engine. Fitting an electric motor to an old Ferrari seems to missing the point completely…

      • It all depends. Some people appreciate the sheer beauty of it much more than the mechanical sounds (I’m one of them).

        • Matt

          The engine is the ‘heart’ of any Ferrari. In fact many Italian engineers refer to the bodywork as just the ‘engine cover’.

          • Yes and they refused to make SUV as if it was the devil and see what happens now. Ferrari would go bankrupt if they would not keep up with the trends.

      • TheHake

        In addition to dooming you to hell…

  • Astonman

    I like this guy – sounds so humble.

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