Porsche Posts Record Deliveries In 2018 – And Its SUVs Were The Best-Sellers

Last year was the best ever in Porsche’s history in terms of sales, with the German manufactured delivering 256,255 vehicles worldwide.

That accounts for a growth of four percent compared to the previous record set in 2017 despite setbacks caused by the switch to the new WLTP test cycle in the fourth quarter and the fact that Porsche stopped offering diesel-powered models in February. Available in two body styles, the Panamera recorded the strongest growth among all model series with a 38 percent increase, to 38,443 units.

The third-generation Cayenne benefited from its first full year on the market, posting a 12 percent increase to 71,458 deliveries. Surprisingly, Porsche 911 deliveries went up 10 percent to 35,573 units despite the fact that everyone knew an all-new 911 would arrive at the end of the year.

As in 2017, Porsche’s best-selling model overall was the Macan, with 86,031 deliveries. However, the nameplate registered an 11 percent decrease over the previous year as some buyers likely waited for facelifted version that arrived in late 2018. Finally, deliveries of the 718 Cayman/Boxster remained steady in 2018, dropping 1 percent to 24,750 units.

In terms of countries, China was once again Porsche’s largest individual market with 80,108 deliveries (+12 percent). In second place was the United States with 57,202 vehicles (+3 percent). Germany came third with 28,317 units (-3 percent).

As for sales regions, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East accounted for 98,399 deliveries (+10 percent), followed by Europe with 77,216 vehicles (-4 percent), and America with 67,714 units (+4 percent).

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  • Bash

    Who wouldn’t know that! But to be honest Porsche SUVs are probably the nicest out there.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    To the person who asked on another article why Toyota didn’t make their new Supra on their own; here’s your answer!

  • sidewaysspin

    The world is super rich.

    • SteersUright

      No, the rich are super richer devising schemes and systems to funnel the world’s resources into their own coffers. Anyhow, as a huge fan of everything Porsche, at least the silver lining is that they get to keep producing cool cars that one day, maybe, some of us can buy second hand.

  • Jessi Miley-Diabetes

    Would love to know how annual 718 sales in 2017 and 2018 compared to sales of the 981 in 2014 and 2015…

  • Yavor

    Will Porsche come up with a new and exciting design and ideas? They’ve just been recycling for decades now… I’m literally surprised that they are still selling cars.

    • casho2015

      Explain yourself

  • casho2015


  • Ronald Roman

    A face-lifted Macan arrived in late 2018? Where? Where is it?

  • For some reason, 911 sales increased regardless of the imminent model change? LOL. The model does not change much. That’s why. I tend to resent the lack of significant model-to-model evolution, but I think that it is a formula that DEFINITELY works for Porsche and distinguishes it from almost every other car maker except Rolls, Bentley and maybe Aston. And I’m not sure about that last one. Porsche’s minimalist evolution is it’s strength….. or shall I say, it HAS been it’s strength. I am not certain how that strategy will hold in the transition to EV platforms, however.

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