TRD Gives 2020 Toyota GR Supra First Real Tune With Performance Line Concept

Toyota’s TRD in-house performance division is on a roll lately pumping out one product after the other. At this week’s Chicago Auto Show alone, they presented four vehicles, but the big news for enthusiasts comes from across the Pacific, as they debuted their first stab on the new GR Supra at Japan’s 2019 Osaka Auto Messe.

For now, TRD’s GR Supra Performance Line is being paraded as a concept, but it’s pretty clear that it’s more of a question of when rather than if these parts will be released for public consumption.

What does the Performance Line introduce?

In this first round of upgrades, TRD focused its attention purely on styling and improving aerodynamics with an assortment of exterior spoilers and trimmings, all made out of lightweight carbon fiber. These include front spoiler with canards, side skirts, door garnish, rear spats, and a trunk spoiler extension.

To match the new exterior revisions, TRD also designed a new set of lightweight, 19-inch forged aluminum wheels finished in black and shod in low profile Michelin performance rubber.

TRD left everything else untouched, including the Supra’s powertrains, which in its home country, include a pair of BMW-sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder units rated at 194 and 258hp, alongside the also BMW-sourced 335hp 3.0-liter inline-six turbo.

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While nothing else was communicated by Toyota at this time, we can expect to see a slew of TRD offerings for the Supra, including under-the-hood upgrades, once the first examples begin arriving in customer hands this summer. As if we really need to tell you now that it’s going to be a Supra-tune fest at this fall’s SEMA show…


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  • Six_Tymes

    hmmm, not sure i like all the tacked on looking parts.

    • Gregory Cassanova

      yeah especially the rear bumper add ons only thing I like is the boot spoiler

  • PhilMcGraw

    I must admit those rims look pretty sweet. The rest I could do without. I do think it’s a matter of when Toyota decides to introduce a more powerful version of the Supra. I think they’ve heard enough complaints from people who are upset that it is lacking in power compared to the Z4.

    I still somehow think that eventually they may introduce some kind of hybrid powertrain to give it that extra horsepower. They’ve been really leaning into making hybrids the sportier version of their offerings (case in point the new RAV4 where the hybrid version was tested by MotorTrend to be 7.5 seconds to 60 whereas the regular version was 8.5 seconds).

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      “that it is lacking in power compared to the Z4.”

      Yet still managed to pull faster 0-60 mph and quarter miles than the Z4 (which by the way is a completely different car despite some things shared but done differently)

  • I’m pretty confident that Carbon door ganish has absolutely no aerodynamic advantage. And I’m thinking it’s just going to add more drag.

    • Matt

      I bet it does have some advantage, however small. Remember these are Toyota parts, not from some aftermarket tuner so they’ve been developed with all Toyota’s R&D and expertise.

    • JayDub

      I think it makes no real difference, at all. Even it’s “measurable” it will have zero impact on the cars performance. And, it looks awful. The car’s form design is already pretty complex and adding crap to it doesn’t enhance the looks at all. This would be moot, though, if that wasted “vent” hadn’t been there in the first place.

      Still can’t get past the BMW drivetrain. I *know* Toyota engineers are pissed about it, too. Here’s to hoping the new owners of the Supra don’t have to deal with BMW’s incredibly frustrating lack of daily reliability (but I’ll bet a dollar they will). It’s some kind of organizational cultural flaw. We have a 2016 2 bought new and – with only 30K miles on it! – it’s been in the shop a dozen times for really stupid, and some dangerous, problems. Puts itself in park while waiting at a light, alarm goes off regularly for no reason, get inconsistent readings for things like tire pressure, had to reboot the computer several times because of several notifications and instrument readings, a persistent noise from the front end even after re-doing the front brakes (just in case, they said…) – all of which two dealerships have NOT been able to find the cause of.

      This it the family’s 3rd BMW and most definitely the last. Good luck Supra buyers.

  • Jureck

    Was hoping for a big wing…

    • Mr. EP9

      A mighty wing I might add.

    • Alduin

      It probably wouldn’t fit on such a tiny trunk.

  • Bob

    The cosmetic-only updates have begun.

  • fgclolz

    Lipstick on a pig.

  • Bo Hanan

    It’s not to late to rename this car Celica and introduce a “real” Supra.

    • ErnieB

      I agree! This would have gone down better if it was named a celica with starting price of $30k starting price for the 4cyl turbo.. everyone would have been on board.. instead they pissed off everyone by using the iconic Supra name and slapping BMW internals.. what a shame!

      • maxnix

        Yeah, should have stuck with the old cast iron anchor block and the fixed timing twin camshaft heads with PI!

  • Blade t


  • ErnieB



      I think it’s born as an Austrian, not a Polish……..

  • maxnix

    Too bad TRD only eliminated two fake scoops/vents.

    Nice wheels. I bet they are made by Rays.

  • Mr. EP9

    Not surprised to be honest. I was expecting an appearance package from TRD.

  • Alduin

    It’s pretty pathetic and sad when Toyota can’t even make the Supra themselves anymore that they have to get BMW to make it for them. Pretty soon half of all Toyotas will be outsourced from different manufacturers with different sheetmetal slapped with a Toyota badge on them because Toyota is too scared to make their own cars nowadays. This new Supra is a boring looking car and it’s no where near as exciting as the 93-2002 Supra.

    • gambit gamboa

      Its called making money. Like if I sell a popular drug called cocaine(SUV) and you retards keep buying, why would I want to spend my precious cash developing the unpopular drug acid(sports car) for 10 people to buy?

      Yeah guys lets dump all our billions into making cars for 0.0005% of our buyers, you know, cause I want to make less money, cause I like being a poor company LOLLLLLLLLL

      • Alduin

        This new Supra will flop and flop hard.

  • SteersUright

    Love it. Liking this Supra more as I continue to see it. Would love to see weight reduction and/or real power upgrade.

  • Lenore

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  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    So they made an accessory to cover the fake opening/intake on the door which they shouldn’t have opened in the first place?

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