Firefighters Extinguishing Porsche Cayman Fire Seemingly Look For Engine In Wrong Place

The people of Paris don’t show a lot of love to Porsches these days.

We’ve seen what happened to a 911 in December during the “yellow vests” protests and now a video of a Porsche Cayman “abused” by firefighters has surfaced online. We have no details about when this happened but there’s no doubt that it took place in Paris, given that the firefighters’ jumpsuits have “Sapeurs Pompiers Paris” written on their backs.

Filmed by Portuguese-speaking tourists (Brazilian?) and posted on Facebook on the “Rio de Janeiro Porsche Club – RJPC” page, the video shows a fuming first-generation Cayman that had just been extinguished, with the firefighters seemingly looking for the source of the fire.

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While two of the firefighters focused on spraying water inside the passenger compartment where the smoke was coming from, three of them were seen trying hard to open the front trunk. Why would they want to do that on a mid-engined car, you ask? Well, there are some commenters who believe the firefighters simply ignored the fact that the Cayman’s engine is located behind the cabin and thought the engine was in the front.

This group also includes the person that filmed the incident and his friends as they seemed really amused to see the firefighters striving to open the Cayman’s front hood. It’s hard to understand why they didn’t try to tell the firefighters where the engine was and preferred to make fun of the situation instead.

Then there’s a second group who claims the firefighters were actually looking for the car’s battery, as standard procedure during car fires requires the disconnection of the battery. In the Cayman, the battery is located just above the front trunk. That said, when the firefighters finally managed to pop the front hood, they quickly lost interest, a sign that maybe they were expecting to see the engine instead of a car cover.

  • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

    Well, that’s just plum stupid :/

  • Munchma Quchi

    Even my 3 yr old knows the engine is in the middle !

  • Bo Hanan

    There were FF’s at both ends of the car. Pretty sure they knew were the engine was. What if they wanted to secure the fuel tank? The latch door is at the front of the car and pronounced. And did a female write this article? Is Dan short for Daniella?


    So obvious they knew the engine was at the front

  • brn

    The people with the camera, laughing, are the real a-holes. Let’s pretend the FFs didn’t know where the engine was. Is it right to point and laugh because well intended first responders don’t know all the exceptions? When people behave like this, it depresses me.

    • Momogg

      I’m not surprised, it’s in France.


  • Matt Teter

    Isnt the battery in the frunk? Could they maybe be looking for that?

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