Mercedes-AMG CEO Confirms New SL Roadster, Says It Will Be “Far Sportier”

The Mercedes SL has lost some of its luster, but it won’t face the same fate as the soon to be discontinued SLC.

In an interview with Autocar, Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers confirmed AMG will be responsible for the developing the next-generation roadster and said it will be “aligned” with the second-generation GT.

Given this, it’s not surprising the upcoming model will be “far sportier” than its predecessor. However, it won’t be an all-out sports car as Moers said the next-generation SL is “still kind of a cruiser too.” In essence, AMG will be tasked with improving the SL’s performance without eliminating its comfort.

Moers didn’t go into too many specifics, but he said we can expect to see prototypes on the road later this year. Autocar suggests the production model will follow relatively quickly as they believe the next-generation SL will be launched by 2021.

As part of the effort to make the SL sportier, the car will reportedly ride on a new platform called the Modular Sports Architecture. It, along with a number of other components, will be shared with the next-generation GT.

The weight saving don’t end with the platform as the next-generation SL is expected to eschew a retractable hardtop. Instead, it will have a fabric roof which is lighter and better integrated into the design of the vehicle.

Engine options remain unconfirmed, but there could be a turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder with outputs of approximately 365 hp (272 kW / 370 PS) and 430 hp (321 kW / 436 PS). Both versions are also slated to have EQ Boost technology which delivers an additional 22 hp (16 kW / 22 PS).

The report also suggests there will be up to three different models with a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8. The range-topping variant will reportedly produce more than 600 hp (447 kW / 608 PS) and this seems possible as the GT 63 S has 630 hp (470 kW / 639 PS).

Interestingly, the report suggests the next-generation SL could also be offered with all-wheel drive. This, along with the rumored 2+2 seating arrangement, could help to make the model more competitive with the Porsche 911 Cabriolet.

  • ksegg

    Far sportier than what. The Titanic?

  • Elmediterraneo

    What about the SL Coupe ? Because rumours were saying that the S-class coupe and cabriolet are gonna be replaced both by the SL…

  • Hitchens2

    I never got the hate for the R231. It’s good at being a grand tourer with a kickass engine in the AMG variants. And to my eyes at least, it looks pretty good. The profile is very similar to the R230 which most people loved the design of.

    • Ermal Morina

      second that mate

  • KAG25

    They already have the AMG for the same price as the sports car, keep it as the GT

  • europeon

    I’m pretty sure that people who buy SLs don’t want them “far sportier”. Being sporty it’s not the purpose of that car.

  • FunctionForm

    Just make it better looking.

  • Elmediterraneo

    It’s just a theory but I think that Mercedes is building up a all-new strategy for their high-end coupe and cabriolets that doesn’t sell that much but has a lot of impact in terms of brand image for AMG and Maybach.
    – AMG GT : 2 door sporty Coupe and Roadster
    – AMG SL : an all-AMG developed 2+2 grand tourer Roadster
    – Maybach S-class Coupe and Cabriolet : a full 4 seater luxury Coupe and Cabriolet

    That makes sense because, unlike the rumours, I don’t see Mercedes killing completely the full S-class coupe and cabriolet line-up only with a new SL roadster with 2+2 seats which means in reality 2 seats and a tiny luggage space behind because no one could sit at the back-seats of a Ferrari Portofino or a Porsche 911 cabriolet. And keeping the SL roadster only makes sense because with an SL coupe 2+2 the head-room at the back-seats would totally non-existent.

    That’s why I think instead of killing it, Mercedes will switch the S-class coupe and cabriolet into a 100% Maybach product for 3 major reasons :
    1 – Daimler’s CEO Dieter Zetsche said once that the long-term plan for Maybach is to make that brand stand on its two feet like AMG with its own line-up of exclusive models, like AMG already did with the GT family, and after giving the SL to AMG the only way to do the same thing with Maybach is to give it the 2 door S-class.
    2 – Mercedes also showed 3 concept-cars recently by starting first by the Vision 6 coupe and then the Vision 6 cabriolet, and focusing on the 2 door first has 2 benefits : 1st, the sales numbers of the 2 doors are always lower than the 4 door cars so it could be a less risky move when they start a new strategy for a luxury brand and 2nd, the 2 door cars by their styling have always the strongest impact on the brand’s image. Just like AMG started its own GT line-up by the coupe and roadster first, and then expand it with the 4 door.
    3 – That makes sense for Maybach after the 3 vision concepts who were showed to building up an image for the brand and by turning the V12 a full exclusive Maybach engine they’ll give it another second-life because most Maybach customers in China or Middle-East still loves idea of a luxurious Mercedes V12 and didn’t let in their countries the brainwash of environmental activists like in Europe and United-States.

    • Ermal Morina

      Hey, great thinking, that does actually make sense, to not kill the S coupe entirely but make only a Maybach version of it. And btw, I appreciate the insight you always give on the engines that these cars will probably have. Have a nice day, you fellow internet stranger.

    • Cobrajet

      Thank god for China and the Middle East.

    • lagunas3ca

      So you’re saying there’s going to be thousands of Maybach coupes on sale through MBCPO? I don’t think so.

  • Elmediterraneo

    As for the engine line-up you can already forget about the classic non-AMG versions 450, 560…
    The AMG SL will be offered in AMG variants only :
    – SL 53 6 cylinder 457 PS
    – SL 63 V8 585 PS
    – SL 63 S V8 640 PS
    – SL 73 V8 Hybrid more than 700 PS

  • MultiKdizzle

    I’ll never understand the hate for this car.

    Who cares if it’s heavy? It’s an accomplished grand tourer.
    Not ugly either.

  • Marwan Abdul Hak

    Why the heck they didn’t keep the hardtop؟ few kilos more and 0.1 acceleration difference between isn’t much worth making the SL like any of ther caberiolet!

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