Here’s Liberty Walk’s Suzuki Jimny Mini G-Class Next To The Original Mercedes-Benz

If you want an excellent bang-for-your-buck off-roader, it is hard to beat the Suzuki Jimny. However, for many looking at vehicle’s of this sort, off-roading abilities aren’t the number one priority. Instead, it is all about style and making a statement. That’s where the Mercedes-Benz G-Class comes in.

Pit a Jimny against a G-Class on a hardcore off-road course, the tiny Japanese two-door could probably keep up with the G-Class but let’s be honest, it doesn’t have quite the same appeal as the Mercedes. Tuning company Liberty Walk has just solved that issue.

Shortly after the latest-generation Jimny was revealed, the tuner best known for wild Lamborghini Aventadors and Nissan GT-Rs, released renderings on a G-Class-inspired bodykit it was working on for the Suzuki. Fast forward to the start of 2019 and work on the car has been completed and it looks even better than we could have imagined.

Photographed alongside a G-Class also adorned with a Liberty Walk kit, the Jimny now looks like a genuine Mercedes-Benz model and has just as much style as its older brother from another mother. In fact, it essentially looks like a 1:2 scale model of the G-Class.

Take the rear, for example. Both the Liberty Walk G-Class and Jimny feature identical spare wheel covers, a subtle roof-mounted wing, and similar taillights. At the sides, the duo have black wheel arches, black wheels, and the same light bar mounted to the roof. Similarly, both off-roaders utilize squared air intakes in their front bumper, have prominent grilles, and circular headlights.

Show someone images of the Liberty Walk Suzuki Jimny that doesn’t know their cars and they may genuinely think it’s a Mercedes-Benz.

Prior to seeing these images, we weren’t sure we could love the Jimny anymore than we already did. However, after seeing how stylish the Jimny is with some simple add-ons, we’re tempted to visit a local Suzuki dealer…

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  • Six_Tymes

    stop calling this “Tuning” its customizing. And nice job Liberty Walk to customizing this Jimny

  • Stephen G

    “it doesn’t have quite the same appeal as the Mercedes.” So you think driving a G-Class is more appealing than driving a Jimny with $100K in your pocket. Think again.

    • KAG25

      You can have a couple cars with the change, so why not

  • PK

    the g class be like: get lost squirt! xD

    • OdysseyTag


  • nastinupe

    Man that Jimny is small. It’s like Geo Tracker small. Why anyone would want that is beyond me.

    • Dude

      Go-anywhere fun in a smaller package

      • Bo Hanan


      • nastinupe

        The 2 door Wrangler is already small. It either has back seats or a trunk area. This is smaller than that. I think that you guys don’t realize how small this thing is. Think jacked up Yugo.

        • Bob

          It’s tiny and light. It doesn’t need large tires or an enormous engine to do things that far bigger offroaders can do.

          This also makes the entry price point quite reasonable. It’s arguably the cheapest capable offroader you can buy. It’s just cheap fun that’s all.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      A tiny offroader is better than a large one, it can go MORE anywhere just because it’s smaller

  • KAG25

    I like the Hummer style better they built.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I don’t think you could miss the point harder by doing this.

    Stop trying to make it something it’s not.

    • Bo Hanan

      Cheap, reliable, good looking transportation thats modifiable? Recipe for success.

      • nastinupe

        Lol @ reliable

  • Jason Panamera

    Baby G class, nice. I think they should also make 6×6 and make ( force ) Suzuki to produce these variants. I am fan of it.

  • Jason Panamera

    You know. It is for people who buy a house with a garage with too low entrance to fit their Squared G class so they buy this Squared Jimny. Or for people who dream of such life situation and will buy Jimny anyway.

  • Adam

    Does it have a 2JZ ain it?

  • sidewaysspin

    It’s incredible how good it looks, even next to the Mercedes.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I said that just a few weeks ago. And it looks gorgeous.

  • Bash


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