Watch A Pesky Pothole Wreck Havoc On Cars In Los Angeles

There’s probably not a single driver on this planet who doesn’t absolutely despise potholes.

They tend to surface, literally, when the underlying soil is weakened by water and battered by traffic, before ultimately failing and creating a hole in the asphalt surface above. What’s really unfortunate is that an already-formed pothole can be almost invisible during night time if it’s already raining, as was the case last week in Los Angeles.

After sustaining damage to their car following a run-in with the pothole in question, a driver went on to document just how bad the situation really was and began recording multiple other vehicles meet with same fate. Thankfully, not every driver that turned right at that specific location drove into the pothole, but quite a few of them did and we warn you, it’s a little painful to watch.

As per the description of the video, here’s what the driver who filmed the action had to say:

” Hit a pothole last January 14, 2019 around 6 pm and damaged my vehicle. So I decided to take videos (I know it sounds inconsiderate but I’m using it as evidence) and called the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Service. I found out that the pothole had been reported last January 11, 2019 and is still pending. It is located at the 5 south freeway at the Osborne Exit near Arleta California in the only right turn lane. Last night, January 15, that pothole is still there creating more damages to other vehicles. “

While we understand the evidence argument, it really does seem like the individual let things go a little too far, when they probably should have signaled other drivers to warn them of what lied ahead – maybe even put a hazard sign or anything reflective in front of the pothole.


  • Six_Tymes

    “They tend to surface, literally”

    Education is important.

  • Ben

    I was questioning my life choices after starting to watch a video about a pothole in a state I don’t even live in, but those sound effects by the woman recording really turned it around for me. 7/10. Would watch again.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus


  • Paul

    Someone must have had too much time on their hands and thought this was newsworthy.

  • charlotteharry57

    Of course it’s a Honda (Civic). They don’t drive anything other than Japanese vehicles there, do they? Ironic that last summer it was dry as a bone, and (literally) burning up and now they can’t stop the rain. Lovely place to live, ahem.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      I know! Weather, right?

    • Patrick Bong

      It only rained for 3 days. It stopped already.

      Summer was dry as a bone, because it was summer.

      The driver that posted the video was in a BMW.

  • The-Fez

    How about instead of recording people damaging their cars, you tell them about the hole?

    Oh right, it’s all about those views, huh?

    • Maher

      Look at it this way, when he was recording, he could’ve easily been on his way after he damaged his car instead of filming, so either way these cars were going to damage their cars as well. He’s simply filming this to document this problem.

  • Blade t

    That first step is a doozy..

  • benT

    ANYTHING to make yet another animated GIF file.
    Backward flowing news day.
    What a giant insult to the intellect of readers to put an article about a pothole onboard.

  • Krisnadi Imam

    thats why u buy a crossover / suv. coz bad road make our grocery run looks more similar to offroad trial course.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    *Wreak havoc

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