Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Is Something We’d Like To See Officially Happening

The Tesla Model S Shooting Brake from Dutch company RemetzCar has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show that opened on March 5.

You’ve seen the vehicle before and you probably either love or hate it. The vehicle was commissioned by a man named Floris de Raadt, who apparently has a love for electric vehicles and Shooting Brakes. While it was originally intended to be a one-off, RemetzCar announced that it will build 20 examples more for other buyers.

However, the company is now defunct and the car actually will not be put into production. We doubt de Raadt cares, as he now owns the only Model S Shooting Brake anywhere in the world.

From what images of the vehicle suggest, it looks to be a premium product up to the standards of a large car manufacturer. The presence of four doors somewhat undermines its title as a ‘Shooting Brake’ (normally, they are two-door), but the sleek and aggressive roofline and rear window make for a very interesting design so we’ll give it a pass.

De Raadt actually got the idea for the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake by the Model S hearse which RemetzCar created towards the end of 2016. That vehicle was really an abomination in terms of style, though we’re glad it got De Raadt thinking and led to the creation of the Shooting Brake.

It’s unclear how much converting the Model S sedan into a Shooting Brake set back its owner, but you can bet it won’t be cheap. Seeing a few other examples of the car rolling around might have been cool, but since the company has gone under, this will be a one of a kind – unless, that is, someone else decides to pick up the mantle.

Come to think of it, Porsche is going to build a Sport Turismo version of its upcoming Taycan electric sedan. Maybe that, and this bespoke Model S, will give Elon Musk something to think about.

*We’ve added live images of the car from the brand’s Geneva Motor Show stand. (Updated 3/7/2019)

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  • Matthijs

    The chrome is too thick. The Model S is beautiful cause it’s a swoopy designed car without any weird elements. This shooting brake adds too many details to it’s clean design

  • StrangerGP

    Yeah what’s the point of adding so much chrome. It looks bad and the window has to be smaller so the visibility suffers from it.

    • The problem is the original Model S line. Because you can’t change the rear doors they had to pull the sedan line into this shooting brake and make it work. I would let it slide if there wasn’t this atrocious lack of quality in the production of these chrome pieces.

  • Tinky-Winky

    The surfaces don’t look very smooth.

    • Jureck

      Agree, looks terrible

  • kimbentsen

    It’s a station wagon you fancy pants!

    • CMCNestT .

      Station wagons are for parents who have given up on their own hopes and dreams and now live through their children.

      Shooting Brakes are for cool guys with dogs. 🙂

      • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

        That’s the definition of SUVs you’ve just recited. Station wagons are for those who need space, but actually like the handling of a real car.

  • CMCNestT .

    England’s Qwest Norfolk also makes a Model S Shooting Brake.

  • Probably better quality production than an original Tesla.

  • Salih Ahzem

    Classy color combo, just so British as a shooting brake gets, especially that green-suede lined glove box.

  • TB

    Gotta say that’s sharp! But I’d be concerned about the quality, reliability and fit & finish….especially for what you pay for.

  • Mr. EP9

    Pretty sure that’s a wagon.

    • I guess good looking wagons are called shootingbrakes, it’s more sexy.



  • Harry_Wild

    This green Tesla S Shooting Brakes looks fabulous!

  • Galaxium

    The Model S’ rear has always looked unwieldy and really… obese

  • SteersUright

    Cool color, cool design.

  • Romain AA

    with 5 doors, how is this a shooting break and not a station wagon?

    • Mr. EP9

      They don’t know the difference between a wagon and shooting brake.

  • Bash

    I love it.

  • Infinite1

    Looks good, needs to be made

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