Vinfast Lux V8 Is A Posh 455HP Vietnamese SUV That Can Hit 186MPH

Vietnamese manufacturer VinFast has revealed the Lux V8 SUV at the Geneva Motor Show, the more powerful version of the Lux SA2.0 concept that debuted at Paris last October.

VinFast, which is expected to start the production of its first models this March, has secured a license from BMW to use the architecture of the previous 5-Series sedan and X5 SUV models for the Lux A2.0 sedan and Lux AS2.0 SUV respectively.

The new Lux V8 however isn’t powered by a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine but -as the name obviously suggests- a 6.2-liter V8 unit, complete with 455hp and 460lb-ft (624Nm) of torque. Although we couldn’t confirmed at the moment of writing, these specs do sound very similar to GM’s LS motor.

Installing a big 6.2-liter engine under the bonnet does wonders for any car, and in the case of the new VinFast Lux V8, it makes it capable of reaching a top speed of 186mph (300km/h).

The show car is finished in black with silver detailing, riding on 22-inch gunmetal grey alloy wheels. The brake calipers are finished in red while the front end features a sporty-looking mesh for the grille and the bumper’s air intakes. The quad exhaust pipes will probable make sure that no one passes the VinFast Lux V8 for one of its lesser four-pot siblings.

The interior features tan leather upholstery and plenty of carbon fiber trim while the dashboard hosts a large 10.4-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system. Most of the cabin’s switchgear is recognizable from BMW’s models.

VinFast aims to offer the Lux V8 for a limited number of cars in 2020.

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  • Paul Barreaux

    it looks far better than the Bmw…

    • Matt

      …in your opinion. To me it looks a bit like a kit-car company built a bodykit for the X5.

  • Some ol’ bloke

    gotta love the tesla model x

  • Karl

    This is the second model that I have seen from this company and color me intrigued! Nice balanced approach. This brand could go far with the right guidance..

    • Andrewthecarguy

      There are some amateurish choices…the grille and lower inserts for example. Event eh font choice for the V8 looks a bit tacked on. But you are right: the right guidance will make a difference.

  • EyalN

    i was sure it’s a cheap chinese car but no, it’s from Vietnam

  • eb110americana

    “…a 6.2-liter V8 unit, complete with 455hp and 460lb-ft (624Nm) of torque. Although we couldn’t confirmed at the moment of writing, these specs do sound very similar to GM’s LS motor.”

    Those are the exact specs of the LT1 in the Camaro SS. The LT1 (LT4 and LT5) replaced the LS line in the 2014 C7 Corvette followed by the 2016 Camaro and CTS-V.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It looks good. Specs are nice.

    Why not?

  • Perry F. Bruns

    VinFast sounds like a website where you can check a vehicle’s VIN.

  • Kapi19

    I think Vinfast will fail as to start with the Vietnamese home market is very very small for cars overall let alone premium cars. Plus Vietnam is not known for high quality products like Japan or South Korea are hence it will be hard to sell Vietnam cars for the price of Lexus. While patriotic Vietnamese might buy these plus China I don’t see success outside those markets as Europeans and Americans simply buy BMWs with new platform not Vinfast with previous gen platform.

  • SteersUright

    Reasonably nice, though a bit cheapo looking in spots.

  • Marc Gruben

    Change the name of the company to VMW… wait, it has a GM heart, so GMW? VGMW? Ah hell, just call it Pho MW… Wait… Pho? Faux? Faux BMW?

    I’m too far down the rabbit hole. Help!

  • Tan Lee

    I am UK Vietnamese and I am excited by the prospect of a Vietnamese brand car. I think they have started off well by picking a good chassis & also a good engine. Fuel is relatively cheap in Vietnam so running a 6.2L car won’t be an issue. Being a domestically made car it means it won’t incur the massive tax’s either.

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