Ford Mustang GT Goes Flat Out On The Autobahn, Sounds Godlike Doing It

Hitting top speed in a V8-powered, rear-wheel drive sports coupe such as the latest Ford Mustang would be an awesome experience for any petrolhead.

That’s exactly what the video shared at the bottom of the page shows: Ford’s muscle car accelerating to more than 250 km/h (155 mph), which is its electronically limited V-max, on a section of a German Autobahn, where traveling at such speeds is still legal.

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While listening to the V8 engine dominate the soundtrack of the footage, make sure to keep an eye on the speedometer. It’s there that you will see the traction light come on, before the TC and ESC kick in to stabilize the rear end.

The Mustang GT is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 equipped with a specially-developed intake manifold that improves low-speed breathing for better fuel economy. It also has an active valve performance exhaust that allows the driver to change the tone and volume at the push of a button.

The 450 PS (444 hp / 331 kW) and 529 Nm (390 lb-ft) of torque produced by the mill allows the Fastback, equipped with the 10-speed auto, to accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a scant 4.3 seconds, or 0.3 seconds slower if you opt for the six-speed manual. In any case, we’re talking about serious performance, as a view at the following footage clearly proves.


  • Wandering_Spirit

    Americans are making some of the most interesting cars ever. Despite my bad jokes on the Mustang i love it.

  • SteersUright

    That engine is so deserving of a proper sports car application.

  • ErnieB

    That horse could have kept going past 260km/hr no problem..

  • benT


    Godlike” ???


  • carsmofo

    we’re getting trolled by the title.

    I like the Coyote engine but there’s nothing “godlike” in that clip.

    • StrangerGP

      Maybe it’s just a new editor and he didn’t hear better sounding supercars yet. 😉

  • eb110americana

    What? No jokes about driving into Ausfahrt?!

  • Just when you thought American muscle cars only go fast on a quarter mile.

  • Bash

    NICE! Now do that in an SRT please. Or perhaps Dodge is forbidden in that part of the world because they are too … how do i say this, Devilish for Germany. lol

  • Jo Bo

    Without crashing??? Strange….

  • ace_9

    Wait a minute! That’s not a mustang! I clearly saw it going through a corner at the beginning and it did not slide into a tree… What are they trying to pull with this cheap replica?

  • Dylan Wentworth

    For the life of me I don’t see what’s so special about those roads.
    There’s no breakdown lane, the shoulder is overggrown with weeds and there’s inadequate barriers from stopping you from crossing over onto oncoming traffic. Our least maintained US Interstate highways have more safety features and yet we have to live with speed limits. I’m not buying this it’s because German roads are safer nonsense.

    • Chris Taylor

      I have spent a lot of time driving in Germany over the years and it is very simple, German roads are not safer….. German drivers are safer…. There are exceptions to everything but in general, you do not have morons driving in the left lane in Germany doing 100/kph holding up traffic. People stay in the right lanes except to pass

      • Dylan Wentworth

        So what you’re saying is that speed doesn’t, in fact, kill. Morons poking along in the passing lanes kill. Correct?
        If I can just verify this, it will come in handy.

        • SteveD

          That’s exactly the point.
          Cars are far safer at speed than any time in history. You can safely pilot a Ford Fiesta to over 100mph with the car taking it all in stride and being as safe as if it were driving 50 mph.

          The X factor is the tool behind the wheel. Period. EOS.

          • Dylan Wentworth

            The X factor is the tool behind the wheel. Period. EOS.

            Which wheel? The wheel of the car going fast or the wheel of the car going slow?
            And what about road conditions?

            I think there’s more to it than that and I’m not just trying to sound like grandpa lecturing you on safety. The last time I was pulled over for speeding, I was doing 112mph but I was doing it on a completely flat, straight and deserted (except for one cop apparently haha) stretch of remote highway (so remote the cop’s radios didn’t even work and couldn’t call in the tag or my license number), where you can see to horizon and the shoulders weren’t so steep where you would flip over if you left the road. And while it was just a two lane undivided highway, the lanes were nice and wide and I just want to stress that you could drive on that highway for quite a while without passing another car. Said highway was a safer to go that kind of speed than what I can see of the autobahns on google street view.

            Then again, the weather can effect the viability of such a speed and unknown hazards like cattle in the roadway.

            And as someone who has gone over a hundred on deserted highways more than once in my life, I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it on a road with lots of other uses. At those speeds, reaction time is nil. You could have a tire blowout, the engine goes limp, you get stung by a bee, have a muscle spasm, have a stroke, any number of things behind the wheel that you can survive at a lower speed but at higher speeds, you probably won’t survive and if there’s other motorists around, you might end their lives as well.

            And correct me if I’m wrong, but Germans aren’t the only ones using the autobahns, isn’t that right? Someone could theoretically fly over there from the US and start poking along in a passing lane, correct?

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