Learjet Turned Into A Limo On Wheels, Yours For $5 Million

With their stretched bodies, LED interior lighting and loud sound systems, limos are probably the most ostentatious rides out there. The same goes for Limojet, a Learjet turned into a limo (!) and jammed with everything needed to make the prom night a more unique experience, if the owner would rent it (he won’t).

Used for promotional purposes, it may look like a plane, but it is actually an empty fuselage fitted with a complete running gear sourced from different vehicles and powered by a V8 engine.

Several parts had to be crafted from scratch, and despite looking fast, it’s not. It’s estimated to be able to hit about 100 mph (160 km/h), which is not that bad, all things considered, especially since it weighs some 12,000 pounds (5,443 kg). You won’t want to speed in that thing anyway, so no harm done.

Commercial jets don’t get afterburners – only fighter jets do. So those ‘afterburners’ you see light up are just for show, as they feature speakers and LED lights. In fact, there’s a complete sound system hidden beneath the flaps, so the one-of-a-kind ride can bring the party to any location, as long as there’s a road in the vicinity.

The interior has been custom made. It starts with a single seat at the front, behind a regular steering wheel and pedals (no stick and rudders there). Further back, it can sit up to eight occupants, who will keep themselves busy with the entertainment system and loud stereo, while being surrounded by LED lights. You know, the usual. Still, if you want to channel your inner Maverick, some of the aircraft’s original buttons were kept and they are used to control the rear lighting and other functions.

Getting it to this stage is said to have cost well over $1 million. And in order to buy it, someone interested would have to cough up five times that. If they don’t like this configuration, they could also have their own Learjet Limo custom built to their preferences, as that’s the whole idea behind this project.

Now, if only USAF would sell any of those retired F-14 Tomcat airframes to civilians… that would be a cool project for a sports car with tandem seats. If they can do a Limojet, why not a Tomjet for those who feel the need for speed?


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    • SteersUright


  • Mr. EP9


  • Matteo Tommasi


    • Mike Sinyaboot ©

      Right? I thought it would have been built for a video game release or something. Instead, the wackjob builders somehow think this will convince others to have their own versions built. As if it wasnt awful enough, they hilariously spent $1 million to build it and insanely think charging 5 times that makes sense. The builder is far beyond delusional.

    • BlackPegasus

      I don’t think this monstrosity was meant to make sense. It was built to push the limits of human ingenuity. An exercise in what can be done if enough time and money is invested.

  • Eric Sin-Chan

    Whahahahahahahahaha… seriously, what the hell?! That atrocity makes The Homer look like a masterpiece

  • SteersUright

    From the premise of it being a party vehicle, which is exactly all it was designed to be, its actually very cool and I could see the hoards of party people in Miami wanting to rent this just to be different.

    • KareKakk

      This Learcab could sell like hot chicks in Russia, or however that term goes…

  • Jay

    you must be new here.

    • Mr. EP9

      I’ve seen that user a few times here. I’m pretty sure that’s just a troll account.

    • HE’S NOT.

      • KareKakk

        You forgot to answer his question… maybe focus a little on that now?

  • Six_Tymes
  • Bash

    Just get a fancy Boat!

  • Harlan McCartney

    Umm who wants to tell Christian that the USAF never had any F-14s….. You can by 2 airworthy Lears for 5 million. You can purchase a non flyable complete Lear 25 $200K. Is the conversion worth 4.8 million?

    • TheHake

      USAF, Navy, whatever… lol

  • robotlogic

    This has to be one of the dumbest “car” builds I’ve ever seen. They managed to both ruin a Learjet and build the worlds most impractical limo all at the same time. I mostly upset with the people that agreed to take someones money to build this, sometimes just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

    • TheHake

      I’m pretty sure the Lear Jet wasn’t airworthy anymore…

      • robotlogic

        Still had parts that could of kept other Learjets in the air. But who knows some trailer trash looser could win the lottery and want to buy this thing.


  • See you in Las Vegas.

  • Looks like it drives like a go-cart. No!

  • Blade t

    So strange on all levels. .

  • KAG25

    Do the jet engines have sub woofers in them?

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