No Four-Cylinder 2020 Toyota Supra For You, America

Toyota’s move to offer the new Supra with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine only in Japan led inevitably to questions about whether the company plans to offer the base version in USA.

The short answer? No. Toyota North America boss Jack Hollis spoke with Road & Track about their plans on the new Supra, and apparently these don’t include bringing in the four-cylinder version just yet.

“We may [get the four-cylinder], but at this point, there’s no plan,” Hollis said. “It’s obviously an available engine for us, but we have not chosen to bring it in.”

“I think the heritage of [the Supra], the purists would say ‘it’s an inline-six,’ and that’s what we’re doing here,” he added. “Is there going to be as much demand for a four-cylinder versus the six in a vehicle that’s aspirational, and a little bit more of a ‘want’ car than a ‘need’ car? I don’t know.”

Other markets with higher gas prices and heavier taxes on larger engines will certainly be a better fit for a four-cylinder Supra but in the US it doesn’t really make sense for Toyota to offer such a version. If you live in the US and want a four-cylinder Toyota sports car, there’s always the 86.

Toyota North America’s boss added that if there’s sufficient demand for the base Supra in the US, they will bring it over. Chances look however pretty slim.

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  • Ben

    I think a poster here once stated “The only reason anyone would buy the 4cyl would be to drop in a 2jz.” Honestly, that’s the only reason I’d see. If you want a 4cyl Toyota, get a GT86.

  • Mr. EP9

    Only those looking to modify theirs would choose the base version as it would be cheapest if Toyota brought it over. Although, to be honest, it would probably be an engine swap.

  • Rocket

    It’d be the inline six or nothing for me, but I can see why some would be drawn to a lighter, more affordable turbo four. Leaving it up to “demand” means little since there’s no real way to quantify demand for something that isn’t available.

  • dumblikeyou2

    The front overhang makes it almost look like front-wheel drive

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    In all seriousness though, considering the Supra’s Inline-6 heritage, I think it’s best for Toyota to reserve the 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 for a revived Celica instead. Anyone with me? (not suitable for the GT86 either because it’s of course the Hachi-Roku’s otherwise magnificent descendant).

  • Craig

    It’s not pretty.

  • Nicolas Martinez


  • Living in Japan I don’t really mind the 4 cyl Supra, but I do mind that it’s less powerful than a Golf.

  • Infinite1

    Good. It doesn’t makes sense any how, they made it a two seater but added a four cylinder engine as an option outside the US….

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