Lamborghini Gallardo Turns Into An Inferno Right After $14K Service

A British man’s Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder was destroyed by fire last Friday in the UK.

The vehicle’s owner, 22-year-old Lak Sira, was driving his Gallardo on the M6 motorway when he and his girlfriend started to smell petrol.

Soon, the petrol fumes became so bad that Sira’s girlfriend asked him to open the windows. He then stopped the Gallardo on the shoulder to drop the convertible’s roof when suddenly, there was a loud bang and the rear end of the car caught fire.

What makes the whole situation even worse for Sira is that his Lamborghini had been in service for two months and he’d just paid £10,498 ($13,786) to collect it. The incident happened just 3-4 hours later, and the car was destroyed by the blaze.

Speaking to Express and Star, Sira said that the fire was caused by negligence from the Lamborghini Birmingham dealership where the car was serviced. He is looking at taking legal action against the dealership.

“We nearly died, if I didn’t pull over when I did, I dread to think what happened. It was very frightening and my girlfriend is scared to get in any car with me now.

“I am meeting with my solicitor to see whether to take legal action as I can’t believe it’s a coincidence that I’d only just had the car back from the garage,” Sira said.

Firefighters arrived at the scene of the burning Lamborghini at 8:54 pm on Friday. While they were able to quickly douse the flames, the damage had already been done and the car is a total write-off. The following video is short, but shows the burned-out hulk the Gallardo has turned into.


  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Being rich doesn’t come cheap.


    • Nick099

      You did read the article?
      It was after a service.

      • TheBelltower

        Rear engined Italian exotics go up in flames constantly. There’s a reason that owners carry a fire extinguisher behind the seat.


    • serge charles

      Thank you

    • LeStori

      … but Teslas have the Car Fire that keeps on giving for days. So more fire entertainment !

  • FlameWater

    pft…his mom and dads lambourgini

    • Sybill Julian

      no, it’s his. just google his name. Some people belives that he has shady business

  • Scott K

    Rich people problems.

    • BlackPegasus

      Indeed. I stopped reading the story after I read the owner was only 22yrs old. Sorry but I can’t relate to the problems of a 22yr old rich kid 😆

      • Dylan Wentworth

        All the kids have lambos these days. It doesn’t mean they’re rich.

    • Dylan Wentworth

      Just because someone can get a car loan for a used lambo doesn’t mean they’re rich. There was this one kid on youtube that was unemployed at the time, bought a gallardo and spent the night in a tent in the walmart parking lot on his way back home. It wasn’t because he was being protective of the car. It was later revealed that he didn’t have any money.

  • SteersUright

    Buy a gold chain and a Corvette, they dont seem to go up in flames like all these exotics do.

  • TheHake

    How the hell does a 22yo afford a $14k service?

    • Chatman

      Privilege or YT star?

  • Ida Vincent

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  • Lak Sira? That is some British name. /s

  • LeStori

    It was a gold-plated Lamborghini… well there is class for you. Maybe , in shame, the Lamborghini decided to cremate itself.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Lak X?
    X Lax?

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