Mercedes-AMG S65 Final Edition Proves That Black And Bronze Looks Good

The covers have been taken off the Mercedes-AMG S65 Final Edition prior to its global premiere. The German automaker announced the special S65 last week, but failed to offer any specifics or provide any photos. Now, however, it has spilled the beans.

The Mercedes-AMG S65 Final Edition that will be officially unveiled in Geneva is offered exclusively in an Obsidian Black metallic finish. Mercedes-AMG has contrasted the black paint with a silver front grille, matte bronze 20-inch alloy wheels and additional bronze accents on the side skirts, front bumper, and rear bumper. The Final Edition also includes gloss black exhaust tips, a distinctive badge on the C-pillars, and a ‘One Man – One Engine’ plaque finished in black on top of the mighty V12.

Inside, the Mercedes-AMG S65 Final Edition is bathed in beautiful black leather and includes a number of aluminum and carbon fiber accents, copper-colored stitching and a tweaked steering wheel.

The S65 Final Edition also comes standard with a bunch of features which are usually optional extras. Thus, the equipment list includes a panoramic roof, adjustable rear seats, and the AMG Driver’s package that unlocks the 186 mph (300 km/h) top speed. Mercedes-Benz has also designed a bespoke car cover for the luxury sedan.

Sadly, this will be the last S-Class outfitted with the marque’s famed twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12. Power sits at 621 hp and 738 lb-ft (1000 Nm) of torque and the 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) sprint is dispatched in a rapid 4.1 seconds.

Mercedes-AMG will build just 130 examples of the S65 Final Edition worldwide. Pricing details haven’t been announced just yet.

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  • Matthijs

    No it doesn’t look good. It looks horrible, like the lower part is rusting. Not a big fan of the bronze trend that is happening..

  • Bash

    Im not a designer or a stylist, but the bronze bits should have been carried to the interior more, at least few inserts on the steering wheel and the door panels. the bronze stitching of the seats are welcomed and nice tbh, but not enough.

  • exeptor

    The specific car aside this is a sad moment (after SLK was killed) – the end of V12 for one of “V12 ambassadors”. I know that this is the future trend (ICE will be all gone after some time) and probably is for good but being a car fan all my life news like this just take away some of my childhood when I was dreaming for V12 monsters. Just hope that they will continue producing it for Pagani … but very much doubt it.

    • Toss

      You talk sh..! Wonder how many childrens dreamed to a V12…1 to 1 mil? Dreams were about shape of cars not engines…Diablo, Vector, Alfa Romeo SZ, Jaguar XJ220, McLaren F1 had beautiful shapes. I had no idea of the performance. Not to mention that cars must sell, not dreamed. For Pagani, the AMG V8 will fit perfect.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        OMG. WTF are you talking about?? Dreams were not about engines?
        Clearly not a real gear head.

      • Matt

        Speak for yourself. Some kids could actually read so I certainly had an idea of cars performance and engine configuration.

        • Toss

          Right, I speak for myself…In 90’s when I was kid, I was just interested in speed, 0-100km/h and the shape of car. Tell me quick what engine did Vector had? Without wiki…aaaaaaa…I knew…

      • exeptor

        You could be right about V12 dreams – maybe I’m 1 to 1 mil … I don’t care. Performance was always something to dream and even been foolish about (speed of 400, 500 km/h, etc.). In a way this is a dream. Probably worth mentioning that I had a very strong influence about cars from elder people. About the cars which has to sell and not to be dreamed – this must be important for car manufacturers, but at the end of the day if a car (supercar, hypercar) is not a thing of desire then it might not sell and for me V8 (while still an awesome and more than enough engine) is a bit far from the classiness of the V12. Sh** or not that’s it.

  • Blade t

    I’ll take one, I love big cars with big power ..

  • SteersUright

    Oh wow, bronze wheels, how bold. Sooo boring, MB played it way too safe with this jellybean of an S-class. Its not stately, elegant, imposing, or anything like it once was. I can’t believe Im saying this, but the soon to be released CTS-V is a far better looking vehicle than nearly all others in this class. Strictly speaking of exterior design. I know the A8, S-class, 7-series are leagues beyond the Caddy in engineering, interiors, and overall refinement.

    • Merc1

      The CTS V has been out for YEARS.


      • SteersUright

        You did see news of the arrival of a massively refreshed model right? Massive and brand new V8 and all?
        And I’m no Cadillac fan, they do way too much wrong in my not humble opinion. The soon-to-arrive CTSV at least looks pretty damn great, unlike the S-Class, unless you like driving around in a black lima bean with bronze wheels.

        • Merc1

          NO because there no news about the CTS-V. I’m going to assume you’re talking about the CT6 V, NOT the CTS V. It’s a nice new V8 in a cancelled car with a crap interior, really nice. The S-Class doesn’t have bronze wheels, only this special edition model does.


  • DaruniaG

    Such a german car

  • DMJ

    That exterior screams bad taste everywhere. But it will sell in United Arab Emirates, and that’s what they want.
    Anyway, too bad that V12 beasts are disapearing.

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