New Hyundai Sonata 1.6 Turbo Joins Bespoke Veloster N In Seoul

Hyundai’s all-new Sonata 1.6 Turbo will make its public debut at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show this weekend, alongside a new range of ‘N Performance’ parts that are set to launch next year.

The Sonata 1.6 Turbo is powered by a 180 HP (182 PS) Smart Stream G1.6 T-GDI gasoline engine, working alongside an eight-speed automatic transmission. In order to reflect its sporty demeanor, Hyundai also gave the Sonata 1.6 Turbo a few styling design enhancements for the exterior.

For example, the car features the Korean automaker’s first ‘Parametric Jewel’ grille, which is meant to accentuate the new Sonata’s bold stance. Then there are the air ducts positioned underneath the headlights, the unique wing-shaped rear spoiler, an exclusive rear bumper and twin-tip exhaust mufflers.

Keep an eye out for the Veloster

Also on display will be a Veloster N model equipped with no fewer than 45 ‘N Performance’ parts, which are set for official release in late 2019. Included are 14 driving performance parts, such as lightweight forged wheels, larger brake calipers and brake pads, a high-performance suspension system, and high-performance tires. Then there are the 11 styling parts, which include the real carbon fiber side skirt, diffuser and rear wing spoiler.

As for the interior, Alcantara and real carbon fiber inserts have been applied to 20 different parts, such as the sport bucket seats, steering wheel, parking brake, all the pillars, headlining and dashboard. This Veloster is finished in matte grey, with a yellow front splitter and mirror covers.

Hyundai’s Seoul booth will also feature a ‘NEXO Village’ and a ‘PLAY HYUNDAI’ exhibition concept, where visitors will be able to interact with the Hyundai brand and its products. Meanwhile, technologies such as the Digital Key, Built-in Cam, Voice Recognition Assistance Service and Passenger Comfort Seat will be on display as well.

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  • charlotteharry57

    What a relief that Hyundai finally came to its senses and is ditching the 7-speed DCT with the 1.6T.

  • Danny Boy

    Man, this is a good looking care! Gone then Hyundai. …..
    Just fit it with larger wheel/tire pack.


    europe is still stuck with 2012 sonata even in 2019

  • Marc Gruben

    Can we stop with the overuse of the word “bespoke”?

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