Today’s AI Quiz: Do Robot Dogs Dream Of Hauling Box Trucks?

In the off-chance you were wondering how many dog-like robots are necessary to haul a truck, Google-owned Boston Dynamics has the answer.

In a video that some may find disturbing or downright creepy, the company demonstrates how 10 of its robots can haul a medium-sized box truck across the Boston Dynamics parking lot.

Obviously, the truck was in neutral to make things fair for the motorized “dogs.” However, they had to haul the truck up a one-degree gradient. And as you can see, the SpotMini robots had no problems pulling the truck arranged in a formation similar to dogs pulling a sled.

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This video serves as a reminder for two things. The first is that SpotMini robots are coming off the production line now and will soon be available for a range of applications. Of course, they can do more than just haul a truck: Boston Dynamics programmed them to handle objects, climb stairs, and much more. Get ready to see them operating in offices, homes and outdoors sooner or later.

Secondly, this video makes it very clear that we have gotten down a path where artificial intelligence is going to become more and more prevalent in our lives. As Elon Musk has warned us repeatedly, AI is the biggest threat to the future of humankind. If we were to heed his words, that means that we’re pretty much doomed.

Could there be a bright side to this? Well, the next time your car is stuck in mud or snow, a pack of robot dogs may come to your rescue. Just don’t throw them a bone afterwards – first, they probably wouldn’t know what to make of it and, second, they don’t have jaws. Come to think of it, that second part is probably for the best; you know, just in case that AI gets too clever and perceives you as a threat…


  • dumblikeyou2

    That thing makes me nervous.

    • Jay

      Movies like ex machina, I, Rbot and others have ruined it for me as well.

  • ace_9

    One day, they will mount a machine gun on it. The trigger will be operated by a human robot (typically called “a soldier”) at first, but it will be able to hunt down the target itself. Then there will be no more videos like this.

    • Astonman

      I agree with you but there are a lot non offensive military use too. Search and rescue, sight dogs. These could be pets of the future also.

      • Bash


      • ace_9

        We will see. For me it’s clearly a military product and as such, the technology won’t be available for many other purposes. I’m not saying that advancements in robotics won’t be made in other areas, but this technology in particular will never be in a common pet in any form and certainly not in an even more advanced future version within horizon of a decade or so. This is no Aibo. It might seem like an advanced version of a robotic dog pet, but it’s VERY far from that. But if you are talking about 100 years from now, then sure, future toys and robotic pets would probably be on similar or better level while also being affordable for most common people. And military would have something much much more advanced.

        • Astonman

          for the most part I agree. Maybe not 100 years but sooner because of how quickly prices for tech drops.

  • Astonman

    Good share

  • Astonman

    Military will use this. Pretty amazing!

  • Paulbe

    Electric huskies?

  • Paul

    This is ludicrous. I want a real dog because it can show affection and lick you and whatever else. You don’t have to feed these and they don’t bite but they will have other issues.

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