Dodge Charger Races Challenger On Public Road, What Could Go Wrong?

Street racing is never a good idea, no matter what movies like Fast & Furious or video games like Need for Speed might have you believe.

This is all make-believe, and anyone with half a brain knows that. Racing another driver on public roads is probably the most dangerous thing you can do in a car because there are so many variables beyond your control and so many people you can hurt. You can never guess how other drivers and pedestrians will react (or if they’ll even see you coming) and there are so many more things that can go wrong that the odds are clearly against you.

Suffice to say you can destroy people’s lives in a heartbeat — not excludinbg your own. After all, there’s a reason why most racing drivers usually say they fear public roads more than any circuit or rally stage in the world. Yes, they’re that dangerous, and the accident statistics prove it.

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If you insist on learning what can go wrong during a street race, the following video captured by a dashcam on a Houston highway should serve as teaching material. In the footage, we see a Dodge Challenger speeding on the road to the right of the highway, closely followed by a Charger.

In an instant, the four-door sedan catches the two-door muscle car and nudges it – intentionally or not, we don’t know. Nor does it matter that much. What does matter is that the Charger driver lost control of the rear end and crossed over to the highway, where it met an SUV “face to face”. We can’t tell if the two vehicles made contact, but even if they did, it happened at low speed.

As the Charger and the SUV slow down after the impact, we can see the Challenger fleeing the scene on the side road. Because, you know, why stay and face the consequences of your actions?


  • Jason Miller

    And the Challenger took off…

  • Blade t

    Charger doesn’t know proper street race etiquette lol..

  • Adilos Nave

    That was a Nascar-esque wipeout. Douchebags.

  • Dennis James

    Well, there is a reason they brag about their horsepower but they don’t say anything about their braking power 🙂

  • Marc Minor

    This look more like road rage than anything else. Tap the brakes and go around, he just needed a second to get past the little white car, as a matter of fact, from this view he could of split them.

  • Jorge Acosta

    Stupid people… I live in Houston and see a-holes like these all the time!! endangering everyone else!! There is even an other imbecile at 0.19 s in the video… an F150 flying thru the left lane.. in the middle of all the chaos the F150 just keeps on going fast!! I can’t deal with this level of stupidity… It pisses me off …

  • yomama

    Complete idiotic comment…. We’ve all seen our share of idiots in BMW’s crashing for the same stuff…. An idiot driver is an idiot driver, regardless of make or model.

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