Tesla Model 3 Performance Devours The Nurburgring, Takes Over Car After Car

The mighty Tesla Model 3 Performance was set loose at the Nurburgring where it proved that it’s not only quick on a straight line acceleration, but on the track too

The high-performance electric sedan went for a fast lap on the infamous German circuit, taking over car after car until the brakes overheated and forced the driver to go easier on the throttle.

Nonetheless, it resulted in a very exciting video, which was shot from the cockpit. According to the description, the car didn’t use Tesla’s Track Mode.

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With its dual-motor and all-wheel drive setup, the Model 3 Performance has a total output of 450 horsepower (456 PS / 336 kW) and 471 pound-feet (639 Nm) of torque. It needs 3.2 seconds to go from naught to 60 mph (0-96 km/h) and comes with a 162mph (261 km/h) top speed. When the person holding the wheel doesn’t abuse the throttle, it can travel for 264 miles (425 km) before running out of juice.

The Model 3 Performance currently holds the record for production electric vehicles at Laguna Seca, after it ran the course in 1 minute and 41.28 seconds. That specific car that had a suspension upgrade, was around 7 seconds faster than the Jaguar I-Pace and about 2 seconds quicker than the Model S P100D, which was driven by Tesla’s development team. You can check out that quick lap here, but not before watching the following video.


  • robotlogic

    Passing SUVs and Hachbacks is not what I would call impressive. The 3 has a lower CG than anything out there.

    • HN

      That Tesla Model 3 didn’t pass any other sedan ? Will you watch the video again to verify your claim ?

      • robotlogic

        What claim? I only stated that is mostly passed SUVs and Hatchbacks and that I was NOT impressed. Sure it passed a few unskilled sedan drivers but mostly vans, SUVs and Hatchbacks BFD! Many of those people are there just to drive the ring as a bucket list thing and are NOT racing as illustrated by the van and the super slow Porsche driver he passed.

        • HN

          All cars passed by a Tesla car are driven by “unskilled drivers”. A highly skilled driver of a Toyota Corolla would beat any Tesla car on any track any day, in your dream!

          • robotlogic

            I’ve driven every style and variant of Tesla out there and yes they are very fast, but not in the corners. He never caught up to that GTR. Did you see the Porsche blow by at 10:30? It looked like all the “high performance” cars he passed had their brake lights on and turn signals going indicating that they were not “racing” but just driving the ring and slowed down when they saw the 3 in their mirrors. I race and I can tell you there was NOTHING impressive in this video. Oh and the displayed speed was in KMH so even that was not impressive.

          • HN

            “there was NOTHING impressive in this video.”

            Are there an EV in the form of sedan can beat a Tesla Model 3 Performance on any track anywhere in the world ? How’s about an EV from BMW or Audi or Mercedes or Jaguar can beat this Model 3 Performance ?

            You need to remember that this Model 3 is a 4-door sedan, not a performance/race car. Tesla car used to be named “Golf Cart”, and this Model 3 Performance just showed that it is not a Golf Car.

          • robotlogic

            YOU are missing the point. It could of been a Z06 or a M5 in this video and I would of been just as unimpressed. The driver’s skills are blaa and everyone he passed submitted. They are promoting this video as the greatest thing ever seen on the ring and it’s not.

  • Adilos Nave

    Cool story, bro. Did the battery overheat?

  • Bo Hanan

    How long did it last on the ring before a recharge?

    • much less than its capability because they didn’t fill the tank because of weight.

      • Linus Al

        That does not make sense, the Battery weighs the same regardless of charge state

        • c’mon! everyone knows electric charge changes everything as in weight.

          • Linus Al

            How much of the 1,000+lbs will the battery lose when it’s down to 30% charge?

          • in metric, please.


  • Callanish

    As much as I believe a fast car is only as good as its driver, I think the white Cayman GTS that flew by it near the end of the video, prior to the Tesla driver backing off once the brakes faded, kinda puts those speeds of the Tesla model 3 going around the Nurburgring into perspective. All the other ‘every day’ type vehicles it passed on the ring that day made the Tesla look good.

