Lotus Suggests Access To Geely Platforms Could Help It Build An SUV

Talk of a potential Lotus SUV is nothing new, as in 2018, former Lotus chief executive Jean-Marc Gales confirmed such a vehicle was on the way.

With Geely now taking a controlling stake in Lotus and investing heavily in the brand, the company has a new CEO: former Jaguar Land Rover executive Phil Popham. Under new ownership and leadership, Lotus has confirmed it will unveil an all-new sports car towards the end of 2020.

When quizzed about the rumored SUV during a recent interview with Auto News, Popham kept his cards close to his chest and wouldn’t say whether or not work on such a vehicle is ongoing. However, Popham did suggest that Lotus can expand beyond the production of sports cars.

Porsche SUVs should watch out

“We’re a sports-car brand. The focus of the brand is around the driver and the driving experience. That’s what the DNA of Lotus is. However, we believe the brand has the potential to go beyond just sports cars. We will move into other segments over the course of time. We have a great opportunity to work within the Geely group with its engineering capabilities.

“We can walk into the group and look on the shelves and pay to use some of the resources and technology there. That would enable us to go beyond just sports cars in the future,” Popham said.

Thanks to having access to Geely tech, Lotus has a number SUV platforms at its disposal, namely those used by the Volvo and Lynk & Co brands. Popham said that if Lotus were to use one of these existing platforms, it would be sure to work its handling magic on it.

“We haven’t determined what those platforms are yet, but as we do, we would never just take a platform or an architecture and stick a Lotus badge on it. It would have to be a collaboration that protects the requirements of Lotus driving dynamics and performance.”

Note: Rumored Lotus SUV patents pictured

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  • Mike anonymous

    I would rather see the vehicles we were promised at the 2010 Paris Motor show……….

    A 4 Door luxury Aston Martin rapide rivaling luxury saloon.
    A Range topping supercar that brings back their legendary Esprit marque
    A 2 door luxury grand touring vehicle that can compete with the Aston Martin DB11 (or at the time DB9) and Vantage.
    The next generation of a small, fun, and thrilling to drive vehicle.
    The Elan a vehicle that replaces the Exige within their line-up as an affordable alternative to the Esprit.

    (listed in order of appearance left to right)

    ……… These are the vehicles that would do wonders for the Lotus brand. In fact, simply one of these (particularly the Eterne Concept, Esprit Concept, or Elite Concept,) would do wonders, as a brand trying to move outwards in the hopes of generating sales through an expansion of the line up).

    More so than an SUV. If people are buying a Lotus, they are expecting something fun and small to drive, OR something luxurious. If your going to build an SUV, have it go up against the likes of Bentley or Porsche.

    Just because you build and SUV does not mean it’s going to sell simply because ‘it’s the hot thing right now’. People are going to have to WANT to buy an/the SUV first, and the lotus customer base are looking for a sporty cars (not a much heavier SUV) and/or something very luxurious (and ultra luxury SUV or more preferably from Lotus’ customer based something ultra luxurious that doesn’t end in UV or Over.
    It’s similar to a tech company deciding to build a smartphone as their first product, because it’s easy to do and it’s the hot thing right now (opposed to bringing something new to the table). That’s like buying a turkey for the holidays, and bringing it to the table, KNOWING that the other 30 invitees also brought the exact same turkey (just from a different store).

    So an SUV may not always be ‘the way’… making better (and ‘newer’) products is what will generate more sales for the brand.

  • baofe

    It’s an SUV, that’s the exact opposite of lightweight, agile, simple. But I agree, it should be smaller maybe more wagon-like to save weight. Building an SUV completely goes against the company’s philosophy. That’s like if Ferrari made a heavy duty truck.


  • EyalN

    With the patents Lotus own mercedes will make better cars.
    (Geely got shares in both companies)

  • eb110americana

    I remember this crossover patent from a while back. Does anyone think that it looks like the 2020 Escape, now that it’s been unveiled?

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