VW T-Roc R Unveiled With 300 PS, Does 0-100 Km/h In 4.9 Seconds

Up until recently, performance SUVs were exclusive to premium car brands. Well, mainstream automakers want a slice of that pie too, so models like this new VW T-Roc R are something we should get used to.

Set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, the T-Roc R marks the first time the “R” moniker is used on an SUV. Developed by Volkswagen R, the T-Roc R offers roughly the same power as a Golf R.

It uses the same 2.0-liter TSI turbo-four that produces 300 PS (296 hp) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque. Hooked to a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission and standard 4Motion all-wheel drive, the gasoline engine enables the T-Roc R to boast impressive performance for an SUV.

The 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) sprint takes just 4.9 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155 mph). Naturally, VW did more than just transplant the high-output engine onto the T-Roc chassis. The SUV also gains a lowered suspension and a standard progressive steering system for improved cornering, while the 17-inch braking system sourced from the Golf R Performance helps bring the T-Roc R safely to a halt.

Other performance-enhancing features include a launch control feature, a new “Race” driving mode, and the ability to manually switch off the Electronic Stability Control.

Styling-wise, the Volkswagen T-Roc R offers plenty of clues regarding its performance potential. The body kit brings a unique radiator grille underlined by a polished silver band of anodized aluminum, beefier bumpers with large intakes at the front and vents at the rear, quad exhausts and exclusive 18-inch Spielberg alloys. Optionally, customers can get 19-inch Pretoria rims in dark graphite matte shod with 235/40 R19 tires.

Other minor styling tweaks include the chrome mirror caps, roof spoiler, slightly wider wheel arches, black brake calipers, and door add-ons in the color of the vehicle. Customers also have the option of choosing a black roof.

Inside, the T-Roc R exhibits the same sporty ambiance thanks to many R-branded details, flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel with paddle shifters, a black headliner and stainless steel pedals. Compared to the regular T-Roc, the performance version features standard white ambient lighting, Shadow Steel “R” trim, ArtVelours microfiber seat cushion bolsters and modified foam inserts beneath the plastic elements, while options include features such a Nappa leather package and carbon inserts.

The car pictured here is billed by VW “a near-production concept car,” but it’s pretty obvious that this is how the finished item will look like when it’s officially launched later this year.


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Photo credits: VW | Newspress | Stefan Baldauf / Guido ten Brink for Carscoops

  • StrangerGP

    So they’ve taken the original led design from the front and just removed it? Now it looks like another raised hatchback.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      This is gonna kill you. That’s what it is!😮

  • Christian

    AWD or Fwd?

    • Kaisuke971

      Haldex AWD, it would never reach 62mph under 5s being FWD

      • Christian

        don’t mansplain me, SIR!

        • europeon

          Did you just assume Kaisuke971’s pronouns?

    • TheHake

      All R’s are 4wd.

      • Christian

        I get it now, Jezzz…. Stop mansplaining

        • TheHake

          There are certain things in life you just HAVE to know. It’ll be drilled in if necessary.

          • Christian

            Drilling ? Is that a ra-pe joke?

          • TheHake

            Just let it happen…

  • Naxiop

    This is concept version?

    • Mike anonymous

      Yes, but it’s about as much a concept as the Lexus LC Convertible concept from a little while back. It’s the production version, but they’re essentially getting people reaction to see if they should build it or not. So it is the production version, it’s just a ‘concept’ because while it’s production ready, it is not yet being produced.

      Its’ more a pre-production prototype than a concept. But this is what the finished product will look like.

      • Naxiop

        Oh thank you😉

    • Will be sold in Europe starting in the Spring. This is not a concept, it’s the production version.


    Volkswagen AG likes to make sister cars

  • performante

    Yes, VW, yes! More “R”!

  • How much kW is that?

    • Glava6

      220 kw

    • TheHake

      x0.74 bro. You should know that.

      • u get those days.. sometime deep-fried sometimes grilled..

        • TheHake

          The amount of times I do that damn calculation a day is staggering. I’ll never forget that whether I’m grilled or fried!

  • Salih Ahzem

    I don’t get it so what is the difference between a T-Roc and and a Tiguan (short wheelbase that is sold in Europe no the one in the U.S.), aren’t they so close in terms of size? We already have the T-Cross which supposed to be the CUV version of the Polo, so that is interesting if not confusing. The modular platform trend is the one to blame I guess…

    • Jp

      Think of the T-Cross as B, T-Roc as C and Tiguan D segment. In terms of pricing, that is what VW is trying to do.

  • CarbonPhiber

    I think this thing is very cool. I wish we got the T-Roc in the US. But I do not understand what VW is thinking: The Golf does not sell here.. at all. For whatever reason, people here want small crossovers, not small hatchbacks. So why don’t they just replace the Golf with the T-Roc in their US lineup?? I think it would sell.. Does anyone else agree?

    • performante

      What? lol

      VW has been selling ~65K Golfs per year since the MK7 came out, my guy.

      • CarbonPhiber

        Actually, Guy, I was only talking about the regular Golf hatchback.. You know, the one that sold only 6,642 units in all of 2018? Which is down 51% from 2017.. See, my friend? The one that NO ONE buys. That’s what they should replace with the T-Roc. Americans want crossovers. Even little ones..

  • SteersUright

    Not a fan. It looks stupid from the side profile with its massive front overhang, and dull from most other angles given its tame, fenderless design. The performance stats are impressive, and given the USA’s love of all things crossover, I’d imagine this would have more appeal than even the Golf R itself.
    As for me? I’d never buy it based on it’s dull design alone. High performance “R” anything should look badass.

  • TheHake

    It looks really nice with those Pretoria’s!

  • Alx

    Not nice.

  • europeon

    Hard to believe that 4.9s figure with only 300hp and the aerodynamics of a SUV.

  • SteersUright

    For an “R” anything, it loos far too tepid. Performance is solid, it seems. Hopefully, corners well too.

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