1,750 HP SSC Tuatara Put Through Its Paces On The Dyno And A Canyon Road

After years of delays, the SSC Tuatara is finally getting ready to enter production and the company has just released two new videos of it.

The first shows the American hypercar on a dyno for the very first time. Powering the Tuatara is a 5.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 revving to an extraordinary 9,000 rpm and pumping out 1,750 hp when running on E85. While the dyno video doesn’t actually reveal how much grunt reaches the rear wheels, the engine certainly sounds the part despite not being taken up to its redline.

As for the second video, it shows the SSC Tuatara make its way up a canyon road and while the hypercar is only on screen for a few seconds, we once again have a chance to hear the remarkable engine in action. By God does it sounds good.

With great power comes great responsibility

SSC has big ambitions for the Tuatara and wants its hypercar to reach an extraordinary 300 mph (483 km/h). Both Koenigsegg and Hennessey are targeting that mark as well, but SSC believes that the Tuatara’s aerodynamic design and drag coefficient of just 0.279 puts it in the perfect position to reach it c first.

Development of the hypercar is ongoing, but the company intends on wrapping up work by the end of May. It also plans to start deliveries in August, though they haven’t said yet when they intend to max out the Tuatara in an attempt to set a new production car top speed record.


  • Mike anonymous

    Ohh… (*Sighs luxuriously)… that sounds Nice.

    Considering this company has been around since 1998 and isn’t really a ‘start-up’, In addition to the engineering prowess they’ve had over the last 20 years as a company with vehicles such as the SSC Ultimate Area (which held the production vehicle top speed from 2007 to 2010, and the fact the Tuatara has been in development since around 2009-2013 and picking back up again (after some financial re-managing) in 2016-Present Day, I do think this company has what it takes to reach their record of 300mph.


    I am glad to see an American automaker (over 2 decades old) looking to reclaim the world title they once held for sometime, and I am glad to see that things are coming along well. 👍

    …. Oh and I love that Jet engine sound.

  • ErnieB

    Still ugly though..looks like they should send it back to year 2000.

  • Carl Sloan

    How is the production version watered down?

    I believe they hired an actual car designer to design this. I don’t care for it, but it’s 1,000 times better looking than their Ultimate Aero.

    • Mike anonymous

      I don’t think @MarketAndChurch:disqus is stating that is watered down. Rather it seems that MarkerAndChurch is referring to the fact that the SSC Tuatara is not watered-down.

      The statement was that; “The production version needs to improve on the concept, not water it down“.

      … as in SSC leading by example, making a note that ‘other‘ automakers should follow suit when it comes to building a production vehicle. On a Personal note; There were some aspects of the concept vehicle that I personally preferred to the production vehicle shown here, but the implication again seems to be toward ‘others following this example’ regarding brining a concept/prototype vehicle to life.

      • Carl Sloan

        OK, I’ll buy that. Thanks!

        • Mike anonymous

          No problem 👍 @carlsloan:disqus .

          : )

      • MarketAndChurch

        I’ll respond in full on Tuesday when I get off work. Great replies on here Mike, it’s really fun to have others on here who are super passionate about car design.

        • Mike anonymous

          Sure, no worries, and Thank You! I look forward to seeing & reading your replies when you get to them @MarketAndChurch:disqus. 👍

  • RDS Alphard

    I’m surprised overhead valve engine can be taken so far… I know NASCAR engine do, but those engine wasn’t designed to last decades; maybe this isn’t too?

  • OMG Tuatara… were they still doing this??

  • Carl Sloan

    Well, now it says Areo, which is also incorrect, lol.

    In any event, it doesn’t look like a Diablo because the Diablo is the ultimate aerodynamic shape by any stretch of the imagination. It looks like a Diablo because it was designed by a complete amateur, probably Jarrod himself, and the “designer” was stuck on the Diablo’s looks.

    If they were truly going for los drag, it would havd looked more like the Olds aerotech or an aero car from the Ford Probe series of experimental cars from the 1980’s.

    Don’t believe everything a car maker claims.

    • Mike anonymous

      Yes, I can diffidently see the Diablo in there (design wise) in regards to your statements, but… the changes that are made to the form factor allowed them to achieve and hold a top-speed record (in conjunction with the engine built for the vehicle, amongst other aspects that go into building and designing a vehicle).
      As I am sure you’ve been on this site for sometime, your probably well aware as I am that automakers, borrowing design from other automakers is; nothing new, if not common place in todays industry. It’s likely that it has not been the only vehicle in the world to feature similar design aspects seen on the Diablo.

      I am also sure it’s not ‘LITERALLY’ the ultimate Aerodynamic vehicle of all time, but it was enough to get this vehicle to 256.14 mph given the power specifications of the original Aero. Also the simple drag coefficient of a vehicle is not the only aspect of a vehicles design that goes into a vehicles overall ‘Aero‘dynamics. Based on the achievements the vehicle and the company have made in the past… whatever it is they may have done, worked. (So I am glad to see a company doing well opposed to seeing another fall)

      I used to do automotive journalism for a publication sometime ago, so of course rule #1 is not to believe everything your told, and instead go out and preform the research yourself to find to proper and/or correct information.
      I’m not going to put the same effort into a sub-post for an article on a website (lol), But I am also not going to speak on something I haven’t first looked into or have a personal opinion on (as we are all entitled to our own). 👍

      • Carl Sloan

        The Ultimatr Aero went 256+ despite it’s shape simply because of power. A car shaped like the Olds Aerotech would have gone much faster with the same engine. If SSC claimed that their shape was especially aero, it was to just an excuse for their plagiarized styling, lol.

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