Police Officer Stops California Highway Traffic, SUV Driver Totally Ignores Him

If you see a police officer zigzagging across multiple lanes of traffic on a highway and signalling you to stop, it’s pretty obvious that you must obey. Common sense, though, might not be so common after all.

Case at hand, the dashcam footage that shows the driver of a black SUV blatantly disregarding an officer doing just that and simply driving on.

The following video, filmed in California, starts out by showing a California Highway Patrol officer weaving down the highway with his lights on and the cammer is slowly grinding to a halt behind the officer. While it’s initially unclear why the police officer is stopping, an object soon comes into view in the middle of the road. Apparently, it’s some kind of exercise machine which, presumably, fell out of a truck or pickup traveling along the road.

While watching a police officer remove something from the road might be boring, things do get interesting as a black SUV passes the stationary officer on the right shoulder despite the officer clearly telling the driver to stop. As it turns out, it was not a wise decision.

Not about to let the driver get away, the California Highway Patrol officer quickly gets back in his Dodge Charger and chases after the SUV, eventually pulling them over. We’re not sure what transpired next, but they must have had a pretty good excuse for disregarding the officer’s instructions, or else they could be in serious trouble.


  • GobbleUp


  • Six_Tymes

    at least one jerk got what they deserved

  • Bash

    I see what the cop was doing and I see the why, not questioning it. But I’m sure there is a better procedure out there for the cases when the cops have to temporary stop all the traffic lanes, and I’m sure that procedure involves more than only one police car!

    • Astonman

      One police car patrols a vast area. Does not make sense to wait for another car to show up. This procedure works perfectly fine. Been “stuck’ behind one several times. It’s a safe way to slow down traffic and allows one officer to solve a problem quickly without waiting for back up. Waiting for another car will only allow an accident to happen. This system has been used for years and it works.

    • Benjamin B.

      CHP stops traffic all the time. For even minor accidents. I’ve seen CHP stop traffic for Caltrans.

  • Carl Sloan

    This is what happens when your State welcomes illegals with open arms.

    • Jason Miller

      Down vote.

      • Carl Sloan

        Sooo… you support illegal aliens?

        • Benjamin B.

          If they’re willing to travel lightyears to visit us, I’m not going to fret about their documentation.

          • Carl Sloan

            I’m talking about illegal immigrants, fool. Why so cagey?

  • Aeromann

    Police are doing the same everywhere, if someone doesn’t understand / doesn’t want to waste time, he will understand and waste time later. 😂


    Who cares? Stick to cars, not police

    • Jason Miller

      I see cars involved.

      • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

        More police, less cars you’re seeing

  • Dylan Wentworth
    • KAG25

      you know how fast you were going?

  • Paul

    What the cop did in all that zig zagging was weird but afterwards I see why. The black SUV still deserves getting stopped though for not obeying the ociffer.

    • Jason Miller

      Not that weird, it’s common practice.

      • Paul

        Thanks. it’s weird to see for me ’cause I’ve never really observed it, but it makes a lot of sense when watching it on video like this..

      • tkindred

        Sometimes the do it because there is a accident or something up the road and they neexto slow down traffic.

    • Benjamin B.

      CHP does this all the time. I’ve seen people speed up to try to get past it. Sometimes they’re successful, but sometimes they get caught like the SUV driver. Once I merged onto the freeway right before an accident where an officer was closing the freeway. Also sometimes CHP does it for construction crews.

  • KAG25

    What a idiot, but did get pulled over so makes me happy

  • Harry_Wild

    SUV driver was probably busy texting n Facebook or Twitter!

  • Rami Khoury

    what most of you are missing the fact is that officers do this procedure for their own safety as well, they have to stop the traffic so they can move these object that are obstructing the road, that black SUV driver could’ve easily ran over the officer if they where too distracted or not paying attention. and acting in selfishness to not waste time and wait for the officer he put the officers life in danger. i hope they got a hefty ticket and i’m pretty sure that officer was pissed.

  • Carl Sloan

    “The road wasn’t closed, nooone was managing the traffic so where is the big problem?”

    The problem is that you didn’t read the article.

  • brn

    Which is why all that may have happened was he got a talking too.

  • TheBelltower

    I have no idea what’s going on here, and I don’t really care. People are just trying to get where they’re going. We waste enough time in traffic without this kind of BS.

    • tkindred

      There was an object on the road that had to be removed. If not people may swerve to avoid it causing an accident. I called in a full size couch laying across the interstate highway at night. Imagine a highway patrol trying to stop traffic while the try to move it but a driver goes through anyway striking the persons trying to clear the road. I’ve ran over a railroad tie full speed on the interstate. Ruined my car.

      • TheBelltower

        I get it. Debris on the road. So once the bike is cleared, why not go and pull the SUV over for not following the officers’ confusing and unclear instructions.

  • Ron

    Love seeing justice first thing in the morning. Im sure the driver was busy instagramming a selfie.

  • Benjamin B.

    When an highway patrol officer zigzags across all lanes and blocks traffic, it signals to everyone the road is closed. The SUV driver disobeyed.

  • Benjamin B.

    It’s common in California by the CHP.

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