Want A Virtually Brand New E46? This 2001 BMW 330Ci Has Only 854 Miles

If an E46 driven on average 540 miles per yer year like this 2002 BMW 330i sounds too much for your liking, then perhaps we can interest you in one that was driven – if you could call that – under 50 miles a year. But there’s a catch; 30,000 of them, to be precise.

For $30,000, petrol heads have a wide assortment of used cars to choose from, as well as a few new ones. So, why on earth would anyone pay that much for an 18-year old BMW 3-Series?

The ad found on Hemmings claims that it has 854 miles (1,374 km) on the clock. If true, then that would equal to around 47 miles (76 km) on average covered each year. A barely-driven E46 could be some collector’s dream car, if they’re willing to live with an automatic transmission instead of the more desirable stick shift.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the car seems to be in perfect condition. From the silver exterior and original wheels, to the cabin packed with optional extras. The red leather trim, climate control and sunroof should made life behind the wheel more pleasant. Also, the owner, who didn’t say what made him hold on to this 330Ci E46 without introducing it to the road, states that a new battery was installed and all fluids were changed not long ago.

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We wanted to see how much a nice BMW 330Ci, equipped with a manual gearbox, costs these days, and we found another 2001 example listed for $13,000. This one has 64,200 miles (103,320 km) on the clock, and looks like it has a lot of life left in it. Even that sounds a lot, though.

If you want to save yourself some cabbage, then you can find cheaper 330Ci cars out there, and even some M3s from the E36, E46 and E9X generations. Or you could just add $5,000 more to the asking price of the low-mileage 3-Series and buy a new 230i Coupe, which has 335 horsepower and the ability to sprint to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 4.2 seconds.

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    • Six_Tymes

      yeah telling, telling that more people are seeing that EV’s are coming on strong, and so used gasoline cars that are not high-end will loose a larger percentage in value in only a shot period of time, such as the next few years. imo that’s a big part of it, but certainly not the only reason

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  • Bash


  • Bo Hanan

    No manual transmission?! No thanks.

  • mark moyer

    I’ve owned 3 of these cars and they are very comfortable and lively, yes I know its a automatic and a lot of you won’t be able to drive it very well and I feel for you, I really do. Fact is this isn’t a m3, and was never meant to be, it’s a luxury sport coupe not a race car. Still, it’s a bmw and it feels like one these cars look great, sound great, have excellent handling, get 27 mpg all around and eat up the miles on the interstate as well as they play on a windy road. Take a look on Car Gurus and see how few 330ci coupes there are for sale, you’ll have a bigger selection of m3’s. For the money you’ll have a hard time matching what you get with these cars.

  • ME

    230i might have all wheel drive which is ideal for where I live and with proper xeon/LED lamps.

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