Florida Man Drives Ferrari 360 Into A Lake Because… Jesus Told Him To?

A Florida man who drove his Ferrari 360 Modena into a lake late last year told the police that he did it because Jesus told him to.

CBS12 News reports that 48-year-old James A. Mucciaccio Jr drove his blue 360 Modena into the Palm Beach Inlet on December 26. CCTV footage at the dock captured the moment the supercar flew off the edge before quickly sinking to the bottom of the lake.

Police had previously been called about a dark Ferrari speeding along North Ocean Boulevard and a police officer first spotted Mucciaccio parked on the Inlet Dock. The officer informed the 48-year-old that he wasn’t allowed to park on the dock and after being told to move the vehicle, the driver apologized, put the car into drive and proceeded to drive off the edge.

Mucciaccio was able to escape the Ferrari before it sunk and was brought back ashore by a local fisherman. He then proceeded to make a rather bizarre statement to police.

“Jesus told me to drive through a small gate and into a 6 foot window. Jesus made me the smartest man on Earth and it’s so hard to have this responsibility. Money is going to be irrelevant in two days, remember to smile.”

The fireman who pulled Mucciaccio ashore said that the man claimed to have done so because the “dock was Egyptian and he did not believe in Jesus.”

No matter one’s religious beliefs, those statements do seem quite strange. Especially the one about the smartest man on Earth…


  • Adilos Nave

    Bath salts?

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      It’s in the water.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    And on the 8th day did God give to his only son a blue Ferrari.

  • eb110americana

    That’s amazing…that the guy has managed to survive for 48 years.

  • Shtekeris

    Oh Jesus, you old joker

  • ErnieB

    Insured by God!

    • Zandit75

      Unfortunately Insurance doesn’t cover “Acts of God”!!

      • Stephen G

        Even if you’re an atheist?

  • DMax

    Jesus back to his old tricks smh

  • Liam Paul

    sssppppp hey , see that lake, yea let’s drive into it. what, nah, your sane !

  • ErnieB

    Ferrari’s can’t drive on water? Smh ..

    • Stephen G

      I’m sure Jesus has one that can.


  • can i buy that Ferrari for say $100?

  • FlameWater

    How come Jesus didn’t tell him to auction the car for charity?

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Loaves and fishes, man, loaves and fishes.

    • Stephen G

      Jesus works in mysterious ways!

  • Marc Gruben

    Florida… ’nuff said

  • BlackPegasus
  • Bill Nguyen

    Sometimes I think we’re too lenient over here regarding people with mental problems…

    • Marty

      …and people who let their actions and opinions be dictated by bronze age stories about space wizards.

    • Stephen G

      He owned a Ferrari! He’s “eccentric” not mentally ill. Florida is full of “eccentrics”. Some are only there on a part time basis though.

      • Bill Nguyen

        They sure it was his?

        • Stephen G

          Good point.

  • Mr. EP9

    Florida man strikes again.

  • benT

    CHEESES !!

  • Paul

    The man needs psychiatric help. Jesus does not work that way.

  • Random stranger
    • disqus_CRkG23jjbo

      nice, do you have one it cuts off mexico from texas?

  • crabbyolddad

    Reminds me of the Janis Joplin song about the Lord Buying her a Mercedes Benz.

    Those Floridians are lacking more than I realized! Gotta be screwed up to live in the land of swamps and alligators in the first place. Prolonged living there softens whatever remaining brain cells one has I guess.

  • Ken

    April 2012 underwater video…. old news?

  • MatTa Ddor

    God Moves in a Mysterious Way

  • Momogg

    Sometimes they are following Jesus, sometimes the GPS. 😳

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Flo flo flo rida….

  • TB

    Rocketing? Top Speed? He started it up and drove 2 feet….

    Where are they getting this info…The White House???

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