Lamborghini Aventador Successor May Use Supercapacitors Instead Of Batteries

It is no secret that the successor to the Lamborghini Aventador will be powered by a hybrid powertrain.

It’s been widely assumed that the Italian car manufacturer would simply pair its naturally aspirated V12 engine with a small electric motor and a compact battery pack to ensure the new supercar meets fuel efficiency and emissions regulations.

However, Road & Track reports that it may feature supercapacitors rather than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Lamborghini is allegedly readying a limited-run hypercar, codenamed LB48H, to preview the powertrain of the Aventador successor. This vehicle is supposed to use supercapacitors in order to avoid lugging around a heavy battery pack like virtually all other hybrid performance cars on the market.

Not only are supercapictors smaller than batteries, but they can also discharge and recover energy at the same time. Lamborghini is working with the MIT chemistry department for their development.

The Aventador’s successor may use the same supercapacitors as the LB48H, Lamborghini chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani suggested.

“We were the first to use a supercapacitor in Aventador for the starter battery, and we are convinced that for a super-sports car, this is one of the most suitable solutions,” Reggiani said.

“We need to maintain the emotions generated by the naturally aspirated V-12, and it’s clear that the performance gap needs to be filled with electrification. Torque boost can give a much more consistent power delivery, especially at low rpm. It results in much more usable performance, and so I expect our V12 to remain more or less like it is today, with increased power. I’m convinced that the V12 still has a long life, even in the era of hybridization.”

In the Aventador SVJ, Lamborghini’s 6.5-liter V12 engine pumps out 770 hp. With an electric motor and supercapacitors, the supercar’s successor will easily deliver more than 800 hp.

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  • Bash

    It’s good to see the V12 remain.

  • Elmediterraneo

    If Ferrari can squeeze out 730 PS from a Hybrid 2.9 liter V6 Biturbo from their next 486.
    I expect nothing less than 1000 PS from the Hybrid Naturally Aspirated V12 of Lamborghini.

  • nastinupe

    You mean a flux-capacitor.


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