    • HN

      “made the Tesla look good” – What is that Tesla car ? Isn’t it a 4-dr sedan ? A sedan should not be compared with another sedan ?

  • Bash


  • RDS Alphard

    I wonder if the battery overheat? I heard Model S keep unable to finish entire course in face pace due to battery overheat.

    • strictly speaking…

      Model 3 has a different battery design with significantly improved cooling so no. The issue here was that it had unmodified brakes optimized for street use and which overheated on the Nurnbergring. It’s usually the first modification that people get when taking a street legal car to the racetrack though, so it can probably improve track time significantly with only that upgrade.

      • RDS Alphard

        Brake overheat in Nurburgring use? Than Tesla really has bad brake for its own weight.

        • Linus Al

          Thing weighs more than a 1970’s era Mercedes Benz Limo.
          You’d have to use aircraft brakes to handle the weight.

  • Arthur Burnside

    I guarantee that the Porsche Taycan, which has already demolished next year’s Model S sales will easily outrun any Model 3. It has a two speed tranny, while the technologically infeior has a single speed and annd does not have Porshe’s sustainable power output – it will NEVER overheat, either batteries or brakes. and will easiliy out-accelerate any Tesla (0 to 62 MPH “way faster then 3.5 seconds”).. Next Tesla beater : the Jaguar I Pace, which has clobbered Tesla Model X sales and which will produce a performance version faster then any Tesla , including their upcoming $250,000 sports car. Tesla should start building the aaffordable EVs it has promised for the past 3 years and stop using speed to sell cars. I thought Tesla was supposed to be in favor of safe cars? Apparently they want to make lots of profits.

    • stockinbug

      …I guarantee that the Porsche Taycan, which has already demolished next year’s Model S sales…

      The Porsche Taycan (Porsche’s upcoming EV model) is not for sale yet. So it is obviously not “demolishing” anything.

      The Jaguar i-Pace sells only a few hundred per month in the US, well underneath any Tesla model’s sales. Likewise the i-Pace “performance version” doesn’t exist, and may never exist. Neither Arthur nor anyone else knows what specs it may have.

      Arthur posts these comments from his own private fantasy world.


      • HN

        Haters would complain about a Tesla car is too slow compares with X and Y and Z, then the same hater would complain that a Tesla car is too quick to accelerate to 60 MPH compares with W.

    • serge charles

      The hatred is palpable. The fact that you need to compare what will most definitely be an over a 200k car to a Teslas entry level car means Tesla wins. good job.

      “Stop using speed to sell cars” in the same post that talks about Porsche easily out accelerating… This is the kind of cognitive dissonance that only comes with age.

      • HN

        Haters are just hate anything Tesla!

    • Dennis James

      Until the real world mileage shows that Tesla runs about 50% more, see the Audi eTron vs Model X.

      • Linus Al

        At 35mph or at 150mph?

  • Kagan

    Except the 2 Porsches the others were Sunday drivers.

  • Mr. EP9

    Ok, that’s nice but I’ve seen similar from a modified MkIV Supra, M3 GTS, and a Charger Hellcat. It’s not special.

  • strictly speaking…

    They didn’t use track mode and they were limited by brake pads overheating warnings since as a stock car it’s using more street-optimized brake pads. Would be fun to see how they’d do with track mode enabled & some basic brake pad mods so that the brakes can take the heat. Probably below 8.

    This is also why the model S and X need a refresh imho. Until now, Tesla made American muscle cars, not European-style sports cars (Which is fine! That’s what the US market wants). Now with the model 3 they finally have an excellent value sports car comparable to the BMW M3.

    This leads to the model 3P outperforming the higher end S and X on the track while also generally being more fun to drive even if it has less acceleration on paper. They should uprate the S and X to be reasonably good track cars as well imho. The S and X need the same battery cooling tech that is available on the higher tech battery pack used on the 3. And some effort put into optimizing them with a track mode similar to the 3.

  • Linus Al

    The lap time is about 5-10 seconds slower than the one set by a street legal GT86.

  • Linus Al

    No. Braking at the ‘ring is like a panic stop,The standard brakes do most if not almost all of the work.

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