Man Repeatedly Stole Elderly Couple’s Car At Night Before Returning It Every Morning

A man has accused of stealing an elderly couple’s car at night and returning it before morning over and over again, so that he could use it as a getaway vehicle in multiple other heists.

The suspect, identified as Michael Armando Lopez, was eventually arrested last week after authorities found him behind the wheel of Beverly Havard’s van. When faced with deputies trying to apprehend him, Lopez sped off and eventually crashed into a pole.

According to ABC13 News, Havard had been noticing changes to her vehicle after initially misplacing her spare key.

“The seat was pulled back and the mirrors were adjusted,” she said, before adding “Somebody’s been driving my car and bringing it back. I know I’m not crazy.”

Unfortunately, it turns out that the Havards really needed their van (now damaged), which was designed specifically for Beverly’s disabled husband, Rick.

“I had to cancel his doctor’s appointment. I hope he’s satisfied that he took advantage of an elderly person that’s very sick and that can’t be transported to go anywhere.”

As for his other crimes, according to deputies, a man believed by investigators to be Lopez was captured on surveillance cameras rummaging through other people’s cars in the same neighborhood where the Havards live. In fact, other cars were burglarized on the exact same nights in which Lopez stole the Harvard’s van. Not a tough case to crack this one.


  • TheAmerican2point0

    0:27 There is no way that’s a coincidence

    • Jay

      I’ve never seen so many Rams. It looked like that’s what he specializes in robbing too.


    • Dude

      Welcome to Houston. My uncle lives there and he has a Ram lol

    • Trey Bellamy

      I am not surprised honestly. FCA offers hella discounts on all their vehicles and they are selling the previous generation Ram alongside the newer one for a cheap price.

  • charlie bear

    F scum,

  • Dude

    I was hoping that this would be surprisingly wholesome. Like maybe he was using the car to go to night school or bring food to orphans but “so that he could use it as a getaway vehicle in multiple other heists” dashed that hope immediately…

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      He didn’t even have the decency to put the seat back in place.


      • Billie Bob Norton

        WHY ALL CAPS???????

  • WalthamDan

    They didn’t notice the gas gauge was always low?

  • Billie Bob Norton

    Too bad he didn’t refill the gas tank.

  • Paul

    Don’t those people lock their doors? I’m surprised it took them as long as it did to figure it out. The people who’s van was stolen every night after noticing changes should have staked the place out and watched.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Usual trash. Nothing to worry. Same story everywhere under globalization.

    • Big Black Duck

      if it was a white trash…they would have either did a joy ride and trashed the car or sold it and got high on meth… stereotypes suck don’t they?

      • Wandering_Spirit

        1) Who told you i hinted at any skin color? Uncle Tom’s complex much?

        2) Are you implying that stealing a car temporarily from a couple of elderly, humiliating them and without knowing what he did with the car (could well have been doing, buying, selling meth) is better? IS this based on a sort of logics based on which temporarily stealing unused cars can contribute to the environment and streamline usage or do you conceive the action like a sort of “UBER of the poor?”.

        Trash is trash, regardless of color. Imported trash adds up to the existing one. It’s not a stereotype. Simple empirical maths. In between the good ones you have a % of trash. Globally, not just in the US, where there is still a black/white divide like in the 18th century. That’s not the rest of the world. Outside we’re more egalitarian. You’re trash when you qualify yourself as such. The color is irrelevant.

        Go put yourself together.

        • Big Black Duck

          disagree with #1 and #2, Agree with #3. My reply was based on you use of the word “Globalization” which has been utilized by the Alt-right to as a way of propping their xenophobic paradigm, which led me to believe your position was a passive aggressive jab at immigration. Considering his ethnic background and enthusiasm of the comment made, made me assume you were are closeted racist; Not sure why you are so angry. Looks like Meth is your trigger word.

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